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I really don't know what to say except that I, too, am so very sorry.

Tersh, so fucking sorry xxx

I'm so very sorry.

I am truly sorry. That sucks so bad. ((Hugs))

Another person on the other side of the world crying for you....

Please take care of yourself.

Oh no. I am so very sorry.

I'm so sorry hun... So fucking sorry...

Oh, tersh. I missed this post because of work and travel. I'm so very sorry, dear. I wish there were more I could say.

Just wanted to say I am sorry.

I de-lurk for no one except now to tell you how very, very sorry I am. I was really hoping this would go well for you. I enjoy reading your blog and think you are enormously talented and have wonderful things to say.

Pandering a bit in hopes that it will, at least, bring you a [small] smile.

fuck it.

I am so sorry Tertia.

I am so sorry, Tertia. I will keep you in my thoughts.

I'm so sorry. And sorry for the other crap you're getting. My love t you


I'm so so very sorry.

That sucks. No it does not make sense AT ALL. I am so sorry. You do not deserve this. xxx

Fuck. I am sorry....

Very sorry for you, girl. And Marko.

Heartbroken. I'm so sorry, Tertia. Big hugs for you and Marko.

tertia-it's been a few days since i've logged on...my heart sank when i read the update. i am so sorry and i am thinking of you STACKS. xoxo

I am so sorry, Tertia.

This is awful and terribly, terribly sad. I am thinking about you and yours. Take care of yourself.

I admire you. You have so much strength that I can't compare to. You're heart has been broken so many times and you are still in the fight with Mother Nature. My condolences to you and your family.

So sorry to read this.

Just catching up now.

BTDT unfortunately, know the pain and how useless words are.

I called it my Maybe Baby, wrote poems to it and grieved for quite some time.

I hope you get through this with as little pain as possible.

Sorry sorry.

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