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Well done Tertia, You really deserve it ;)

Enjoy your Macbook. Guess cause I work for "those dudes", there goes the bonus ;0)

WOWIE~ZOWIE! Congratulations!!! You deserve it :) I'm so jealous of the new computer how cool...Have a wonderful holiday celebration with your family. Tam

ps: did I win the hamper?? :) I want the book, girl!

Honestly, it never crossed my mind that you wouldn't win.

Well done.
Well deserved.

How perfectly wonderful that you get to win something (of which you are totally deserving) after having had such a difficult few weeks! Yahoo!!!!

Congratulations! You deserve this wonderful win. Enjoy it! And love your MacBookPro. I love my Powerbook. Our affair is going on two years now and the feelings just get stronger every day.

Tertia you will love your new Mac. Mac rocks, just like you!

Well done you amazing girl you!!!
You totally deserve it!
Paul and I were there last night and when they called out your name I was screaming like a banshee, clapping so hard my palms were red!
Congratulations! Mazel Tov! WooHoo!!



Had to follow the links. For a second there I thought you wanted to smack us stupid. Congratulations! You truly deserve it.

Your blog is great and I can't think of anybody more deserving of a little pick me up right now.

Sjoe, bokkie!!!!


You deserve it. Awesome. Nice prize too.

Well, we all KNEW you would win! You are the most G&D blogger ever! Big smooches back at ya'!

i think you do a wonderful and honest job of portraying your love for your country, without coming across as a representative for the tourism board. and through you, your readers can make a difference to south africans - just ask harrison, rose and the countless others who have received new lives, hopes and donations from your readers via sister mel.


A lurker de-lurking to say CONGRATULATIONS!! That is so exciting! You deserve it! :)

(Oh, and also, so jealous of your prize! Lucky you!)

(Also, I do not usually punctuate every sentence I write with exclamation marks in real life. I am just excited for you!)

Congratulations! And I am one American who is very excited to hear more about South Africa. True to stereotype, I don't know enough about other places and cultures and I've learned so much here and can't wait to learn more. Yeah SA and YEAH Tertia! Good for you!


Very, very happy for you. You really deserve it, your blog is so well written, so down to earth and so fabulous. It's wonderful to hear about your life there and great to feel 'connected' to somewhere so far away from Wisconsin!

Well deserved win, bask warmly in the glow! ;-)

Looks like your luck is turning around....
:) congratulations, my friend. You are so deserving.


Just more proof that you truly are G & D!!!


You totally rock, Tertia!

That is FABULOUS Tertia! Congrats!

So happy for you. Just don't take that prize to work, you traitor! :-)

Ah, your new MacBlogengine is just class...

A round of applause to you from me in BC, Canada... CONGRATULATIONS!!!

How freaking awesome Tersh!! Nice laptop, right price too! ;)

Of course you won....I had no doubts ;) You can keep the tongue part though ok?

I would love to say that my vote made the diffrence, but that would be lying! There was no doubt in my mind that you would win and I'm sure you won by WAY more than one vote!! You deserve it, bask in that glow and work that Mac till your fingers cramp...


Felicitations, Congratulations, Bravo! And I'm terribly impressed with your fund-raising efforts. Keep up the great work - go girl!

Awesome news!

Congrats Tertia - you truly deserved to win, and I'm so happy for you - especially after the tough times over the past few weeks!

Smaak you stukkend!! :)

Congratulations! I'm really happy for you and proud of you!


PS - to comment readers - not just best SA blog, but also tops in writing category too.

Totally well-deserved.

Hahaha, that rocks sister, huge props. You got a really loud cheer. It's just a pity that you couldn't take a hint and make it up for the awards though. Oh, well, at least you can watch the vid on your shiny new Mac:


Too much respect...!

(Oh, and you owe me tongue, I just read that above).

Good things happen to awesome people! You absolutely deserve it. Congratulations!


Asshole. I wanted to win that MacBook Pro. Sure, I'm not South African and wasn't nominated, but that's beside the point.

Congrats and smooches!

That is totally SUPERFLY! You are SO the BEST! XOXO

Well done Tertia.

Now when are you going to release that cute Mac from the boot of my car?
If it stays there much longer it might just adopt me! ;)

I have to say that Storm took a bit of a flyer in putting up a prize, not knowing who would win and where the blogosphere in SA is heading, but I can say you are a deserving winner indeed. Blogging is about communicating, whatever the topic, and we're in the communications game, albeit at the more mundane, technical end.

Keep up the good work!

You took game Tertia. Much respect. Enjoy the award and the new Mac.

Congrats on your win!

It must have been because I voted for you!!


Hey Tertia

CONGRATULATIONS - and a very very well-deserved win to somebody I consider to be South Africa's answer to Dooce ;-)

And btw, did you notice that you have also won a voucher from me as I sponsored the Best Writing category? I'll e-mail it to you shortly.


It would have surprised me if you hadn't won. :o) Congratulations! :o)))

Just hope your new company (Incredibly Big Machines) doesn't find out you have any merchandise from the other guys!!!

woohoo! Mazel tov!!! When's the Best World Blogger contest? ;)

I never doubted you would b no.1

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