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Sadly, I would use the 20 000 to pay off our car, and then use the rest for a trip somewhere.

I can never stop being practical, it seems, and have no need of jewelery or boobs!


I just had a c-section 4 weeks ago. Surgery doesn't seem all that fun right now. I'd take the ring!!!

Um...what kind of currency are we talking here?

For 20K US money...I could get all three!

I'd start with the boob job.

Melissa in TN: yes, maybe you just had a c-section....chances are you've still got giganta-tatas from the baby!

My little man is 17 months old now...I've got saggy-droopy-mom-boobs!

So, I'd get the boobs.
After that...I'd use the boobs to get a good deal on a tennis bracelet! ...if I work it right, he (the jeweler) just might throw in a ring!


I'd get a ring with about $5,000 of it and spend the rest on travel. I think tennis bracelets are silly and I don't need new boobs. Well, ok, maybe a boob lift, yes, definitely a boob lift is in order.


After 30 months of breastfeeding, god knows I need them.

I've promised myself that once I have completely given up the idea that I might need my boobs again to breastfeed for a couple of months (hope springs eternal), I am getting my boobs lifted - AND - getting the nipples made smaller. I do dislike the fact that I'm left with nipples much larger than I'd like - although I've always felt a bit self conscious about their size.

T, did those girls give you the name of their doctor and clinic? I may well email you for the info!!!

I didn't hesitate either and said the same thing as you. I only have a little while longer that something like gorgeous boobs will even matter (I'm 1 year older than you), so I'd like to milk them for what they're worth (HAHAHHAAAAAA! "milk them" I crack me up) before I'm ancient.

Eh, if we have money when we're old we can get diamonds. If we don't no biggie.

Well, my wedding ring is pretty nice, and I already have a tennis bracelet (that I never wear) but I don't need new boobs, not yet anyway.

Huh, it seems as though we are married to the same man. My husband is also a slut for a label, and I hate nothing more than (a) to have someone else's named stamped all over my belongings and (b) to pay through the nose for the privilege. I always want to pay less (or not buy it at all - I can always think of a reason we don't need something) and he always wants to know who makes it.

And for the record, I'd use the money for some serious lipo on my butt.

Boobs. Definitely.

Because they look great with whatever you're wearing. Or not. ;-)

I would not wear diamonds because they have negative associations for me (make me think of exploited mineworkers), and I've always been pretty indifferent to my boobs and those of other women. (I look at my & other women's boobs less than any other body part, isn't that odd? I'm more concerned about / jealous of every single other body part. Somehow boobs just aren't on my list of things to worry about.) But I would take a tummy tuck in a heartbeat. Isn't it funny the different things we obsess about?

None of the above. Instead, great vacation, nice things for the house (e.g., ridiculously expensive bed sheets and knives), extra pairs of my favorite shoes in other colors, and savings account/investments.

Boobs. Hands down.

I long for the days when they were both the same size. . .

Hmm, that's about £1500, which would get me a newer car, so maybe a car?

It wouldn't buy me the diamond ring I want (which costs about 4x that) but I'd go with diamond ring.

Got the nicer ring for my 10yr anniversary (not anything too crazy expensive, but 10x the cost of my original engagement ring--we were young and broke).

Have a few nice bracelets from when we were younger and had more money (as you said, pre-kids)--and I find right now that jewelry is too much of an enticement for Miss P and with Girly #2 on the way, I won't be wearing much jewelry for few years.

Boobs... Hmm. I had always said that I wanted big, huge watermelon boobs, but now I just don't know. Lipo on my ass and thighs, a tummy tuck, and a upper arm job--way more than 20,000 Rand--but that's the way I'd spend it.

Or blow it on a fab vacation and let my fat ass do it's own thing!

I am an extremely practical person and only recently started dressing very nice and wearing makeup, but after two kids, I'd choose the boob job, hands down. I keep telling my husband I am a Saggie Aggie and he keeps telling me I look lovely, but I know he's just being polite.

I clicked "diamond ring" (elective surgery? No thanks...), but I would probably use the $20K to clear up some debts or pay down or mortgage or something REALLY lame.

Given that I had an enormous diamond with my first wedding, I have to say the thought that I was wearing that much money on my hand made me nervous and a little sick. For my second wedding, I insisted on no diamonds or stones. I have a 1mm thick gold band and it is my favorite piece of jewelry by far. Plus, I can garden with it on and not worry about losing any type of stone in the soil.

And the boobs, well I have way too much boob to begin with. I know that for a person who has less boob, the idea of getting a reduction seems insane. But, I would definitely choose a nice reduction to a cute B that doesn't require wires, 5 clasps, or 3 inch shoulder straps. That would definitely be worth the money spent, no doubt.

IF those are my only choices, I might take the boobs, but I wonder about my vanity when I say that!

