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Glad to hear your ass is getting better. Spider bites sounds nasty and painful but at least you got to traumatize a few people with it if nothing else. got to be worth something right?

"Nearly had to redo entire wardrobe to accommodate cheekless ass."

LOL! Nearly had to change my undies for that one!

I'm sorry no one was kissing your ass while you were dying. :( Poor dear.

Assless is so Posh Beckham and so not in this season. Glad you got to keep yours.

Oh dear. You wouldn't be nearly as funny with half an ass.

It sure would have given you an excuse to go around making half-assed comments though!

Glad to hear it's getting better.

Just so you know--if it ever came to that, I would donate part of my own ass for a transplant. I have plenty enough to share.

No "piece of ass" jokes, please...

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd... the Oscar goes to...............you and my husband, you poor dears will have to share.I am happy that your bum is better ( as no doubt your nearest and dearest are as well, not to mention and a few close coworkers and all of us... your faithful blog groupies... lol...
I really enjoyed the write ups and the brave photograph!
Poor mortified Marco....

Just imagine. If you hadn't seen the doctor in time, the asshole's asshole would have had a new asshole as a neighbor. That is too much assholery by far.

I've noticed the way you switch between "arse" and "ass". Are you trying to keep us all happy at once? I think you should come right out and say whether you're an arse or an ass woman.

That's going to be my new insult to people: "You cheekless ass" heh

So v glad to hear your ass is intact. It's bad enough we're going to have to refer to the Great Ass Incident of 2007. Imagine if we had to refer to it as "When Tertia Lost Her Ass"

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