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First time commenting here, but I wanted to tell you to try baby oil, or even olive oil, to get te sticky stuff off. And love your blog!

Most drug stores sell adhesive remover. It is used in hospitals to remove bandage residue from patients. Sorry this week has been so awful, hopefully things will get better.

Another first time delurker chiming in with a vote for oil.

Also. Aout your crummy week. I'm so very very sorry.

Nog 'n Kaapenaar hier - although I'm now in the US.

Another first time delurker chiming in with a vote for oil.

Also. About your crummy week. I'm so very, very sorry.

Nog 'n Kaapenaar hier - although I'm now in the US.

Dischem sells the adhesive remover, works like a charm, not sure if its safe to use around the eyes though???

As for the shitty week, Sunday is the first day of the week so heres hoping that tomorrow marks the beginning of a better week.

Maybe a hot, wet face cloth on your face for a bit? If it does nothing for the adhesive, it might still feel nice?

I'm the same way with tape. Ask them to use paper tape whenever possible, it's gentler on the skin. Rubbing alcohol will remove the adhesive, but I wouldn't try that near your eyes.

I have to say rubbing alcohol, it works very well at getting that left over tape glue off. As Jenn said, just be careful near the eyes, you might want to use a cotton swab instead of a cotton ball.

Oil is fantastic for removing any sort of adhesive, or an oily eye make up remover.

Please don't put alcohol near your eye or anything strong!

You've had a truly, truly horrible week. You must feel like a punching bag. I hope next week is kinder.

Seconding the baby oil. Cetaphil if that doesn't work (if they have that in SA).

Alcholhol, either rubbing or swabs will take the sticky off. But hey, you might also want to try vodka, lol

You can use eye make-up remover for the remaining adhesive... we did it all the time in theatre. Baby oil works well, too. Wouldn't suggest alcohol just in case you get jarred at the wrong moment. :-)

Sorry, but anything other than rubbing alcohol is just masochism. Trust me--the commercial adhesive removers often say not to use on delicate skin or babies, and when I had the baby who had to be swathed with tape twice a day I tried everything...the most effective and non-damaging one is the isopropyl rubbing alcohol. You can go with the lower percentage. Just, of course, be careful with your eyes--since it does give off fumes you may want to do one while it is closed and you look with the other and vice versa--I wouldn't try and have anyone else (ESPECIALLY that Marko bum) do it, because they probably won't get it all or know how hard to press anyway. What fun for you :-(

You have had a bad week.

The kind of week you look back on years later and say, "Oh my GOD that was a bad week!"

This too will pass. That which does not kill us makes us stronger (or as my SIL says, maims us for life. Whatever.)

Nothing like pretending that your big toes doesnt hurt like HELL !!! This is going to be a good week......... OR ELSE !!!!!!

I really hope this coming week sucks a whole lot less.

The oil in peanut butter also dissolves that kind of glue (as well as tar for in case you ever drive over a freshly tarred road).
Try not to get it in your eye though...it could still get pretty unpleasant I think.

Well, you have plenty of assvice on the sticky eye...just wanted to say that if your toe doesn't feel better soon, get an x-ray, you could have a fracture in a bone in your foot, or any of the toe bones.

After years of IF and estrogen highs and lows, I have been gifted with osteoporosis :( , and have had mutiple broken toes, and broken my tailbone twice. They can't cast a toe but they can cast a foot, but if you use your foot too much or it heals incorrectly it could cause more problems later. So put your foot up and relax.

And when you feel better schedule a bone density scan, and take some calcium! A&K need a healthy strong mum for the next 20 years. Take care of yourself my dear.

Rubbing alcohol takes the tape off of body parts (arms etc) just be careful around the eyes.

OMG the little toe is the worst! Broke mine years ago on xmas. Been thinking of you a lot, these damn arms just won't reach from N Royalton Ohio to Cape Town but I've been trying to get a hug to you! Take care my friend. Love you T!

Oh Tertia my dear - I'm so sorry what a shitty past few days you've had. I've been out of the loop since your poop patrol mission, so have missed quite a bit. There are no words to express my deepest sympathy - so please know I'll be holding you in my heart.

You need to take a vacation. A long, long vacation. Someplace lovely where they serve drinks in coconuts with little umbrellas and you can sleep in your own bed with 500,000 thread count sheets.

I think your hair looks beautiful - - almost as nice as your toenails!

Oh fuck, Tertia... just catching up and so sad to see your news. I wish I had a clue why life throws those wicked punches out of the blue. Thinking of you.

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