Well, I've already got the boobs so I guess I'd take the cash and get some Botox and a chemical peel? :)

Got the boobs last year after having twins and a big weight loss. Best.thing.ever. I absolutely love them. They make me feel feminine and sexy and really balance out my figure. I'm 37 and am more happy with my body now then when I was 20. Oh the power of gorgeous boobs.

Am pregnant now and plan to bf, so who knows what the boobs will look like. But pre-preg, I would have gone for a tummy tuck and a tush lift. Post-preg, I'd likely say the same thing.

Ok, love, you left out the most important detail of all: who was their plastic surgeon? Capetonian? Not that I am overly interested or anything... Just wondering...

I voted for boobs, but I'd really like a tummy tuck with a little liposuction in other areas. Also, a little eye lift. Not greedy huh? (and vain!)

The boobs, definitley. Diamonds are an enormous waste of money and I get too stressed out about wearing them. What if I lose it? I'd just be sick! Pretty sure I wouldn't lose my boobs.

Truthfully, I don't want any of those things. I have a decent diamond, I don't wear bracelets and don't like tennis bracelets in particular, and I'm so used to my big saggy boobs I don't really care to go perky anymore.

But if I had 20K, I'm do over my kitchen in about a second. What I really want is a new washer and dryer, a new dishwasher, a better stove, and new cabinets.

The kitchen whore

Got the ring, had the boob job.

Guess that leaves the tennis bracelet.

I'm okay with that.

Boobs! Already did it going on 4 years ago. Mind you, i had a reduction and a lift. They are still huge (34DD) but the stand up on their own.

Definitely the ring. As an LC, my life is all about what boobs can do, not how they look. My saggy, droopy, barely-A's did their job brilliantly, and a push-up bra takes care of the rest.

The Prada sunglasses made me laugh. My very anti-label husband recently bought a pair of Prada (not-sun) glasses. I was shocked. They are black and silver and very stylish. However, he did use a marker to black out the silver "Prada" stamped on each arm! Funny guy.

Well, I really do like my engagement ring and it is 1 carat, so it would be selfish to ask for more. I still like my boobs (ask me after I bfeed baby #2 and I may change my mind) so I don't need those right now, so I said tennis bracelet.

What I'd REALLY do with it is liposuction and tummy tuck to get rid of the pooch I've got from pg and c/s and get rid of this tributary map of stretchmarks I'm riddled with. (All worth it of course, but if I HAVE to spend the money...)

I would so love to have boobs...but after wanting them for so long, I know I'd end up looking like an old crackho wandering around the mall in a skanky spandex top. And as soon as I got boobs, I'd have to have a nose job, then veneers, then a tummy tuck and an ass lift so on and so on and the next thing you know, I'd be Joan Rivers.

Holy cow - I just spent 4 months on antibiotics because my body rejected a silicone implant. And yet? I'd still have to say boobs. But maybe boobs that attach with velcro from the outside or something.

And that just sounded wrong, didn't it. I'm sorry. It's not that boobs are so great, and I hear they feel like crap, but I already have a ring and a bracelet and they are sitting at the top of the closet. Whilst my boobs are sitting around my belt buckle.

Once I'm done nursing for good (in a year, give or take), I'd love to get the boobs lifted. Nothing added. Oh hell no. I'm nearly a D cup right now and I hate it. I want my perky A cups back. (After two kids, a tummy tuck wouldn't be out of line either.)

Plus. I don't even know what a tennis bracelet is.

Boobs, without a doubt. Plus a tummy tuck and maybe an eye job. I think about it all the time.

I would be begging for labia reconstruction. My only desire is to look like a 15-year old virgin for my husband, so he doesn't leave me for a 12-year old virgin.

Boobs! Mine were gi-normous to begin with, so let's shrink 'em a bit and I also like the idea of a nipple-ectomy. Not remove them completely, but make them a bit smaller. I'm aiming for a "C" cup. That sounds good. ;-)

I'd go for veneers on my teeth. My mother, an extremely practical woman who barely comprehends the concept of vanity, even considered getting them for me when I was a teen. My teeth are straight and they're not stained, but my bone disease means they're slightly naturally yellow and also rather fragile.

Although I won't say that since I moved to Arizona, I haven't considered whether I want boobs like all the other girls here have. Ask me when I'm not 26 anymore, and I might take the boobs.

If I HAD to pick one of the three (I would rather use the money to pay down debt or buy a house, I'm totally practical as well) I would definitely choose the ring.

Tennis bracelets are definitely not my style and fake boobs... eh, I like mine!

But a nice, simple, maybe antique diamond ring, THAT'S something I could excited about!

I'd take the boob job in a heartbeat. But it'd be a reduction. My boobs are enormous (bigger than Rose's were!) and by back has been aching for 10 years now. Given a large chunk of money, that's where it'd go.

