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I think if my husband started an email with "Hello my darling" I might just forget he asked me for $25,000 and be dumb enough to say ok! My emails start out... Can you do X, pick me up at X, Nathan. Do all SA men speak this pleasing way to their wives Tertia?

Only those who are trying to soften their wives up into letting them get a new car.

It's not working.

If mine said "hello, my darling" I'd think he was up to something. Asshole!

I think he's on to something. He's ballsy, as I wanted to ask the same of you, because things are definitely dire here!

Harrison is a lucky man to have a loyal friend like you. I'm sure the money will go a long way. You have such generous readers.

Actually, Marko's attempts to get you to raise money for his car got me to smile for the first time after a loooong ugly day at work, so kudos to him from me! ;)

Got to give a man credit for trying!

I would be instantaneously suspicious of any man speaking so sweetly...but if he promises to shave his legs tell him I'll throw in five US dollars toward a cycle for him, HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

I think it's a valid cause. Every man needs a new car now and again. I think you should do it for him. I'll donate $20. You go Mr Husband dude!

Poor Marko! Thinking he could manipulate you into a new car. I must say though, he did ask very sweetly. I could donate a few dollars....

I'm with Liza -- what will Marko do for that money?! Shaving the legs is a good start.....

Haha. Good try. I'm with the others, though. He must do something to earn this money! Didn't he get a new car a couple of years ago? ANd what kind of car does he want that $25,000 US would be a DEPOSIT??? I live in the US and could (and would)buy a car for that amount if I had the cash. I've never owned a car that cost that much. Of course I am budget queen and always buy used!

Love it - totally my hubby!

I'll donate $1000 of his handy ass comes over here and does some stuff around the house for me. HA HA.

Do I remember correctly that Marko had a very sexy black Merc? I think I remember you saying he sped all the way to the hospital with his hazzards on when you deliveredthe twins.
Tell him I think he would look perfectly sexy in the car he already has!
And BTW he is very sweet starting his email with ' hello my darling'. I too would give him anything after that!

I was lost at "Hello my darling" I'm not sure if there was any text after that but :swoon:

I'm with Liza, Tracey and Kevin (bless sticking up for your fellow man!. But US$5 for shaving both legs is too cheap! Perhaps US$5 a square inch. And I'd want to see him shave them on YouTube. Perhaps a dance as well (alone). For that I'd throw in another couple of dollars. BTW, I am still shocked at how much cars are down there! A friend sells them down there with pretty good rates as he does it all from home rather than spending money on show rooms - so for an extra couple of square inches I'd get you a quote to ensure you get the best deal for our bucks.

I think he should wax them. Still for $5. Maybe per leg. The sweet-talking cad. He does try, doesn't he?

Oh...and I meant 5HK$ not US$

Funny man! The other funny thing is that once I let my DH buy a new car when I wasn't sure and later he said, "Why did you let me get a new car? I should've gotten a used one and gotten by for awhile." He told me it was my job to stand between him and a new car.

Do you guys have car leasing in South Africa? That is a way you can get a fancy car cheap-b/c you don't own it, you just pay for the part of the car you are going to use. At the end of the term, you can turn the car in and get a new one- might work well for someone who wants a fancy car

Better to nip this idea in the bud right now.....

A couple of years ago I foolishly allowed hubby to park his sexy shiny new Harley inside the entrance hall of the house.....it's still there (I had hoped in vain that it would get relegated to the garage when the thrill wore off). Sadly it has since been joined by two more bikes and two quads - sigh - I live in a bloody bike showroom for heavens sake!

(The only thing that stopped him parking his new small car inside was the fact that it would not fit through the doors - I'm not making this up - I came home from work one day and he was standing there with the owner's manual in one hand and a tape measure in the other).

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