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give them five minutes and kate and adam will be the proudest bigger siblings on the planet!!!


_Of_ _course_ you will "get that far"!!!!

Still can't believe it... Last night, I even told my husband about what happened to you.

But a most excellent surreal life!

Hell, I am so pleased for you, you'd have thought I was the one who had a good shag on the couch.


Congratulations Tertia. I had a sneaking suspicion when you were going on about your menopause woe's that it may be pregnancy. I hope you have a hassle free pregnancy.

I'm 5/6 weeks away from giving birth to twins. My DS who is 4 is NOT GOING TO BE A BIG BRUDDER, he is just Hayden. Ok, ok, that's settled then. Congratulations again, Tersh, still can't believe it.

I was out of town for a week. Wow! What fabulous news!

My youngest DD was about the same age as your 2 when I fell pg with this bub and she started out not caring but is now so excited (with about 4 weeks to go). Though she does tell anyone who will listen that Mummy ate too much chocolate and so now she has a big fat tummy that goes wibble wobble wibble wobble. Wait until you feel safe (obviously!) but then my advice is to talk about it as much as possible, and find a good book if you can.

PS - Hi HH... 5/6 weeks my $%@, I'll see you there in 3 ;-)

"Don't want it Mama"... hilarious!

I can hardly wait to hear about A&K teaching SpiderBaby all kinds of mischevious tricks. Just be sure Adam is over his Poop fetish before baby arrives. LOL

Still stunned and thrilled for you, T!

I'm sorry but I won't be able to sit on your couch when I visit...I'm funny like that.

I told my husband last night, too. :) This is more exciting than when I was pregnant! Alot easier on me, too. :P

I had to tell my dh last night, too! He told me not to get any ideas! LOL We are done.

Congrats again!! I knew Rose would be happy! She's a saint!!

What a great little Sneak Attack baby. How fun!

Congratulations and good luck!

wow, I miss one day checking the blog and look at what happens...

Tertia - wow, congratulations to you and Marko! And Kate and Adam! And Rose! What awesome news! So happy for all of you.


What an excellent surprise, T! Sending you lots of good wishes for a happy, healthy pregnancy and babe. xxoo

Holy Crap!!!!! I don't read your blog for one day and I miss the biggest news on the entire internet!?!?!

And it's wonderful news too by the way..Congratulations on one spectacular heartbeat and many best wishes on a trouble free pregnancy!!!

I check your blog every day, but post rarely. I just have to tell you that when I read the last few posts my heart started to pound and my stomach had butterflies in it. Nothing but the best of wishes for you and your growing family!

So weird. I just found your blog recently and the day I read about your fear of the m word I said to myself 'that girl is knocked up.' Just last year I was sure I was starting 'm' (I can't spell it so I'm pretending it's funny to use the initial) at 41, and I'm rocking the reason in one arm and typing with the other. The medical community at large tried to scare the hell out of me because of my age but he stuck! I'm willing yours to stick too.

I'm so sorry to burst your bubble, but my husband wasn't overjoyed at all ... we even rowed over it. At the best of times he doesn't like hearing the words, "Guess who's pregnant?" but then to have to feign any sort of interest in me telling him that Tertia - whom he claims he doesn't know- is in the expanded family way, was asking too much. Ah but then a twinkle was in his eye when I continued to explain that hanky panky of the 5th base kind was involved. Tertia - this news may possibly be this years answer to The Thorn Birds (sorry folks but I haven't read a racey novel since my teen years!). I'm chortling now at the thought of all us readers suddenly becoming amorous in the boudoir this month spurned on by the mantra, "It's not an urban myth, it really DID happen to Tertia!".

I think A&K will be very excited once they feel the baby kick.

A friend of mine told me that when she was about 2 and her mom was about to have her sister, they told her that her baby sister would be "her" baby. She was very excited and she wasn't at all jealous because the baby was hers. I thought that was a very smart thing and just thought I'd pass it on.

I'm still in shock, I can only imagine what you're going through. Congratulations.

Welcome to the club! I'm having a surprise baby, too. First one was IVF, now I'm pregnant from...sex. My first reaction was WTF? How? I'm 13w2d today and it still doesn't seem real (it's wonderful, but I feel like I need to go and pay some docs and stick a few needles in my belly for good measure, you know?)

Wow! I just caught up on the news, how wonderful (and surprising) for you! I totally understand the odd fraudulent feelings, since this pregnancy contradicts your childbearing-related self image.

I'm keeping all my bits crosed for you that it works out smoothly for a healthy pregnancy and one (count 'em) healthy baby at the end of it.

I'm just beaming with satisfaction for you. Yes, this is satisfying, in that way that good things and bad things in the world need to balance, and you need to experience an unexpected delight sometimes to counteract everything else. What an unexpected delight for all of us Tertia, your blog readers who have followed you for so long.

I can totally see Marko wandering around the house mumbling, 'Toys...we're going to need toys...must...save...toys...'