Otherwise, probably the bracelet.

20,000 ZAR or Rand is about $2800 US and I would for sure choose to get my boobs reduced and tacked back up where they should be, given the opportunity. But with the lingering MRSA, elective surgery isn't something I will be having anytime soon or likely ever, sadly.

I chose boobs on the poll because it was closest to my actual choice which would be tummy tuck. I don't care about the jewelry, what I really want is a flat tummy again. *sigh*

At first I thought, "none of the above!" See? I am even more frugal than before.

But then I got ready to take a shower.

And my boobs are about to tickle my belly button.

Damn children (kidding!)!

Order me up a boob job. I'd like to look less neanderthalish now!

Orange gave my answer!

If I HAD to choose one of the above, I suppose I'd choose a ring.

My first thought was "why isn't there a non of the above choice". I've got no issues with my boobs, although after 3 kids they aren't nearly as perky as they once were. I'm not huge on flashy jewelry, I'd rather have stuff that means something. I'm not big on outdoing the next person by having a bigger ring or flashier bracelet.
I would however LOVE to get a hottub, so I guess I'd take the jewelry and sell it to get the hottub.

None of the above. I'd be really really boring and pay it off the mortgage.

I'm loving that you asked to see the boobs!

My breasts are small but doing OK, and I scar like a bitch so I'd probably say the ring. But um, what's tennis bracelet?

Definately the boobs! That is the first thing I am buying myself when I start working again. My boobs used to look like perky apples. Two kids later and they look like shriveled prunes. What's more, is that my boobs and my knees have become best friends. The time has come to put and end to that friendship!

Hmm, my boobs look great (upstanding all on their own!) - at 44!! And I tend not to wear jewellery - oh, just give me the money, I will put it towards a new car!

Boobs. Just did it. LOVE it. 3 kids and 3 years of bfeeding...I earned my new girls and I love them. I'm like you, I don't like to spend money, and I felt ill for a good month for spending it on something so frivilous. BUT, now that they are all settled and nice and beautiful, I'm thrilled.

Boobs. Boobs all the way.

Boobs, boobs,boobs!!!!!!!!!!!

Definately the boobs! I was an A-cup pre-kids, and am SMALLER now, with no ... perkiness? to them. Sad state I'm in. My belly sticks out further than my boobs. I love jewellry, but most of the time it sits in my jewellry box, boobs are there everytime you turn around.

The tennis bracelet! I already have a nice ring and I'm quite happy with my B-cup. A new pair of beautiful boobs wouldn't go with the rest of my saggy body either. ;-)

BOOBS - mine are way too friendly with my belly button. But they are plenty big - if they get any bigger I'll have to special order my bras. So hoist em back up where they belong and a bit of reshaping please.

Well I never thought I had huge boobs, but apparently last night the boyfriend spoke with a lady he works with... whom I met for the first time last weekend. And she told him how I had freaking huge knockers. I disagree with the "freaking huge" but ok, that made me feel pretty good about myself. So, I will bypass boobs in favor of my own (of course, ask me in ten years) and I'll take the ring.

After nursing for close to 2 years, then losing 45 lbs. my boobs are so sorry looking. I can't stand it. Its like someone took mine and left these pitiful little things in their place. Even my 3 year old said to me the other day "Mommy your boobies look different". Thanks baby, Mommy needed that.

So yea, give me the boob job.

Can I tell you a secret? I have naturally great boobs. They're just the right size, round, well-shaped and perky (at almost 38). Everyone that sees them naked immediately remarks "wow! you have great boobs!" The only problem is that I'm not a big wearer of revealing clothing, so really the only one that appreciates them on a daily basis is my husband. Lucky bastard.

So, I'd spend the $$$ or another round of IVF. Sigh. Maybe if the IVF works one of these times, I'll have occasion to worry about my boobs.

Boobs. And I'd save up extra and have the tummy tuck and some botox.
Than I'd start saving for the facelift I know I'm going to want in another 20 years.

Well, if "none of the above" really isn't an option (I don't wear jewelry - too lazy to remember to put it on in the mornings! - and my boobs are tiny and I like them that way), I guess I'd take the ring, which would then wind up sitting in my jewelry box 98% of the time. I like the look of rings, though my SO would probably kill me if I wasted her 20,000 bucks like that! But then again we both know I'd rather she buy me a trip to England or a new car with that cash anyway :).

Botox and laser. I'm waiting until I hit 40, but I told the hubby to start saving the dough. Tis not a dream, it will be a reality.

I could go for a little butt liposuction to get off my remaining cellulite, but no on the new boobs. My knockers are fabulous.

For $20K, I'd say the bracelet. A $20K US ring would be way too big and gaudy for my taste.

Boobs hands down! There isn't much there but it went south and I think for $20,000 I could get some of the new veneers they out too. Forget the diamonds!

