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Congratulations! Maybe this is the makings of your sequel?

Thrilled to read your news!!!!!

Delurking to say CONGRATS! I am so so happy for you!

Congrats. Will keep praying. :)

Absolutely brilliant! WOW what a wonderful surprise! I still cannot believe it so you must be feeling stunned!

I couldn't sleep last night and saw the news, Holy cow Batman! I am so stinkin' happy for you and Marko. I will continue the prayers, you deserve this Tertia!

Woo Hoo!!!!!

So thrilled for you. Pamplemousse and I are online chatting about you right now. Your ears burning?


Yup...I see another book in the midst for sure!

Congratulations again.!

Haha. They should be!!!!

I can't even begin to imagine how you must be feeling right now, but I'm so incredibly happy for you! :o)

So, has the divine Dr H. been re-hired as your gynaecologist again? ;o)

W O W - congratulations! All the best :)

Cannot concentrate at work, am so excited for this newly beating heart half a world away. Woo-hoo! Lots of people pulling for you, little one!

EEEEK. NBHHY! NBHHY! Say it like a mantra. The absolute best of thoughts and prayers for you.

Woo hoo! Congratulations!!!!!! Thrilled for you and Marko. Good luck for continuing good news!

Hallelui... halliluj... halla... that's wonderful! Very thrilled for you. This post put a giant smile on my face! Been walking around all morning dying to tell someone you are pregnant, and realizing no one I know knows you.

Most excellent news. I know you must feel as though you are in the twilight zone.

By the way, I blame my wasted morning and achy refresh finger on Marko as well.

Wow! How exciting and thrilling! I am sending you absolutely all my best thoughts and wishes.


Congratulations, this is the absolute best news. It gives us all hope. Cheers!

I cried for you. This is fantastic! I know some of the emotions you are going through (especially the fraud thing) as I, too, got pg a 2nd time by having S-E-X. I know the fear, the excitement. Wishing you ALL THE BEST!!! This is v v exciting!

De-lurking to say Congratulations and holy Mary mother of God! I'm so glad the scan went perfectly! Aaaaugh!

Wow--what exciting news! I'm so so happy for you!!!

The COUCH??!!


How wonderful!!!

Congrats!!!!! this is the best news I've heard in ages!!!!!!!!!!

Blessed be your little family!


Oh.My.God. Congratulations!!! the couch??? nice going!

Um...WOW - and then some!! Praying for you and yours for health etc.

Holy f*cking sh*t. Was it the "Barney Sex"???????

A beating heart - how amazing! Congrats again - still in shock (and excited) for you! (Whitney from MWS)

wow wow wow, I still can't believe it. Wow!!! That is awesome. I know it's early (having similar experiences with you) but I think this is a gift. I love the comment about Barney sex!! haha!! I think that did it!

Stick around, little one : )

I am beyond happy for you, Tertia! Sending tons of good thoughts down to SA for you and the little one!!!

"We still have no clue as to how it happened."

Am I the only one who went back a month in the archives to see what you'd been doing at the time of conception?

Hmmm. I mean "What you'd been focusing on, blogically speaking."

I just re-read your Feb. 15th post and giggled. Not nice, but still...

Man, I missed the original announcement, so pardon my late CONGRATS. I am thrilled for you.

Can I borrow Marko?? just for a few minutes. :)



A tiny query, meant in only the most concerned way? Are you on any meds? Like progesterone or metformin or heparin? Somehow you got pregnant, but can you stay pregnant without any of those?


Delurking to say omg... and congrats. I honestly thought you may have been kidding (not funny, I admit, and bad of me to suspect any different than the truth) in the last post... but omg, it's true. Wow, Adam and Kate and who else!? It's crazy to think how much life can change. I'm wishing the only best for you!

Wow...that's all I've got.

I've read your blog for a couple of years now and have never commented, but I just had to. I'm delurking myself and it took you getting knocked up naturally to do it. I'm in shock along with you. This world and that big guy upstairs sure have funny ways of doing things sometimes.


Crap! I forgot to say congratulations!

I am crossing my fingers for you and the gogga.

Holy shit. You can bet on your life that me and hubby are doing it on the couch next month!


I've been refreshing your page all day to see any updates.

I just read the last line "I'm pregnant" and got chills!

I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! Enjoy and don't stress.


YAY!!! Holy Smokes!!!

So happy for you :)

I can see your next book being "How Babies Are Made". ;)

Congratulations on the heartbeat. :)

This is amazing! I am SO SO SO SO happy for you and crossing all my bits to protect that little life inside of you! I can hardly wait!

Oh, Tertia, how MARVELOUS!

The COUCH! Of course.

Need to use mine more effectively.

Was the couch on an incline? Was there a pillow involved?

On second thought, don't wanna know.

I missed your last post so I when I read this one I was thinking I had hit an archive or some damn thing. Nope, just me being ignorant.

Congrats, Tertia!

Oh, thank God Tertia! I'm so glad. Wow, just wow.


Congratulations, honey!


I am SO happy for you!!!

And had to double check to make sure it was not April 1st. ;)

Oh wow. WOW WOW WOW!!! If I knew you and were in SA, I'd give you a huge hug.

And btw, we've got sugar water here in Southern US-- they just try and make you feel better about drinking it calling it "tea". (Southern "tea" is 1 tea bag, 2 if they feel crazy, a gallon of water, and a pound of sugar).

