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Tertia, it's hard to know the right thing to say at a time like this. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Just know that you have tons of friends in the computer who support you. ((hugs))

I am so sorry Tertia - {{hugs}}

I am so sorry Tertia. :(

I know I "talked" to you this am...but when I had devastating news I found solace (and tears) reading through responses to my post...so consider this another hug, another so sorry and another heart huring today.

I am so fucking sorry.

fuck I am so sorry..

Oh no, I'm so sorry Tertia!

Oh damn. I am so awfully sorry - thinking of you and Marko and sending hugs your way.

Oh no. I'm so sorry, Tertia.

Every day I've been crossing my fingers when I open your blog, but I was totally unprepared for today's terrible news.I know that no words can take away the pain you are feeling right now. I'm crying with you.

I am just so very, very sorry.

((((Tertia & Marko))))

This is so unfair. I'm so angry for you, and so so sorry as well.

even i will refrain from a rude comment. love ya sweets.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

I'm so sorry.

I am so very sorry. I was so excited for you. Now this. It really stinks.

I'm so, so sorry. Wishing you peace and comfort.

Oh no! I am so very sorry. Life can be so unfair! My heart goes out to you and your family. I don't really k now what to say, except I hope (though I know your not), that you are doing as well as you can!

Tabernac, as they say in French Canada! So unfair. I'm so sorry. Sending my best in the worst of situations.

Words cannot express the sorrow I have you both you and Marko

Ya'll are both in my thoughts and prayers

Hugs to you & Marko.

I am so sorry.

I am so sorry to hear this. I could tell by your posts how in shock and excited you were. My thoughts are with you.

I am so sorry. I have had 3 m/c's in a row and 6 years of infertility before my miracle baby boy Bailey, now 2 years old. I am a lurker and rarly post, I think I did once. BUt I have to ask this.....Are they sure there is no h/b? Why I ask this is: with Bailey I had the usual scan/u/s at 6w 3d and they said no h/b....told me to wait a few days and they would scan again. At 7w 1d, still no h/b and no growth of the sac......they started talking d&c and I was trying to accept the fact that this would be miscarraige #4 for me...but....DR decided to wait another week before the d$c although it was scheduled.....and at 8w 1d...there is was a baby w/ a beating heart! 175bpm. And it/he was measuring right on track 8w 1d! A miacle...maybe. But the Dr did point out that I have a tilted uterus which made it hard to see the bean and his h/b. Could they do another scan Thursday before the procedure just to be sure? I would insist on this. Hugs to you. Lori

SHIT! This is worse than the miscarriage I am waiting on right now. I am so very sorry. I learned about your pregnancy the day I found out mine was going no where. It truly gave me a smile on a terrible day. I don't know what else to say other than SHIT!

My heart breaks for you and your family.
Love and hugs...

I am so very, very sorry Teria.

I am truely sorry. No loss is ever easy.
Sending lots of hugs and silent support.

I'm so very sorry.

Tertia, this is my first comment after lurking forever. I am a IVF mom of 3 1/2 year old twins, 39 years old, and had this same experience recently. At the end of January I found out I was "naturally" pregnant, hubby and I freaked out, got excited, and hoped for the best. We saw a HB at 6.5 weeks, then next scan no HB.

I am so sorry.


fuck. i'm so very sorry, tertia.

Oh Tertia...along with so many others I was SO excited to hear the unexpected news and now I'm crying with you for your loss. My heart and thoughts are with you and your family today.


I am so sorry.

Adding mine to the growing list of FUCK and I'm so sorries. I had all my bits crossed for you. Jeez. I don't know what else to say.

NO! I was so rooting for you! I am so, so sorry.

My sympathies--so very sorry.

Oh, my sweet girl. I am so very sorry. Sending love to you and your family.

I am so very sad for you-that just sucks, no two ways about it. Sometimes life just isn't fair.

I'm so sorry.

Damn- I'm sorry. How truly awful.

I'm folding you in my arms and giving you a big hug 'cause there's nothing else I can say. So very, very sorry.

I am so sorry Tertia, I was rooting for you all weekend.

So so cruel. So so sorry xxx

Oh Tertia, I am so sorry. The words are very simple and don't even begin to convey the non simplicity of the sentiment. I am so sorry.

I'm so very, very sorry.

This is just totally unfair as always. So sad for you and Marko, much love.

I'm so very sorry, Tertia.

I'm so very sorry, sweetheart. I swear this is definitely one of Mother Nature's cruelest pranks-it's right up there with tornadoes and hurricanes, IMO anyway. The same thing happened to us in August of 2000 but I think it's even harder to deal with once there are more hearts to break in your family. Please know that our prayers are with all of you. Love, Patty Walter and Tommy R.

