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I read your posts probably 6 times, and checked I had the right blog about 4.

I am beyond happy for you. You have no idea.


Divine and awesome, Tertia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All my best:-)

Gives me the idea to keep up the shagging for myself.

This is so much better than de-lurking to post about cooking. I am so thrilled for you and am wishing you the very best!

One heartbeat. Simply fantastic.

Is super-stud Marko strutting around a la "Saturday Night fever" or is the poor man still in shock - maybe HE needs some sugar water too - or something a bit stronger - seeing as he is now drinking for two!

Tell you what - I'll "take one for the team" and have an extra glass of wine for you tonight!


Holy cow! That is wonderful and exciting!

Wow. Wow!

I bet one baby will be a piss of piss after learning how to deal with 2!

I hope everything is smooth and uneventful - this is the best possible news. I'm so happy for you!

Oh wow...OH WOW!!! How cool!

Congratulations Tertia!

Congratulations, too crazy... Hoping all continues to progress nicely glad they seen a heart beat instead of tiny spiders!

Tertia - I can't fucking believe it. I'm so happy for you, but a bit confused. Don't you have to have sex in order to get pregnant, 'cause I know that you and Marko don't do anything like that....right?

JK...way to go!!!

hoooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you. Best wishes and congrats to both you and Marko.

Wow, congratulations 100 times over!!! Happy & healthy 8 more months to you!!!

I love the fact that you knew something was up. Way to listen to your body. Congrats and all that.

tertia, congrats again!

Oh Tertia, I'm totally tearing up at this news. You are all in my heart and thoughts, here's wishing for a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Wow...Alex just told me the news, and I was getting ready to email you, and tell you that you're an asshole for not including me on your "Woolies Special Customer" email list, (lunch at Primi Piatti doesn't at least get me on the D list?) but now that the whole world knows...YAY!!! I'm so happy for you and Marko! I hope this pregnancy is perfect for you. You deserve it! Sorry I'm such a bad commenter...you didn't tell me this twin thing was so time consuming...I just caught up reading all 54 of your posts since my twins were born. Its getting better every day though. Thanks for being the impetus in getting me my dream come true!

One lovely heartbeat. Congratulations, well done, and NO MORE SEX EVER!!
Just joking. Keeping everything crossed for you now.

Hooray!! I'm just so happy for you!

A tiny heartbeat, how wonderful. Thrilled for you!

Congratulations! I have goose bumps reading this post and your last one.



Shocked, excited and happy here. And I also desperately want to grab someone by the lapels and shout in their face "Tertia had sex and got PREGNANT!!!" but nobody I know has a clue who you are.


Sooooooo happy to hear everything is well.

Got everything crossed for you that it continues to go well.

I know how hard it will be, but try to think positive.

What a miracle he or she is.

Congratulations. I read your previous post in tears when I read "you are pregnant". So happy for you.

PS: Should have more sex on the couch ;) Now your family read that, maybe they don't want to sit there anymore. Heh.

Holy cow!!!!! I missed the last post and just popped over to catch "1xlive baby with beating heart". OMG - total shock! I wish you all the best and hope that you get to enjoy a nice calm nine months like a "regular" person.


Had to laugh at Kez's comment. I had to stop myself from telling a friend about it today. She doesn't even read blogs! I was just too excited for you. Keep beating little one!

Jeez, I am so hormonal... Crying again. Gosh, I am so excited for you I think I'll drink an extra glass of wine in your honor!!! In fact, I'll make my hubby drink one too! To Tertia!

Dude. Dude. DUDE!

Congratulations!! We will be praying for you all!!! Nana of Holland and Eden.

Yay! Sometimes one is the magic number.

WOW!! I haven't read blogs for a few days.


Fingers and toes crossed for you.

And to go back to one of your earlier posts. When my twins were two they survived on cheese slices and bananas for months. They outgrew the pickness and started to eat just about anything.

Great to hear so far so good! Keeping my hopes up and fingers crossed for you!!! Nice to hear 1x baby this time!!

I'm actually crying for you. Crying. Like the other zillion people who've already commented, I'm sure.....

So happy for you. So, so shocked.:)

Woo-hoo! You got knocked up on my birthday! ;) Congrats!

Have been reading your blog for a while now--missed the last couple posts and just popped in again to see what's going on. Congrats!!!! I know how you feel-- Took me 4 years, lots of treatments to get pregnant with my first one (born just slightly before your twins), and I am currently pregnant with my second one conceived (SHOCK!) through plain old fashioned sex. I'm 29 weeks along and still wondering how it happened. Congrats again--enjoy!!!

I just have to say.....holy shit!!! That's amazing! I too am on my fifth, one live one currently playing GameCube (just turned 5 in Jan.) and one on the way at almost 15 weeks. Had to have drugs to get preggo this time and take much progesterone for the first 12 weeks to stay that way. My experience was opposite of yours. Got preggo with the oldest on accident and had to fight like hell for this one. All I can say is once an infertile, always an infertile. Good thing miracles happen to infertiles too! Praying for goodness to happen in your life with all this!!

I still can't believe it either!! Hahahahahahahaha!!! You're *oops*-pregnant...

Seriously, though, I am SO happy for you. What a little fighter you have there. :)

Congratulations and best wishes!!!! And I thought you and Marko didn't have sex :o)!!!!

Yay, Tertia!!!!!!!

So happy for you! Hurray!

de-lurking to say that i am so happy for you and sending good thoughts your way. thanks for writing such a wonderful blog and letting us into your life a bit!

I am absolutely over-the-moon thrilled for you.

