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Sorry to hear about your "nappy"! After my 1st D&C, which turned out not to have been properly done, I bled heavily for around 2.5 weeks before having a 2nd one done elsewhere. After the 2nd D&C, the period-like bleeding began to taper off to light spotting after 3-5 days and was completely gone within 9 days. I got my next real period about 4 weeks later, although I don't know if I ovulated. If your bleeding doesn't start to taper off soon, you should get yourself checked.

I love your hopeful side, even if you don't.

No idea on the D&C - my natural m/c bleeding lasted about 10 days I think.

Have a great vacation!

I hated the bleeding, too....I bled a little longer after my d&c than after my "regular" miscarriage--10 or 11 days, I think. I know by 2 weeks it was completely over. I'm not sure when I first ovulated again, but after waiting the 2 cycles that my doctor recommended I got preganant, so it wasn't too long after the d&c that things got "regular" again.

Isn't it just lovely that the kids have to know every damn thing? My girls are all completely fascinated by my tampons, and they always want to know when the boo-boo on my bottom will be better (never mind that every month I remind them that it isn't actually a boo-boo...how do you explain what's going on to a 2 year old?!?). I hope they're not scarred for life!

Not that I would instigate your Hope Addict or anything, but taking Metformin or Avandamet has been shown to help PCOS women ovulate and seems to also reduce the number of miscarriages in PCOS women when taken through the first trimester (this is Metformin, Avandamet hasn't been studied in pregnancy yet, as far as I know).

I started taking my Avandamet two weeks after I delivered, and I believe I ovulated four weeks later. YMMV, of course...

Have a divine holiday.

Hi, Tertia. I'm so sorry about your recent loss and about the whole nappy business. I have had four D&Cs, each one after a missed miscarriage. With three of them the bleeding was light and only lasted slightly over a week. With the fourth one the bleeding was light at first, but then became very heavy with horrible cramps and clots (gross, sorry). The bleeding was still so heavy and I was feeling so miserable about 2 to 3 weeks after the D&C that I went back to the doctor for an ultrasound. It revealed that there was still tissue in my uterus that the D&C had missed, and they wanted to wait for a week or two to see if it would pass naturally. Finally it did (very painfully), but when all was said and done, the bleeding had lasted about a month.

I usually ovulate about 2 weeks after the bleeding has stopped after a miscarriage or D&C, but I had a D&C for a missed miscarriage in January and STILL haven't ovulated or had a period because my HCG hasn't dropped back down to a nonpregnant level yet. I don't know what's going on this time, but it isn't normal for me.

Anyway, I hope you feel better soon and can ditch the nappy.

I believe I bled for about 10-11 days after my D & C. Hope the nappy doesn't ruin the vacation.

16 days... Sorry, not what you wanted to hear....

I think I bled about two weeks, but I also had retained placenta so I'm not sure if that has any bearing on it.

I never posted while the pregnancy saga was evolving, but I did pray for you. I was so excited to hear your news and I was sitting at uni on my computer and updating every 10 minutes or so, because I was just that excited for you. I am so sorry about your loss, but I believe everything happens for a reason... Our prayers are always answered just not in the way we would like.
I guess the point of this post is to comment on how impressed I am by you. Instead of becoming a wreck where most women would (and quite rightfully so), you have chosen to look at the positive things in your life... for example, appreciating your children and allowing their presence to make the whole ordeal a little easier for you. Secondly, your compassion and thoughtfulness towards others... People asked what they could do for you in your time of loss, but you werent looking at helping yourself. Always looking out for others. I dont doubt that helping Harrison and co lifted your spirits, but it was a selfless act. More people should take a note out of your book.
I doubt my post will reach out to you, but I just wanted to say that your manner has reached out to me; you have touched my heart Tertia.
God Bless and keep being the wonderful and strong woman you are.
(and I'm not even a happy clapper ;) you have just warmed me, thats all!)

I'm the odd one out here--I saturated the hospital-issue giant pad they put on me at the hospital after my D&C and then never bled, or cramped, again after I changed it once I got home. But my doctor had to really, um, core me out to get everything.