I'm not a diamond fan-but love emeralds, rubies (lab, much nicer red) and sapphires- so a ring in one of those! (Yeah, I love rings).
Boobs are decent- could be lifted and evened out some, but I'd rather have jewelry:-)

BOOBS!!! I have a nce diamond and who cares about a tennis bracelet...not me. BOOBS BOOB BOOBS for me please! I have saggy big ones and I have only breastfed one baby so far .

i actually have perky boobs! not very big, but i wouldn't want them a bit different -- i love my boobs!

i *am* getting a ring -- our 20th is coming up, and i'm making my partner get me a ring. her eyes bugged out when i showed her the one i wanted -- not because she is opposed to spending that much money, but because she can't believe i want it. but i do! i love this ring. and probably relatively speaking, it's a cheap ring -- about $1000, it comes to almost exactly $1 a week for each week of our relationship -- but it once was the very last thing i would spend $1000 on.

go figure, but i want that ring!

After nursing one babe and soon another, I answer BOOBS. Never, until mine deflated like week old party balloons, would I have said that before having children. Now? Definitely boobs. I miss them.

Tennis bracelets are soooooooooooooooo 1990. I'm single, so, no need for a diamond ring.
I'd have to vote for boobs by default.

I wouldn't take any of those options. I would take the money and save it, probably, or if forced to take one of the options, I'd choose the jewelry so I could sell it. (It's a very boring answer, but I'm a very practical person!)

I don't like jewelry, so both the ring and the bracelet are out. And as for the surgery... I don't think I could have "unnecessary" surgery and feel good about myself. It seems too wasteful, especially when money could be better spent on other people. I feel the same way about things like tooth-whitening: people are starving elsewhere, and I'm concerned about the color of my TEETH?

Guess I'm just too practical!

Gotta say I'd go with the ring. I'd love to be able to pass something like that on to my girls so that they could be one of those girls with the insane rock, and they could have it no matter what the person they fell for did (read:he/she could be poor...I know the he/she thing might be weird, but with my luck one of them would find this comment down the line and say: You always wanted me to be such and such....welcome to my neurosis)

I hope you get your boobs.

None of the above. I'm just not interested in plastic surgery (yuck) or jewellery. I'd use the money for a family trip, or more likely invest it to help pay for the kids' university.

NONE OF ABOVE!!! I rather spend the money to travel to another country with my family for a month-long vacation. :-)

I'm one of those girls who inherited the enormous rock. So that's a good option. Your daughters will thank you.

We're moving to Israel, so I'd spend the money that way, but if I had to pick something, I'd go for a boobectomy. I have big ol tatas (probably DD if I'm honest with myself, which I am not), and I assure you they have never been perky. I could do with a nice standuppy B or C, but I'm only 28 and haven't had the kiddos yet (check out my IF blog if it applies to you too), so it would have to wait until I hopefully get knocked up and breastfeed.

Yay, love all these fellow "shallow" readers. I also love my 275 size silicon boobs. I often feel I have to defend my decision to have my fake boobs and also the reason why I am not ashamed that I have had them sorted. (I tell everyone) I nursed 3 kids and I am slim. Having saggy empty boobs made me feel hideous. I wore a bra under my nightie and I was terrified my husband would touch my spaniel ears during sex. Now that I've had them done I feel gorg and have a relatively nice bod. But, as a word of warning..... if you are slim then they put the implant under the muscle so it doesn't look too fake. It is so CRAP sore I wanted to die. I am not a wuss, I have had 3 natural childbirths and pushed out a 4.2kg baby (maybe have to do my fan next?) and this was much more painful.
But, still worth it!
Just do it, hurry up.

I would want the boob job. The size I have is fine but I want perky ones again. I would love them to be lifted. Then use anything left for a ring

Wow, I'm really surprised at all the people picking boobs. Personally, I find breast implants really ugly. Over inflated water balloons on a skinny girl's chest - yuck! They never look like nicely shaped breasts to me, they look like fake implants. What is the appeal? Yet they are so popular we don't know what normal is anymore when it comes to breasts. Big breasts are not what our culture finds attractive (because they sag!) - it is breast implants that have become the standard of beauty.

Plus, don't they have to be replaced every 10 years at least? Why would you want to put yourself through multiple surgeries as you get older because your fake boobs are leaking?

Don't see "Another IVF cycle" or "Adoption" on the list. *sigh*

Life is so hard in the "struggling to have children" phase and the "grieving 4 dead babies" phase. I know you've been there.

I guess it's nice to see life gets back to some semblence of normal once you arrive. That you can actually think about things like diamonds and boobs. That you're whole entire world doesn't revolve around death and failure.

I would have to agree and go for the tatas, although I would actually prefer a reduction and a lift..I found your blog through Billie's...

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