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Lovely - helping someone else while we help ourselves heal.

You're a good egg, Tertia - I am sure, somewhere, somehow, your heart will heal.

Hi there - fantastic idea - you really are a gem!
How do I contribute from SA??

36 square meters=388 square feet. Still teensy, but not quite as bad as 118 square feet. The size of my old NYC apartment.

Cool for Harrison to have lovely kind you. Nolene's shack burnt down 2 weeks ago. She sat on the sidewalk with her 3 kids and NOTHING else. Now they have told them they will be building them new brick homes sometime this year but they need to occupy the land until then. They get given 5 tin sheets to build the shelter and thats it. No help to build, no other materials. Gary gave her R500 for the other building materials and she got Uncle Solly (some kind chap) to help her. I will help her furnish her new home but their is no point giving her things now because they will just get stolen. Her kids have had to go up to PE (8 hours drive) until the new home is built. Its a hard life!
When she is ready I will be raiding everyones homes for pots & pans, linen etc.
Why don't you send the parcels with Gary so they can be sent from California? He won't mind.

Thanks you for posting this Tertia. You just made my Tuesday start off on a good foot! I look forward to seeing that goal met!

With the raffle progressing at this rate it sure looks like you'll have to hurry up getting that hamper ready. *bg*

So, call me crazy, but I like to think my measly contribution will help bring the spirit of my unborn babies to Harrison's children - may they live long and do good in the world.

Super idea! For some reason the payment system did not work. So I will pass it to you when I come over in May. Cheers!

Hey Abbie, I think an apartment in NYC is a little bit different to what Tertia is describing! I'm assuming you had running water, a toilet, and didn't house a large family in it.

You're a kind soul, Tertia. I hope you meet your target.

I donated...but not because I am a good, kind hearted person. I donated because I want a chance at the goodies from SA. At least I am an honest SOB.

Ignore my stupid comment - was so excited that I didn't read the blog properly!

Great idea Tertia, you are truly a great person!

As for everyone in SA, it really does not take long to register on PayPal and its for a good cause, so go and register and help Tertia meet her target!

I'll have to run this by my hubby (paypal account is tied to his bank account, not mine), but I would like to buy a couple of tickets.

What's the exchange rate? How far will the $5 US go in SA? Just hoping that $5 US will go a lot farther over there.

Never mind, I answered my own question. http://www.xe.com/ucc/ says that $5 USD is about equal to $36 ZAR. v.v. cool.

OK - I'm in. I happened to have $5 in my paypal account and nothing to spend it on. Tertia...solving financial dilemmas worldwide!

Cheers to you! And to Harrison!

What a great thing to do and you are already almost 1/2 way there.

I want five chances to win. I'm in for $25!

C'mon, people! Buy multiple raffle tickets! You don't even need a PayPal account as long as you've got a credit or debit card.

Hey Jodie, I was just giving a size comparison. 350 sqft is seriously snug, even for two girls and on a temporary basis. I certainly wouldn't like to have to house a family in it. But you are correct, even our slummy NYC apt had running water. No heat though... which is a big reason why I bought two tix for the raffle (that and the chance to win the book, cause I'm selfish that way) Nothing sucks worse than being cold. May Harrison and family be toasty warm this winter.

Delurking to say "Bravo." You have a great heart. What better to spend $20 on.

Done -- three tickets purchased, money sent via Paypal!

(Will start looking for that hamper just any day now!!!)

Tertia, this is such a wonderful idea! We spent our honeymoon in SA in April 2005 and I fell in love with the country (and rooibos tea!!) but I remember feeling absolutely breathless driving along the road from Franschhoek to Cape Town and seeing miles and miles of shacks. I've bought my raffles - good luck to Harrison!

This is great Tertia! You've already raised so much in such a short time! Wonderful!

You have a good heart, Tertia! I can only afford one ticket right about now, but I'm happy to make a small contribution!

Kudos to all who help! This is a great way to give pratical help immediately. Tks!

I think I can manage with slightly holey knickers until another pay day, and have therefore put in $20 which would otherwise have gone on replacing them. Ceilings are much more important than knickers. Although, it is perhaps best not to mention to Harrison and his family that when they look up that tiny patch they can see over there is, in fact, the knickers of an ex-pat Aussie in the UK. Unlikely to be very comforting...

If I win a hamper, can they (or someone else who needs it) have the prize (or cost thereof)?

Hi Tertia.

Long time reader -- very occasional poster here.

Had to post a comment and say what an absolutely great thing you are doing! I am going to go buy my raffle tickets right now.

You are a wonderful person to be thinking of others when you have been having such a tough time yourself.



This is great, Tertia. I am a 18 year old, first year varsity student...and therefore broke. So, I sadly can't donate, but I will be praying for Harrison. Best of luck to his family!!

Happy to see you are feeling better.

I bought 4 tickets. Just this weekend, I made a wrong turn, and drove through a town very near my own, which is probably one of the poorest and most blighted towns in the United States. I frequently drive through this town, because it borders my own very nice middle class town (which is why I can afford my very large, 113 year old house), but this weekend, I drove through a particularly bad part of town that I had never seen before. The disparity in living conditions between that town and my own was shocking to me. Many of the houses looked as if they were about to fall down. But the worst house in that town would be a palace compared to shacks, and even the new houses that are being built. They probably mostly all have electricity, running water, toilets and ceilings and at least some heat in the winter.

Its nice that you are using your blog for such a good cause.

Hurray! The $2,000 goal has already almost been met! Time to raise the goal amount!

You are a very good friend. I'm proud to help.

This is awesome! My contribution put it over the goal!

What else do they need?? ;)

Great idea, happy to be able do something to help. Oh, and hoping for Tempos and Bar-Ones if I get a hamper!!

Just in case I win one of those hampers: Could you give it to Harrison instead, please? It would be madness to send the whole lot to Germany. Takes forever and costs a fortune in postage. I'm sure that family could use it (or the equivalent in cash) for a much better purpose.

As always, I am amazed and heartened by the generosity of the people in the 'nets. How long ago was this posted? In less than one day, total strangers have come together and raised more than $2000 for someone they don't know and will likely never meet. What an impact, and what lovely repercussions...

And what a lovely Tertia for doing this in the first place.

Darn it! I go away for less than 24 hours, and the goal is already reached!!! Will keep checking in for the next one!

You are such a dear Tertia :)

This country needs more people like you. People that actually do rather than talk.

I'm going to donate $5 right now.

If every 'fortunate' person helped out just one less-fortunate family, it would dramatically change the face of South Africa.

Well done.

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