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Yes - we do have to spell it out for them. And they are so grateful when we spell it out instead of expecting them to intuit how we feel. Emotional intuition is not a standard part in the penis kit.

I thought you were just trying to get rid of him there for a moment...

Ah, sorry about the breakdown. Yes, men need it spelled out.

Um, I am the DIY woman in our house. I just finished repainting the girls' playhouse and I greased a sticky door latch. I don't trust my DH to do it. He's one of those who tries... but...

Glad to hear he finaly caught on that you needed a little TLC. And that you had the breacdown, sorry I know it sound funny, but you needed it and now you can start bulding back up from ground floor. Tommorow is monday, a new week, a new beginning take it on with bouth hands, with your wonderfull children on your left and your DH on your right, where they belong. Then look this horred world in the eye and say "F#$k you, i'm going on!"

Hold on if any thing els it can only get better (god knows it can't get worse) XOX

I too am the DIY guy in our house, give me a hammer or some wood varnish and I'm your man, er, girl. And if i can't do it myself, I call my baby brother or the handyman. It's not that I dont trust Paul, it's just that I prefer him to be calm and serene as apposed to frustrated and cursing.

I am so glad Marko is being more understanding! Sometimes they just need a kick in the pants.

Ummm, well, just wondering: Are we by any chance sharing the same husband? He calls himself Marc in my household... *bg*

I'm so glad to hear he finally got the message and is treating you more compassionately now. How are you feeling today?

Gina is right. I am DIYC (DIY Challenged). I am ok with lightbulbs (although I did almost destroy the last light fitting I tried to sort out) mostly because they are mostly idiot free and I feel really impressed with myself when I change the lightbulb and it works. The last time I tried something major (putting up a curtain railing) it didn't go so well and we brought in a guy with the DIY gene to fix it all up.

Tertia, hold on to that DIY man. DIY people are like ..., well, they are really valuable people to have around.

Ha ha ha ha ha

"He can do it, really well. Plus he has a really big toolbox."
ha ha ha ha ha ha. You wrote it that way on purpose, right? ha ha ha ha ha ha........

Seriously, you lucked out in the DIY department. My DH can change an incandescent bulb, but gets lost on halogens. It beats me how he can ever hold his head up high.

Men don't get it until there's tears and snot.

I have the toolbox in this house. Heh heh. I own a sander and a drill and a jigsaw, and lots of hammers and screwdrivers and wrenches and stuff. My husband sometimes ventures in there and takes my hammer out to bash some ice to put the beer in, and doesn't put it back, and I get really, really annoyed.

Never mess with a WOMAN's tools.

I loan my dh out too. I'm pretty sure it annoys him. Right now he's helping a friend re-side his entire house. And then my Mom needs him to come out and fix her TV and cut and split the wood from 3 trees she had cut down. She didn't want to pay the tree guys to clean up the mess, but dh refused to drop the trees since they were practically on top of her house.

Oh how funny - was reading your post and thinking of Bob the Builder!!! HAHAHAHA

I am a man who can't dop the DIY stuff.

When we were building our house, my wife and I were sanding windows one weekend, on the Monday the builder pointed at the second hand windows I'd so painfully sanded and stained and asked my wife, "Did Daniel do that?"

To her response he said, "He isn't allowed to do it anymore".

There's nothing like the feeling you get after you have finished building your twins' cribs while 7 months pregnant!!!! Do you know how hard it is turn a teeny, tiny Allen wrench when you have pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel?
Who says we are the weaker sex?????????

careful or you'll find yourself in the "wendy" role..."marko's building yard! how can we help you?" answering phones and fetching cups of tea and the like, and scooping pilchard poo. so not you, tee.

how is the goopy eye??


Oh how sad, I have to come to Wendy's defence here - she may answer the phone, but she wields a pretty mean tool herself!

I've been on my own a lot and learn how to do a lot of "emergency" repairs, and I can work my way around the computer and hooking up the TV and sound system quite well. But I can't build anything. DH is....OK....but he's no Bob! (or Marko...or Tertia...)

Just bought my daughter a very cool (real) pink tool set - pink screwdrivers, tape measure, spanner etc. She loves it!

Oh and PS, I'm REALLY good at putting Ikea stuff together. DH swears and breaks things and refuses to look at the instructions.

I've become helpless since getting married. It just snuck up on me. All of a sudden one day, I realized I'd been driving around with a burnt out headlight and a replacement on the seat for 2 weeks because Hub was out of town. Couldn't for the life of me think why I hadn't just popped it in myself.

1. Yes, we DO have to spell it out for them -- dunno why, it's just their nature. Gotta hit them over the head for them to notice.

2. I have quite a few projects that need to be done around the house/yard. Send him to California, k.....

Can you send him to Noordhoek? He's going to have to stay for a VERY long time though...

Here's a hint as to how things work in our household: the last major purchase I made that I got really excited about was my drill kit. It came with 15 drill bits, a fancy worklight that bends, two huge batteries and a bonus palm sander. I was extra excited that my old screwdriver bits fit my drill perfectly.

My husband just bought a machine that had him drooling, ooh-ing and going nuts to use it. "It" was a Kitchen Aid mixer. It has 2 or 3 blade-thingies, a little bowl for, something, a flat thing and the sucker takes up a huge amount of space on our kitchen counter and the accessories take up a huge amount of space in our cupboard.

'nuff said.

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