I'm going through it now. I bled for 18 days (just stopped this last Monday) but I passed some tissue about a week ago so I think something must have been left behind.

I'm sorry for your loss. Have a wonderful vacation!

I guess I fall into the "odd" category with Danni - I bleed at the hospital just after the surgery and then once I got home spotted for the rest of the afternoon but that was it. My period arrived about 4 weeks later and was normal. I guess everyone is different or perhaps the procedures are a bit different depending on who does it. I've been thinking about you a lot lately and wishing you weren't having to go through all of this. It's also sad so many women can relate and have felt similar pain.

bleeding about two weeks or so - getting lighter every day - so that the second week for me I was using "panty liners" instead of full on "nappies". Ovulation - for me it was around 30 days but I was always pretty regular.

hope is complicated...but good luck!!

I started bleeding last Tuesday, and I was in week 10. Upon ultrasound they found no heartbeat and the baby measuring about a week behind. They did the D&C this past Sunday, and I have been spotting off and on ever since. I haven't the first clue when I will stop spotting or when I will ovulate again. It's torture.

I bled for about a week (seems less than everyone else) but I really was sore. Do you have a lot of pain?

I am so very sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you.

I believe that God takes the most painful times in our life and twists them around into something good.....you have helped Him do that by your generosity to Harrison and his family. Bravo Tertia! You are wonderful!

As for the bleeding....each of the 5 m/c I experienced were different, but were 6-15 days of bleeding. I think I ovulated about 2-3 weeks after each one.

I had a D&C after an identical twin pregnancy failed at 11 weeks. My bleeding was like a heavy period and the spotting was over by about 10 days. Post-D&C, my betas fell very slowly - I had to go every week for 4 weeks while my number crept down at a snail's pace. I got AF about 4-5 weeks later even though my beta had been ~10 that week. Hope your scenario will be nothing like mine...

I only bleed 3-5 days total. But my next period was about 4-5 weeks later.
Hopefully it should stop soon.

The bleeding after my D&C was off an on for about two weeks. I got my first period, albeit a very short one a week later - three weeks and one day after the D&C. My next period came five weeks later. They've been pretty regular (26-30 days) since then.

So sorry you're going through this Tertia.

We call them "mummy nappies" too! I bled for 5 weeks after mine, but I think that's not usual. It's more normal to bleed for about a week to ten days I think.

I think I bled for about two weeks after my D & C, but it's hard to remember.

The same thing goes on at my house with my always observant daughter paying attention to every little thing. "Mommy, why is the water orange?" "Mommy, what are you sticking up your butt?" And so on. But where else could I get such funny (and free) entertainment?

somewhere between 1 - 2 weeks.

After I lost #2, I bled for probably 10 days. I "apparently" ovulated about 4 days later because that's the only time we were intimate that month and when my period did not return about a month later, I called my midwives to say, Dammit, something is wrong. They did tests and said, you were supposed to wait a couple months to get pregnant, idiot! So I had about 2 weeks where I wasn't pregnant. Not bad for an infertile! Total drag being pregnant all year, though, and morning sickness for two first trimesters!

No experience with D&C, m/c, etc. here, but I do have a bleeding disorder and endometriosis and just wanted to offer up two things. First, black bottoms, be they jeans or bi/tankini bottoms, paired with black underwear, cover a multitude of sins if you're down to just "spotting." Second, super-hot water with OxyClean will get out ANYTHING. Sorry about your "nappies." Eat some leafy greens and a steak for Vitamin K and iron, and hope for the best? Oh, and sorry to tell you, but alcohol will exascerbate the bleeding, so you may have to pick either swimming or wine this time around :-(

3 weeks heavy and 2 more slightly more than spotting but still requiring a mommy nappy.

i knew i was ovulating about 2.2 weeks after all bleeding stopped. it was the strongest ovulation i'd ever had - even more than ones on clomid. it actually hurt to sit or stand.

