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I'm the first to respond today? :-)

Good luck with your learner's test, Rose!!! You're looking great!

You are blessed -
and so is she...

Tertia, tell Rose hello from a fellow JW in America. I didn't realize she was a JW - I must have missed that in an earlier post. I'm glad your rear end is better too.

How on earth does she keep her white shirts so beautifully white with TWO toddlers around! I *wish* I could do that...

Hey Rose, you are looking gorgeous! When Tertia desperately needed a nanny for her babes I spent lots of time praying for the perfect one and God sent her you. She is indeed blessed! Unfortunately I got Cynthia who has now finally left. Should have prayed harder for myself! Lucky I have the lovely efficient Nolene who has just started working for me.
Good luck with your driving, just flirt with the instructor, I did and passed perfectly!

Try k53.iblog.co.za, they have an ongoing blog regarding the driving test etc. the site is down today for upgrades, but will be up tomorrow. Rose is looking terrific.

So great to hear the update, I was one of the ones who asked. She looks just fabulous and I'm so excited she's learning to drive! It takes forever to get a licence where we are in Australia, too. You have to book your test about 4 months in advance.

Very glad to hear that your kids will be happy clapping AND knocking on doors ;) But seriously, I am not overly religious but went to a religious school. And I can tell you I am a better person for it, it made me think about how I treat others, how to be less selfish. Jesus seems to set a pretty good example. Plus I know I shalt not commit adultery and I probably shalt not murder, either. Well at least not on the 7th day.

A heartwarming post, T. Does Rose read your blog? What a lovely tribute to a fabulous woman.

Rose looks great, and so very happy! Has she noticed any difference in you taking Cymbalta?

I hope she does well on her driver's exam. Please keep us posted!

You are lucky to have Rose, and she you. You are lucky the nanny system in SA works so well. I have not heard any stories as good as yours here in the good ol' US of A, and I have heard many not very good stories. Nannies leaving after a few months, children going through nanny after nanny after nanny, and don't get me started on au pairs and the affairs they have with the husband of the family. And true, live-in nannies are beyond the finances of most Americans.

She sounds like a gem. Lucky kids.

Yes - you have KNOW idea how lucky you are to have such a fabulous extra person for your children. Growing up in SA, I had an equally fab nanny called Julia - and I still think about her every day! Now I am a mom of 2 myself, but sadly living in the UK. My 3 year old goes to private nursery 3 x a week - and OMG, it costs a fortune!! Think I could finance a small 3rd world country with what we pay per month!! My little one will be starting next month, as I go back to work part time and then we will be paying for 2 in nursery!! The bill makes me want to feint!!!
Seriously - appreciate all you have in SA, and keep taking good care of Rose!! I would give my left breast to have a live in, reliable nanny who loves my kids as her own!

Rose looks and sounds lovely, how fortunate you both are.

And, best of luck to her on her test!

Good luck to Rose and her driver's exam. It takes a lot longer to get a license here (BC, Canada). Glad you don't live here, it would be about three years before Rose would be able to drive the kids anywhere...

Good Luck Rose!

I told you a long time ago, but maybe you forgot, that I was raised from birth to the ripe old age of 17 by a JW nanny named Joan. And my family was Orthodox Jewish. Yeah, Joan was extremely active in the JW community, but she knew that her paycheck depended upon not trying to convert my family, and she rarely if ever mentioned it to us. I know people have issues about JWs and prosletyzing, but in my experience, they are extremely respectful of other religions (while still believing that we're all going to die once the Messiah comes) and will be careful with your children about not overstepping their bounds.

Rose is lucky to have you, and you are so very lucky to have her.

Sounds like you have a real winner with Rose, Tertia. That's a blessing. Believe me, I know, having been through several nannies in the past few years who just weren't up to the task, at least not to my standards. I don't think it's too much to expect your nanny to actually pay attention to and play with your child, do you?

Good luck with your test, Rose. Candles are lit and all my bits are crossed for you.

You are one lucky mommy to have a Nanny as wonderful as Rose. She is truly a blessing for you, Marko and the twinks. You went through so much to finally have your beautiful bebe's that I think God tried to make it up for by sending you Rose.

Rose is such a hottie.

Greetings and salutations from California - I come to you by way of Julie, as I am an avid reader of hers and she talks about you incessantly. How lucky for you that you have someone to lean on like Rose. She looks wonderful; so happy to hear that her reduction was successful and she feels good.

Rose looks gorgeous! Wish her luck on the test--we need photos of Rose and a Rose-mobile.

Man those are some great looking boobs :)

Best wishes to Rose on her driving adventures. I'm glad to hear that she is happy and well.

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