BTW, I hear vodka sauce is also very good on babies. In fact, best to keep all pasta sauces away from the baby.

My sister-in-law asked my nephew that same question once. His reply? "I'd rather have a puppy." He turned out to love his little brother, and he did get that puppy a few years later. Adam and Kate will be thrilled with a little one to pick on when the time comes. I still feel like I'm in shock when I read your posts, can't begin to imagine how surreal this all is for you. Really makes me feel like the universe gets it right sometimes, and I really needed that this week.

But good surreal. Awesome surreal, in fact.

Congratulations Tertia! That's the best news I've heard in ages.

Apparently when I was 2 and my first sibling was expected I was asked what I'd like and replied 'a yellow girl or a spotty puppy dog'. I was kind of disappointed when my mother produced a small pink brother. My mum didn't do any better with my other two brothers either - not a spotty puppy dog or girl to be seen. In fact, I remember going off and crying hysterically with disappointment when brother number three was born, although of course, he turned out to be my favourite brother.

still also cannot believe it. take it one day at a time.

Dear Tercia...

First the C word. Congratulations. I've read your blog a couple of months ago. Today a friend posted on a discussion board that you were pregnant. This jawdropping phenomenon deserves a little note. You don't know me. Here is who I am in a nutshell: a baby dreamer, just starting my journey. Your story is very moving and gives me lots of hope. Thank you for posting this. All the way from the other side of the world, in my little town (population 201)...I'll keep reading, so... keep on writing. A prayer for you and your family, the baby... God bless you. Hugs!

Congratulations Tertia. I'm so excited and happy for you. It is going to be so special to experience this pregnancy with you...again, I'm so happy for you

Tertia, I came onto your blog to say CONGRATULATIONS!! for the short listing of your blook. THAT is excellent for you...and all of us. But now...WOW!! Hectic stuff!! So then a Double CONGRATULATIONS!!! All the best for the next stages of both!

Holy crap!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe coming here to your blog will allow some of your luck to rub off on me. ;o)

Golly Tertia - that's heavenly and utterly gob-smacking news. I am beaming with happiness for you.

I'm beaming for you today - you have definitely made my week - my month!

Still flabbergasted. Wow, just wow.

I knew it I knew it I KNEW it! When you posted about your "menopause" symptoms my gut told me you were PG. I went through IF as well and was pregnant with my second baby when my first was just 10 months old and still nursing. I understand your shock and amazement and gratitude and will be praying all goes well.
I'm going to go buy a lotto ticket now and trust my gut on the numbers :-)*

*that comment is in NO way meant to indicate that your chances of conceiving are the same as winning the lotto - blah blah blah - I truly and delighted for you !!!!

Oh Tertia...

I have just read your posts and I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! It is such fantastic, brilliant news.



Wow, I was away for a week and I sure missed alot! Congrats Tertia!

So I miss a couple of days and wow! Hang in there!

Do me a favor, pee on a stick, it just doesn't seem like a pregnant infertile unless you have peed on a shit load of sticks!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!

This is so much fun! For me, anyway. :)

Hey T ...if nothing else, Poop Policeman Adam will fall over himself with joy when he realises how much poop a baby brother or sister will produce!!

:-) :-) :-)


Congratulations, Tertia! Haven't had a ton of time to catch up on your blog lately...I think I may be as surprised as you when I read your news!

they will both be very happy by the time the baby arrives. This will truelly amaze them. and it will be great for your family.

Dang woman! Skip a couple of days reading your blog and you go and get pregnant! What an amazingly wonderful thing. Actually, you are fostering my current fantasy. I have POF and used our one and only frozen embryo to get my son. I keep having this little fantasy that I'll just somehow end up pregnant..LOL. I am so happy for you!

Seriously, I don't read for 2 days and you turn up preggers???? WTF, woman???

What fantastic news. Really, really.

I am a faithful reader of your blog but have been away for a few days, and look what happened - you went and got pg!!!! I am also One Of Those People who after years of infert. treatments, multiple losses, and then blessed success with twins (IVF#5) I got pg again by having old fashioned sex, so I know pretty well how you're feeling right now (though I didn't write a bloody book on being infertile, lol!).

My girls were 2 when my son was born, so similar ages too... hold on to your hat - you're in for a wild ride!!!

Most sincere and deepest congrats... I hope you have a textbook, problem free, downright BORING pregnancy!

Wait until Kate and Adam tell you to "put it back" when the baby is born, or say loudly "The Baby's tired. Put her (him) to bed NOW" (5 minutes after they just woke up). Then you take a sneaky look at them chatting to bub, making them laugh, cuddling them, handing them filthy, dirty, inappropriate toys from the floor with a loving smile.

So happy for you!

I have 3 kids each 26 months apart and it's a FABULOUS spread/ They are great buds. Shouldnt have it any other way!

Jesus Tertia! I go away for a few days and you went and got knocked up!

Crossing my fingers for 40+ weeks of a healthy pregnancy resulting in a beautiful baby! This is great news!

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