Another reader de-lurking to say WOW!!! Did not read your blog for a day and all of a sudden you are pregnant?! Goose bumps! Like Kez, I want to tell everyone the good news - but my somewhat poker-faced Chinese co-workers here in HK would not understand how shocked & happy I am for someone I don't even know :)

Please please don't feel guilty but enjoy this miracle - you so deserve this after everything you've gone through! You do realize though that you will now become one of the examples used by these people who tell you that "they know someone who got pg when she just relaxed"... aarrggh!

Keeping my fingers crossed - VEEL GELUK!

Oh my God! Congrats! I am so happy for you!

I saw the previous post yesterday and wanted to add my congrats as well. I know about the couch baby...I was just giggling when I took a pic. of my daughter on the one that she began her existance on! Very excited for you.

an "oops" baby - now you're one of THOSE women - haha. YOU DESERVE THIS TERTIA. ik wens jou heel veel geluk!!

Wow! I hadn't checked blogs all day - what a shock! How wonderful for you! I am stunned - cannot imagine what you must be feeling!! Tons of good vibes being sent your way!

WOOO Freakin HOOO!!!! Here's to ONE real live baby in your arms in 7.5 months time and a much easier journey along the way. I have everything crossed for you, but honestly I doubt you'll need our lucky wishes!

Holy Shit!!!! Okay sorry about the cursing, but WOOHOO! As for being a fraud - you my dear are not one... and this is just too wonderful. I will continue to go with NBHHY and send up some prayers, as well as positive vibes your way...

My husband on the other hand said - if I'm not having sex than I don't want to hear about anyone else having it... such a party pooper - then he actually heard what I was saying and said "that's fabulous!"

Holy good God, how did you DO that? Wait... on second thought I don't want to know. Who knew that's how they made babies... Congratulations! Best wishes and crossing everything I own for all of you!

I am so happy for you all!
You're in our prayers.
BTW: I thought Marco said no more "xxx" talk on this site...lol...guess with this kind of news, there was an exception made( we wouldn't have believed the wind pollenation taking longer story anyway!)
take care.

Brilliant! I was thinking about you all of last night, and couldn't wait to read your blog this morning! Take it easy now, don't stress too much,
although the thought of having 3 instead of 2 would freak me out a bit!

SUCH great news! I have that same feeling of wanting to tell everyone and knowing of course that it won't mean anything to non-readers.

And now I can at least attend one of your group meets if you have another, without feeling like the only traitor in your midst ;)

Delurking to add my congratulations to the list....great news!

This is a perfect opportunity to do a "Posh and Becks" and name your child after his/her place of conception. Seeing as Couch is not really a great name for a child, you could consider pretending you're American and call the baby Sophie (named after her place of conception.....the sofa!!)

PS I know it's only very early days and I've got everything crossed that the prengancy goes well. "Sophie" just jumped out at me; I apologise if it was in poor taste

Delurking to say CONGRATULATIONS!

(I love it, just love it....)

Breathing until your next update.

Bon voyage, little one.


Am late in commenting but WOW! CONGTRATS and FINGERS CROSSED!

Tell Marko that he is such a stud....

Wow, congratulations! All my best wishes for a healthy pregnancy.

You mean that old myth about sex causing pregnancy is actually TRUE? Must not tell DH!

Holy shit!

Delurking to say congratulations, Tertia. Praying for 1 happy, healthy baby for you!

Holy crap, Tertia! I skip my blog-reading for a couple of days and you go and do THIS??? Anything for attention, hmmm? Just kidding, of course. I am stunned and hopeful and happy for you. And re: the medication exposures, I had something similar happen at the beginning of a pregnancy that turned out perfectly fine, and went howling to my doctor about it, and she said me down and said "Look, Eliza, we don't go spreading this around because we don't want anyone knowingly taking or drinking ANYTHING contraindicated while pregnant, but honestly aside from radiation or certain infections or Retin-A, there is nothing you can do to a pregnancy that early to cause any harm. It does not have the anatomy to metabolize drugs at such an early point. If you stop whatever it is when you find out you're pregnant, probably it's no harm, no foul." I think you're fine in that area, so please try not to torment yourself, old friend. And...wow. The couch. It doesn't even have a wand attached (or if it does, you shouldn't admit it).

I am dancing a little in my chair for you right now. What fabulous news! Best wishes!


Oh my goodness! Congratulations!

Well, you blog does say "life AFTER infertility". So, congratulations!!! It looks like your biological clock has been reset! Ciao.

Wow. this is amazing!

UNBELIEVABLE!!! I am so, so happy for you :)

Wow! Missed reading a couple days and your pregnant! Congrats! I'm so happy for you.

Dude... I don't read you for a few days and shit happens. Good luck with the wee spider embryo thingy.

Holy canoli - I go away for a week and suddenly you're pregnant! Congrats - i hope for a smooth-uneventful-single-baby-healthy-40-week pregnancy!

Well I have to delurk here and say congratulations and many good wishes going your way for you and your wee one. Fantastic news! Best, Pink

Holy carp, girl! I go one whole week without checking in and this is what I see?!?!? Amazing. I am so freakin' happy for you and Marko.

congratulations Tertia and Marko! Amazing and meant to be.

i don't read you for what, a week?

and i come back to THIS!???


way to go, Marko's boys! and Tertia's um.. gal.. !!

i'm crossing all my bits, and currently ordering more bits online so i have more to cross for these spider babies to thrive. if i wasn't so shocked/happy/jaw-dropped/excited about this, i'd find the idea of spider babies thriving in someone disgusting. but there it is.


Am late as usual in catching up with all my blog reads and when I saw this- whooooooa yeaaaahh! I am so happy for you, gorgeous girl, and wishing you lots and lots of good luck that everything continues to go well. Mare xx

Congratulations!!! All the best!

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