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Oh, you're totally "my friend in South Africa." (Makes me feel more cosmopolitan!)

Hi Tertia,

I love reading your blog as well as a few others. However, I was forced (sad!) to stop reading Karen's over at the Naked Ovary after she made it password protected. I don't have a blog on here, and wasn't a close friend, but I really enjoyed her posts. I am just wondering how she is doing these days. It's been difficult not her reading her blog, especially in the midst of my own adoption possibilities.

Thanks, and as always, love reading your honest thoughts.


I'd love to check out her gorgeous girls - but the photos are not displaying!!!!

I'll go over and see if I have any useful advice. I have that "blog friend" phenomenon, too, and nothing--NOTHING--makes you look as lame as saying that to someone who doesn't know what a blog is (I KNOW, RIGHT?) and then having to try and explain...lol...

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