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Well reading this brought a lump to my throught and tears to my eyes. Thank you for doing this, it has been amazing to see how people have joined together to help someone they do not even know! Is it not amazing that this all happened yesterday and that it was his birthday! Can only imagine his joy and gratefulness when you tell him the actual amount!

Happy Birthday, Harrison!

Happy birthday, indeed.

$2850 in less than 24 hrs? Holy %^#@$%$#. At this time I can't afford to contribute, but Harrison and his family are in our thoughts and prayers and I can't wait to see his ceiling and his spiffy biffy :-)

Happy Birthday Harrison!

Kristin in Canada

holy cow! no sooner had bloglines updated, and I come across to peek at your news, when i notice the amount had already been met! how un-blardy-believable. will get off bum and go hunt up purse as soon as I stop blubbering.

Happy Birthday Harrison may your dreams come true and you know every happiness there is.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRISON!Imini emandi kuwe! Wishing you all the very best!

Happy Birthday! "Live long & prosper"! ;o)

Happy Birthday to Harrison :). Tertia, I hope you are able to take pictures when you give him his gift!

Happy Birthday Harrison! If you need more Saturday work ie the Saturdays you are not working for Tertia, then ask her to let me know, we need someone trustworthy and reliable to work in our garden.

Happy Birthday Harrison! I just gave $20 more because I can't wait until you hit the second goal so you can give him his money. I can't wait to hear how he reacts.

Happy Birthday Harrison! I hope it's a wonderful one!

Best wishes from Israel.

Thank you for doing the second campaign, I missed the first. Went out last night with the girls for wine after what I thought was a terrible day and spent too much money. Hearing about Harrison and Nolene puts into perspective really what a terrible day is, so glad to be able to help out in some way. Thank You.

I just made a quick donation. I hope I'm not too late! I've been looking for worthy causes to donate to this week and this fits the bill perfectly.

You're a sweetie to set this up with Boulder's help! Good luck to Harrison and his family.

Thank you, Tertia, for once again reminding us that the world is not all that huge and that we are all not so far apart. Hands across the water, indeed.

And thanks to Harrison and his family for giving me a chance to be a part of this heartwarming effort. I imagine there will be much warmth and love within those walls.

Happy Birthday to you Harrison from my family in Texas, USA. Hope your house is soon a home with all the warmth your beautiful family deserves! Tertia, you're a good friend for doing this. I love a selfless person. I'm glad this is cheering your heart as well.

Happy Birthday Harrison! I'm happy to help out a friend of Tertia's. Take care of your family for us.

Happy, Happy Birthday Harrison! Love from Colorado, U.S.

HAppy Birthday Harrison, May you and your family have a warm winter.

It's his birthday??? How incredibly PERFECT!!!

Wishing you a happy birthday, Harrison, and many more to come!

So happy to be able to help someone directly. Thanks so much for arranging this, Tertia.

And Happy Birthday Harrison!
Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

How extraordinarily kind you (and Boulder) are to provide Harrison and his family with this type of friendship and support. I hope there truly is karma and you (and Boulder) are rewarded handsomely in return.

Happy Birthday, Harrison!

My lovely father is going to pay my power bill. Thanks Dad; Harrison, Nolene; meet my dad; Daddy, Harrison and Nolene.

My mother and father were just 16 and 17 when they got married. 17 and 18 when I came along. My mom had three children under the age of 5 when she was 21 years old. Dad brought home the bacon, Mom stayed home with the kids. They know very well the mighty struggles and challenges that come with rearing a family on a shoestring budget. I'm certain that strength of spirit is reflected through Harrison and Nolene and so many, many others that struggle, make do with what they have and go to bed grateful for their loving families.

Nice job, really happy to be able to give a little to this, makes me feel good as well. Thanks for providing the opportunity and kudos to you for channeling your grief towards something so positive.

This is fabulous! Harrison has given us a new way to refer to you. From now on, I'm calling you "old girl."

wow! another target met in under a day, T Boulder and all the contributors what incredible people you are, ahhh my bitter old heart feels downright well ok, almost perky!
Pleaseeeeeeee don't make us wait too long for an update Old Girl I'm bursting to find out how Harrison reacts.

the blogosphere rocks!

Hahahaha! I'm not sure Tertia will keep you on her "A" list if you call her "Old Girl"!!!


A bona fide homesick South African here and I TOTALLY missed it.

Is it absolutely too late to send some money. I'd love to help out.


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