Hey, Tertia. Delurking to post on this. My story (the short version) is this:

3 IUIs on Clomid
2 IUIs on Follistim
1 Great Pregnancy after Follistim Resulting in Really Great Kid

After all the fun IUI/infertility B.S., I decided to tempt fate again...this time, drumroll please, with SEX! And I got pregnant. Boy was I ever proud of my body. Saw the heartbeat at 7 weeks. While I was a little worried about the baby's growth (it measured 3 days behind), I thought that I had mastered the pregnancy thing and that this time would be a smooth ride. HAHAHAHAH!!!

At about 10 weeks, my pregnancy symptoms disappeared. At first, I thought that the no nausea thing was great. Then I started to worry. At 12 weeks, I had my next prenatal appointment. Not only did I not feel nauseated, but I also hadn't gained any weight. And what I didn't want to admit was that my once-bloated tummy had gone back to normal. I was still optimistic, though. Stupid me. When the nurse couldn't find a heartbeat on doppler, I began to panic. Hubby was still optimistic. My doctor did an ultrasound. What we found was heartbreaking: a baby measuring 9w1d with no heartbeat. It was over. I had a D&C the next day.

As for my D&C, it was actually really odd (bleeding, that is). I didn't bleed until maybe a week after, and then I bled for about 10 days. My period appeared about five weeks after the D&C...it was a little late, and a bit lighter, but nothing really abnormal.

So that's my story. My sympathies for all you have gone through with this loss (and those before). Many blessings to you and your family.

Not long. Heavy for the first day and then it tapered off within a day or two. (Why am I all of the sudden feeling very thankful..) I was pregnant again within the year, twins!

About one weekof bleeding for me, 10 days tops. Hope your holiday is great, you deserve it!!!

About one week of bleeding for me, 10 days tops. Hope your holiday is great, you deserve it!!!

I seem to recall it was in the neighbourhood of 14 or so days, however, like someone else mentioned, there was tissue left behind that I passed on my own at day 10 and then as soon as it passed, it tapered off to spotting for 2-3 days. I also remember that tissue passing to be the worst cramps I had ever experienced, even when I had ovarian cysts, the cramping was far worse than that.

two weeks of heavy bleeding and one week of light bleeding/spotting. sorry I know that sounds longer than you want it to be. hope you have a lovely time away anyway.

I had four weeks of light spotting, then what I thought was a light period (I suspect now I was passing tissue which had been left behind) and then continued spotting for another two weeks. And then I passed a load of clotty stuff and it all finished. Of course I hadn't bothered going to a doctor and ended up with anaemia. If your bleeding doesn't stop soon, make sure you keep up your iron levels with red meat, offal, leafy green vegetables, eggs etc. I also found a herbal tonic called Floradix to be very helpful.

Hiya Tertia,

I bled heavily for 3 days and spotted for another week after my D+C (baby with anencephaly, we had to make a pretty hideous choice about whether to continue with the pregnancy or not as you know). Then about a week later I bled *again* for four days. I'm waiting to see when/if my body works out it's been tricked. I'm curious as to what it will do since people keep telling me that pregnancy is great (temporary) suppression for pcos. My skin would say otherwise, however, but I guess that'd be nitpicking. I strongly suspect I'll be back on Clomid or follistim as soon as you can say 'provera' after my next infertility appointment.

Hang in there......

One week of bleeding for me post-D&C. I wore alot of black.

Oh Tertia, just checked in for the first time in a while and I'm so, so, so terribly sorry for your loss.
(I'm one of the 'stuck pig for one day then nothing' crew.)

Hi Tertia-
I haven't been around in a while. I am sorry for your loss.

I am 12 days after D&C for anencephaly. We discovered it at 12 week ultrasound.

I had a red period for about 5-6 days then it dwindled down to almost no brown spotting-then the past few days it has picked up a bit-still brown.

I have had 5 other d&c's. Most of them the bleeding completely stopped after 4-5 days. Except one where tissue was left behind-then I was bleeding really heavy with cramps for 5 days-went back and they found tissue-had to have repeat.

This time I am confused-it was much later than my other D&C's (usually 8 weeks with growth haviong stopped about 6-7 weeks) so I am wondering if that is why this is lasting longer. I really don't want another repeat d&C.

