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This is a very different scenario but when I started playing league softball, I was the baby and I always played with women older than me. Like I was 17 and they were in their early 20's....then as time went on, I changed teams a few times and I started to be 20 and the new girls were still just 30 and then....when I was 22, they got this girl that was 17 to play with us...that was my last year, I felt so old...I'm 38 and er...22 was an awesome age!

I can so relate. I woke up one day quite some time ago and realised it had already happened. In my last job, I had to report to a 21 year old! And I had just turned 40! It was pretty unbearable, I can tell you.

I remember the first time I had a teacher who was younger than I was (I was only 22, but he was an undergrad T.A. for my Chinese program) and the first time I had a doctor who was younger (in graduate school at the campus clinic). I'm almost 41, but I haven't hit the younger boss milestone yet.

40 in 2 months and cannot get my head around it. I didn't know that my parents probably felt the same as I do now when they were 40. I hate this ageing bullshit and don't get me started on the infertility please!

Since I've changed careers so many times, I often have bosses who are younger than me. It's weird, very weird.

And watch what you say about being 40. Some of us have that milestone pretty far back in our rear view mirrors now.

Know what you mean!
I hired a girl who was younger than me by 7 years. I was her boss! I then moved on.She left 6 months later and opened an office (unrelated) and hired me! She is now my boss! Eeeek!

I started working in a professional environment as a student intern at 19. Now I've been here 13 (gasp!) years and find I'm being lapped by people younger than I am. I used to be an up-and-comer, fast-tracked, and constantly told I was giong places, was an asset, etc.

I went PT when I had my daughter 3 1/2 years ago and everything now moves in slow motion. Younger colleagues who haven't had kids yet are now in management positions while I still sit here trying to find a position that will allow me the balance I now know I value so much. *sigh*

It's been hard giving up being the "golden one" but I look back and still wouldn't change a thing.

It's so hard to be in that position. I'm definitely slowing down on the career track now that I have a kid and am back at work. But I guess we all just have to assess our priorities and do what's best for us. I wouldn't trade my days of with my son for the best project at work for anything!

I have had the good fortune to work in the internet biz where, when I was 41 my boss was 26. Seriously. Everyone was ecstatic when he turned 27 because that is a more respectable age for a CEO. My current boss is a mere 6 or 7 years younger than me.

I also chose to forgo the big career in favor of motherhood and I don't regret for a second. Even now with the kids grown and gone I don't want to spend all of time socializing with people related to my job nor do I want to live out of hotels so that I can 'be on the ground' and 'press the flesh' with the customers, etc. I'd like the money of a higher position but money isn't everything, now is it?

Just found your fabu-lous blog!! Wow, I may have to stay up all night reading it!! You are so honest and so funny....my kids are a bit older (though a boy and a girl 7 1/2 and 4 1/2) but still....great, great blog!!! I am a working Mom too, and please do not get me started...reason for starting own business was the glass ceiling. I blog too, blah blah blah - sure you hear that all the time. Anyway - congrats, love your blog!!
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Did you not use the wrong title, should it not read The Aging Workface???


Know the feeling - I am 35 tomorrow, direct supervisor is 26 and big boss is 31!

My last boss was six months younger than me (I'm 39) - I hated it, largely because I went to uni with him (he was the year behind me). He was a great boss, I just couldn't get the younger than thing out of my head. I think it would be easier if you didn't know them as an 18 year old.

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