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Yeah, a bad sale will kill any buzz you might have had.

Better luck next go around, right?

I've had that experience too, with the wonderful sale that wasn't.

Slap me now, because I'm going to offer some assvice. You shouldn't kill yourself finding exactly the food your kids want. If they're hungry they'll eat what you give them. If they skip a meal here and there they won't starve, believe me. I've seen the ever-tightening spiral of the parent trying to give the kid what he will eat, and it ain't pretty.

I know you said that it isn't the same as Woolworths in the US but you can buy clothes and food at the same place? I guess there are a few places you can do that here but not produce, just cans and boxes of things, maybe a small refrigerator with milk. Certainly not upscale places (not that I would know upscale.) Interesting. I have to get to So. Africa one of these days.

Sorry to hear about your disappointing trip. Trying to find a silver lining... good practice? Exercise for your credit card? Some quiet time out of the house with your mom and sister? Better luck next time!

Oh Tertia, I sympathize! LOVE and miss Woolies so much. When we were visiting in January '06, I managed to get a gorgeous batik wrap-around skirt and a beautifully fitting long denim skirt off the sale racks at W. Also bought a crisp white, 100% cotton work shirt with a very subtle pin stripe woven into it. That wasn't on the sale rack but it was worth what I paid and I figured, hey, how often am I in Woolies?! I get so many compliments on the batik skirt and white shirt. Sounds stupid but I swear I can't find a store in North America that sells clothes that fit me like Woolies clothes do! I think the love affair started with the cute little Woolies panty-and-pajama sets I got for Christmas as a little girl :-)

There used to be a store here, Foley's, that had shoe sales in March & October. All the shoes in Texas got sent to MY store for a major clearance 80% off designer and brand name shoes sale. I LIVED for those sales.
The store got moved to a new mall and they quit having those sales. My life has never been the same.

Here in the UK Woolies sounds a lot like Marks and Spencer. Certainly not like our Woolies, which I always find disappointing. M & S do great clothes, especially knickers and pyjamas. The sale isn't that good , but you can get the basics there for a good price (i.e.cheap).
We have a shop here called Next, which has an amazing Sale culture. The shop shuts the day before the sal and then opens on Sale day at 6am. You can't try anything on and it is madness, elbows everywhere. I should really go there to buy ahead for my daughter, but I find eBay so much more relaxing! My daughter is 19 months old now and I have bought all of her clothes in bundles from eBay. I have clothes up to age 3 and I recon in total it has cost me £350 for everything. I obviously buy new vests and pyjamas, shoes and the odd special occasion outfit new, but I save so much on eBay.
I am obviously not a real woman as I HATE shopping. Good luck for the next sale, only 6 months to go!

I really miss Woolies, Marks and Spencer’s is not quite the same. I especially miss the Woolies Cafe their toasted sandwiches are just divine! England is totally hopeless at making a divine toasted sandwich or toasty, Starbucks pannins are about as close as you can get, and they are a pitiful compromise. Sorry the Woolies sale was disappointing; I remember Woolies sales were always manic! Like one giant rugby scrum. Enjoy that yummy Woolies food; we only live on Marks & Spencer and Waitrose (a bit posh UK supermarket). A bit pricey but worth it. You got my vote for SA Blog awards 07, good luck.

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