I was 10 wks and noticed some light bleeding so I went to the doctor and ultrasound showed the baby was 3 wks smaller than it was supposed to be and no heartbeat. I had my D&C done on the 20th but during the procedure thee was perforation of the uterus so they kept me overnight. It's the 25th now, still bleeding. it started off light but now is heavier. No pain or anything. Just irritated and hoping to be lucky and for the bleeding to stop soon. All I know is I'm going to be seriously pissed if they missed something, seeing as they already poked a hole in my uterus.

I was just looking at this site, because i lost my baby in march, i had an ultrasound at 7 weeks and everything was fine, and then after that i just had this terrible feeling that something was wrong, the dr wouldnt listen to me and at my 12 weeks visit she says "i will give you an ultrasound to ease your mind, but everything looks fine... and my baby was still the size of a 7 week baby... but no heart beat and i just lost it, i started questioning my entire life, and worrying about everything and worrying about my life and my marriage and im only 20 i shouldnt be worrying about stuff like that... and i know that when i am in my right mind, i love my husband more than life and i love my life! so i had my d&c a day and a half later, and i bled that day, then i spotted for 2 days later, i went back to the dr 2 weeks later, and asked her when i would start my period and she put me on zoloft because of my anxiety and depression, and she said i should start in a week or 2 weeks.... i started spotting not even a week later which was april 18th, and marked my calendar of when i would ovulate 14 days later so i could know when i could try to concieve again, becuase she said wait 2 menstral cycles... so i wanted to make sure i was on track.... well may 2nd gets here and guess what... im still spotting... today is may 8th and this is the first day i havent spotted yet... almost a flippin month... i wish this would hurry up and go away because 1 im going to the beach friday... and 2 i wanna try to have another baby! so wish me luck guys!!! but so far i bled that long... but it wasnt heavy, it was only when i wiped.. there was only one time i had to wear a panty liner...good luck i hope yours goes away faster than mine!!! stepho!

I'm sorry about your loss. I had a miscarriage at the beginning of April, and had a D&C. I bled for just over a week after the procedure. About a month after the procedure, I began spotting again, just light spotting for about 6 days, and then it stopped. I thought maybe it was my period again, but wasn't sure. Now, my breats are very sore, I'm moody, tired and a little crampy and bloated, so I'm very confused if that was my period or if it was just mid-cycle bleeding. No "real" period yet, and I'm getting frustrated because I want it so that I can get back on track and start trying to get pregnant again. Does anyone have any idea what is happening to me right now?

I was just browsing and reading everyones comments, about how long does it last the bleeding after an D&C. I just had a D&C on July 17, 2007. I went for an ultersound on July 10 and i know something was wrong when the ultersound lady didn't say anything to me in the entired ultersound. When she said "don't leave yet i need to call your doctor, so please wait outside, till i call you again." In that moment i knew that there was something wrong with my baby. So on Monday July 13, I went to my appt and the doc was reading the report, that the lady wrote and my doctor took me straight to the ultersound room, and my doctor said "sorry to say this but your baby has no heartbeat". My unborn baby died of 13wks, and it has been a very painful experience for me.

I had a miscarriage 11 days ago i only bled for 4 days then stopped,then yesterday a week later i started bleeding again!anyone know why?also when i went for my hcg bloods it has gone up rather than down it was 66 last week and 75 this week,i am so confused!!HELP

Hi.just wanted to say that you are not alone. I was 16 weeks pregnant and went in for a regular check up. They did an ultrasound and no heartbeat. I had a D & C two days later. I have been bleeding since. It has been exactly two weeks and I am still bleeding and it doesn't look like its gonna stop anytime soon. So I feel your pain. Sorry for your loss. It's heartbreaking. I'm devastated.

Help the homeless down the street and persuade them to look for work

I haven't been up to much lately. So it goes. What can I say? I've just been letting everything wash over me recently, not that it matters. I just don't have much to say these days.

I've just been letting everything wash over me. I've pretty much been doing nothing. I've just been sitting around not getting anything done.

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