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Wow! Can't believe I'm the first person to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Should presumably help in international publication too. That's just too cool. Well done you.

Congratulations! You know I adore your book, and am so proud that you took the time to write and share it with us.

Am off to see what I can get for autographed copy of Lulu Blooker Prize Finalist's book on ebay!

(Not to worry, would never part with it. Well, unless it would garner a lot - then I would ask for another from you, as mine was helplessly lost in tragic event.)


Congratulations, and Good Luck!

You rock, Tertia! Congratulations!

YAY!!! I knew you had it in you!! Tertia, the day I started reading you I knew I was in the presence of someone on an upward path. Not that I would wish that particular path on anyone, but just LOOK what you have to show for it! Finally, one of us made it. : )

I'm so proud of you.


Congrats!!!! That's so exciting. I can't wait to read it.

Congratulations T! :-)

You deserve the nomination, and you deserve to win as much as the next genius!

Millie ...

The book is amazing. I bought it via Kalahari and had it shipped to NZ (pricey, but beyond worth it - I think the book cost me about NZ$20 and the shipping about NZ$40!). They delivered really quickly, and my husband has even been reading it as well. It's been good for him because it's infertility through someone else's eyes, not just as we are experiencing it, and he can see that it's not just me being an emotional spaz ...women all over the place experience the same horrendous ups, downs, and tragedies. It's quite funny ...I have said for the last 2 years of infertility that dealing with it is like starting down the barrel of a gun, and a couple of weeks ago he yells out completely randomly from the lounge when I thought he was playing xbox ..."Hey! Tertia says that thing too!!" ...apparently that legitimises the expression. Sigh! Tertia? Can you tell my husband that I absolutely, really need a new pair of shoes? I'm sure he'll say yes if you tell him ... :-)

Congrats!! and best of luck to you :)

Congrats, you're a superstar. Don't discount yourself, you have a great story...

That's wonderful. Wow, life has been good lately, hasn't it? You deserve it, enjoy it.


Ha Ha be off spider. So cool hope little baby continues to make you puke.

Love Cass

Hey Tertia - a big well done on the nomination - having read your mail about nagging SA'ers at Wired Gecko, I wanted to personally say that you are a South African Peak'er!

Keep it up, keep it going, and most of all, enjoy it!

Tertia is amazing. She is a good example of many of the good things about SA and it is a profound honour to blog about her ... (and no, she didn't pay me for that and I am only going a teensy bit overboard with my comment). Of course she is absolutely right about people tending to focus on the negative and forgetting about all the good stuff. Like Tertia. And me of course.

Congratulations T! "It is an honour just to be nominated..." ;)

Wow, that IS wonderful!!! Things just get better and better! Your karma is clearly on an upswing.

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