Delurking after literally years of daily Tertia fixes to tell you that I have never been moved to real tears, wetting my cheeks as I write, by the news of a total "stranger" like I have today. The only exception - your story of Baby Ben, which left me sobbing. Like so many of us, I'm dealing now with a recent miscarriage as well, but for this to happen to YOU, after all you've been through, seems so horrifically cruel. Give those adorable toddlers of yours some extra love - I suspect they are the only ones who can help ease your pain.

Oh sweet girl, I am so sorry...

I was so hoping this was going to work out for you. I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry, Tertia. Thoughts and prayers with you, Marko, and your whole family.

I am sorry.

What a totally unfair headfuck. I am so very sorry you had to deal with this.

Oh so not fair. I am just brokenhearted for you, dear Tertia. At the risk of getting all puppies and kittens on you, (((((Tertia))))).

I'm so sorry. Condolences.

Hang in there Tertia. So very sad to hear your news.

I'm so sorry.

So very sorry Tertia.

Caring for you, over here in Cincinnati.

WTF - My faith in the Universe and All Things that are Right, is once again destroyed. This is so screwed up - you deserve SO much better.

I'm so sorry for your loss. It's so cruel and unfair, love to you and your family.

It is truly amazing the effect you have had on all of us. My heart sank as I read the news. So, so sorry that you have to go through this pain.

Oh dear, you poor thing, I am so sorry.


I am so sorry. I don't know what else to say, just know that I am thinking of you and Marko today.

I'm so very sorry. Much love to you.

Tertia, I have been reading your posts for a long time, you brought me through my own struggles to have a baby. Your humour always kept me smiling through the tears. I, like all the other readers of your blog, were so completely overjoyed for you and Marco on this wonderful news and now so sad at this turn. I know how sad you must feel, nothing I can say will make it better right now and for that I feel as though I have let you down (see above how you pulled me through so much of my own pain) Hug your kids and husband, love each other, and know that the collective spirits of all your online community are with you.

Agreed, no point at all. Hell Tertia, I am so very, very sorry.

My heart goes out to you and Marko. Big hugs xxx

I am so sorry.

There is nothing else to add. I'm so very sorry.

Oh, fuck. I am so sorry, hon.

so so so so so sorry, my heart goes out to you and my prayers are with you. words don't even come close.

Oh Tertia.
I am so sorry, more than these words can even begin to express.

I am so sorry for your loss. Just know you aren't alone.

I am so sorry. I'll be thinking of you and your family.

Much love from me and Mr P, sweetie. Let me just add my swear words to the chorus. I am so mad and so sad for you.

:( Hugs coming your way

I'm so terribly sorry, Tertia. Thinking of you.

I'm so sorry, Tertia.


I am so sorry Tertia. Like everyone here I was wishing you a successful pregnancy and was looking forward to reading your blog everyday, even checking in more than once to look for news.
Please know that I, amongst the 100s of strangers, am thinking of you and sending you love and hugs.


so sorry for your loss. don't know if it means much coming from a totaly stranger (but big fan, nonetheless) but i'll be thinking of you.

It's just not right. Thinking of you.

I am so sorry! I know that those words will not replace what you have lost, but they come from the heart!

sorry to hear it - thinking of you xxx

Oh, Tertia, I'm so sorry for you and Marko. I'll be thinking of you.

well shit. i'm so very, very sorry, tertia. :(

I'm so sorry. My thoughts, and for what it's worth, my prayers are with you and Marko.

Hi Tertia,
So sorry. Sending big hugs and lots of love. I don't have any answers, just empathy. I unexpectedly got pregnant while we were in China bringing our sweet Libby home and then lost the pregnancy a few months later and I was so baffled, still am, and the whole experience was difficult and so painful. Big hugs. Be gentle with yourself. You're so very loved.


I am so sorry Tertia...my heart breaks for you. Love to the four of you from a long-time reader (mostly lurker).

I wish you and your family all the comfort in the world as you grieve. I am so sorry for your loss.


I am so very sorry.

so sorry..

I am so sorry!

I am so sorry. But, that doesn't even begin to tell you how I feel for you. I'm sitting here half a world away crying for you and your family. This is so not fair. You deserved something so good and pure - I can't fathom why this would happen. It doesn't make any sense and seems so cruel. You bring hope and happiness to so many - I hope that you can find some peace in that. I wish the best for you and your beautiful family.

Adding my name to the long list of people holding your heart today. So sorry this happened to someone as beautiful as you.

I am heartbroken to read this sad news. I was really hoping this would turn out different. am thinking of you and Marko and sending big hugs your way.

I am so sorry.

Damn damn damn. I'm so very sorry. My mister and I are sending you mad love. I wish there was something I could say or do that made a difference at all.

Totally devastated for you. So so so sorry. We love you and are crying with you.

Oh no. I'm so sorry.

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