WOW! Tertia's pregnant!!! AWESOME!!!

YOU ARE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy Cow!!! Woo hoo! Yeah!!! Happy dance for you T!

Freaking fantastic! Wonderful news! NBHHY! Yeah!


Yay! Can't wait for the pictures of the baby on THAT couch :) he-he...

You give us all hope, Tertia. Best wishes!

Wow, you just made a 6-months pregnant woman cry. :) (I would have done even despite the hormones, though.) I remember that little blinking thing a few months ago...what a rush. I have been a long-time fan of your writing; keep us posted!

Didn't want to jinx anything by offering congratulations yesterday, but you're certainly due some today. Though I'm actually most impressed that you guys are married with twins and are still having hot monkey sex on the couch.

And why, having decided that one really is enough, am I feeling a teensy weensy bit jealous?

AWESOME news - best I've heard all day - rushed home to the computer to check on you!!!! CONGRATS!

That is fantastic news! I am so glad that for now at least, all is right and well.


OMG!! I come here to do my normal lurking...see what's going on...and you're pregnant?!? Freaking awesome!! I'll keep my fingers, toes, and anything else I can think of crossed for only good things. Congratulations!

I still can't believe I missed the news earlier! So happy to hear this! Yay!!!

Delurking to say Congratulations! All positive thoughts and good vibes for you from me.
I'm so excited to read all about your healthy and happy pregnancy.

That is such wonderful news. I've read you for years now, not commented often. But I'm actually crying over here. I'm SO happy for you. I've everything crossed that everything goes well.


Thrilled, thrilled, thrilled for you!

Wow! How exciting! Best wishes...


Holy shit.

And congratulations...crossing all bits for you from quite a distance.

That is all.


Oh my god. I dont check your site for 2 days and look what happens. Bloody hell Tertia! I have gone all goosebumply and teary eyed for you. Wow. CONGRATULATIONS. I really really am praying for you.


Natt xx

Great news you saw a heartbeat. Know it is v v early.
Hang in there.
When I saw your previous post I was in complete shock - thought I'd landed on the wrong blog somehow.
I'm one of 'those' who had just gotten the DE speech after last IVF bfn and then 3 months later found out I was pg at age 41.
Felt the same disbelief and guilt you do.
But hey, miracles do happen and the universe is one wonderful mysterious place - just go with it!

PS Know you are going through a LOT but try to be nice to Marko - he seems like a great guy who just may not know the right words to say sometimes.
(this is more a go back to the eating post but could apply to now as well)

you know, all that talk of early menopause certainly made me wonder. congratulations!

Have to admit I had to read your last two posts a couple of times to believe it . . . but I am now convinced that you're pregnant. Yikes! Congratulations to your whole family -- Adam and Kate are going to love being the "big ones"!

Way to go Willy!


absolutely marvellous, well done, take care and be lucky! much love and kisses to you and marko from us here in Cyprus xxxx

ok, so that is amazing. great. but, like, not that long ago, you did not (could not would not....) ovulate, right? so, whats up with that???

I am more excited than words can say for you guys. I do know all those fears though. In the words of Grrl, NBHHY!

Congrats!!!!!!!!!! i'm in tears. Lots of love, thoughts, and prayers being sent your way.

Wow! Yay!

Holy f'ing crap!!! That was a shocker! CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD LUCK!

Wow. Just wow. And congratulations!

Congratulations! Best wishes for an easy, full-term pregnancy.

I used to believe in getting pregnant from sex, then I stopped believing in it, and now I'm not so sure any more. Thanks a lot.


I had to go back and reread -- I thought I'd fallen into the archives -- I have EVERYTHING crossed for you. This has to be exciting and scary at the same time.

Pregnancy. From SEX. Who'd have thought???

I think Marko also ought to buy something expensive for YOU.

My daughter was conceived on Feb 11th. Her birthday is October 26th. She doesn't mind sharing her birthday.


Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Hoping this fantastic news continues!!


Didn't you once say that you'd kiss your own ass if you got pregnant from sex?!?!?!?!? You better limber up sister!


Holy Shit!

Just had to add: I am so so happy for you lady.


I can never remember if I have commented before.... LONG time lurker if I haven't. I alway want to then I chicken out lol


Well holy shit! That was unexpected - I'm off work for a couple of days and come back to this? Fingies crossed and thinking of you, all the best!

YEAH! So glad to hear that things went well. I know the road before you seems long, but let's hope it continues to go smoothly!


I can only imagine the shock...from sex? Whoa!

YEAH!!!! I am so excited for you! I don't have anything clever or witty to say just YEAH!! Tertia is Pregnant!

Wow Tertia, just WOW, and congratulations of course! As someone above said, you have twins and you're still having sex on the couch?? Oy, you're making the rest of us look bad... Early days, long way to go, yada, yada, yada, but for now I couldn't be happier for you. Enjoy!!


WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Go, little heartbeat, go!!!


I am so confused as to how this happened...........

I thought you and Marko don't shag....LOL

I am so thrilled for you. XO

I'm a mostly lurker too and just had to say HOLY COW BATMAN! Great news! And don't worry about the fraud stuff -- as far as I recall no one ever said it was impossible to get pg from SEX, just highly, astronomically unlikely, right? And the couch? wow.

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