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"CapeTown Wankers sing their song,
Doo-dah, doo-dah..."

Sorry. The devil made me do it. LOL
(if you don't have that song in SA, it is an old American song about horseracing that is often used in cartoons, etc.)

With your cartoon, are you not concerned that your volunteers may be expecting a different receptacle for deposit than is traditionally used?

Wouldn't want a bunch of indignant men at the clinic!

tee, you state that the fertility clinic is looking for a "helping hand" and sperm donors....can you clarify just where the hands come in, please? and whose hands?
xo tess

Thanks for the pic! We just got hubby's sperm results back and are a bit down... 3% morphology! At least we can still laugh...

How can I became a donor
Cell:078 350 4890

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