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You're not serious are you? I can't believe people didn't "get" the tone behind that post. To quote Duckie: "It is called a sense of humour. You should get one. They're nice".

No, no, no, don't you dare apologise for other people's lack of humour!

Who ever knew cyclists were psychos too? Wow, I learn something every day! Remind me to steer clear, so to speak.

Your apologies are always worth the price of the licence fee by themselves. You are a braver woman than I. When dealing with vast numbers of people who've had a sarcasm bypass, my first inclination is not to bother because I don't fancy dodging shrapnel. But life would be boring if we were all as cowardly as I am. I'm jolly glad you're not.

Perhaps they got peeved because you said it TWICE.

OMG you got flamed by cyclists??? I'm sorry, but that is just HILARIOUS. Especially given that most of your commenters, I think, read on a regular basis and know that you a) are a very kind, tolerant person who doesn't HATE anyone for real and b) like to take the piss any chance you get. Oh, and c) are silly after a glass or two. That's the problem with the Internet (one of them, anyway)--there is no way to express "tone" for the literal-minded. SIGH...it really is hilarious, though. Watch out if you're walking down the street--vengeance could come winging by on silent tires. LOL!

This morning, I drove past an accident scene in Blaauwberg where there was a bicycle on the road and next to it, a body covered with a sheet.

I think the motorist vs cyclist situation is quite sensitive, especially in Cape Town. So, yes, the post is funny but to the cyclists the post may have been a bit like saying, just jokingly, "I hate blind people and their smelly guide dogs and white sticks, they should rather not go out in public".

I make peace that from around December to March, until the Argus race is over, they own the road. It saves me a lot of road-anger and wasted energy. Also, I mostly like cyclists, I guess that makes a big difference. They have great arses.

Yes, cycling on national roads and side-by-side on the narrow Capetonian roads really are illegal and pisses everyone off (just don't do it, please!!!), but they do have a right to cycle on roads without a shoulder (that yellow line thingy you talked about). Shaving the legs also really makes a difference, even if it is just saving them from getting the hairs tangled and ripped out at the roots by spokes, peddles and the gravel road, in case of an accident...ouch.

I have been absent for awhile, so I ignorantly commenting without having read the other cycling post. However, as a person who used a bike as their transportation for 4 solid years in college, and as a person who was actually hit by a car while riding my bike and had the right of way, I must say that I completely agree with your rant about cyclists who ride in hords. They give other cyclists like me a very bad name and create the conflict that you speak of. Everyone must obey the rules of the road, not just cars. Everyone. Good for you for saying what you said!

these people clearly don't know how bad it gets with the cyclists in Cape Town!! I've heard even cyclists moaning about cyclists on the roads there!


I totally agree with you on the hairy leg thing. I like my men to be........manly. Chest hair, let hair, face hair.. I want him hairy! I'd like to be the smooth one in bed, thankyouverymuch.
RE: Cyclists. Um, I agree. Please be considerate on the road and if you're traveling 5 mph up a hill have the common courtacy of riding single file on the side so the faster vehicles can pass you safely. Thanks.

people just need to chill. firstly tertia is never for reals on things like this, and secondly, even if she felt that way its her right. this is her blog. and people getting snarky or whatever... need to go elsewhere. there are some good cyclists out there, but the fact of the matter is, a lot of them arent. they expect to be treated and regarded as 'road users' but fail to follow ALL rules which apply to 'road users' assuming that said rules only apply to motor vehicle users. i've heard of a few incidents where a cyclist hasnt stopped for a red light, or hasnt given way/indicated at a intersection/roundabout and has ended up injured or worse. while people have the right to voice their opinions on this blog, they have to remember that the writer has given them the chance to, so show the respect she deserves. whether she is right or wrong, let her vent in peace.

Your post was apparently a tribute to how wan ascii is at delivering humor. As for the person who used the term 'scarcasm bypass' please read the comments before passing judgement. No one could tell the post was supposed to be funny and that is because all too many motorists honestly feel the way Tertia was writing. It's a dangerous situation.

Ha! Haven't dropped by here in a while and so only read the title of the latest post...and thought by "cyclists" you meant women currently undergoing IVF...jeez, one's brain really becomes addled with it all!

Can someone explain to me why a blogger is no longer allowed to have rant about something without a bunch of humorless jerks having a hissy fit about it? Everyone is allowed to express annoyance or irritation and I have no doubt that everyone on earth has said something they'd rather not admit while they've been ranting. That being said, I thought the rant was hilarious!

Ditto Franay.

I'm with Liza - flamed by cyclists??? BWWWAHAHAHAAHA

Wow. I guess the bicyclists are really a bunch of uppity twats.

I don't plan to hit or maim any of them in my car, but I sure do get annoyed when they run stop signs or lights, and then hold me up as they pedal along at 20 mph in a 30 zone, and I have to wait to pas them again.......only to have them run the next stop light or sign.

I guess the rules of the road should only be invoked when it suits the bicyclists, eh?

humorless jerks? uppity twats? psychos?? Jeez, tough crowd. The cyclists who responded to your last post were polite, well-informed ... just because they might not have seen the humor in, or missed the point of your post doesn't make them BAD! Having different sense of humors and perspectives kind of makes the world go round, no? Anyway, obviously posting anonymously because quite frankly you people scare me...

I'm with anon.. The cyclists were polite and informed in their responses.
Tertia says bikes should not be allowed on roads without shoulders. "No space, no bike." What is funny about that?
I used to commute on my bike and although most people driving cars are respectful and cautious the ones who are not are much more frightening than a cyclist could ever be.
If the post was all in jest, fine, but maybe you should read over what you wrote Tertia and if you do really believe in what you said, stand by it, there must be some basis for the rant.
People don't just get a free pass to say anything if they say "gee, lighten up I was only kidding afterward."

I think it must be those uncomfortable bike seats that have caused the cyclists to get their panties in a bunch. If my coochie was numb and my ass calloused, I wouldn't have much of a sense of humour either.

What JC said.

They did a study where I used to live and found that over 50% of bike/car accidents were caused by bicyclists not following the laws.

I find it implausible that the percentage was so low, as I rarely, if ever, see a bicyclist following the laws. In my former town, the law was that bicyclists must follow auto laws unless they are walking their bike, in which case pedestrian laws applied. About 98% of bicyclists I've seen follow neither auto nor ped laws, instead making a mishmash: "I know! Let's pretend to be cars until the lights turn red, then merrily ride across the crosswalk on the red! Wheeeee!"

This makes them very unpredictable, very dangerous, and very very VERY annoying. Hey, I'd love to drive my car across the crosswalk on a red, too, but you don't see me doing it, do you?

That being said, the 2% of bicyclists who follow the law, you're nifty!

ha-ha!! laughing at JC's comment. so funny.

USA Guy said what I was going to say.

Also, Amy, people get a free pass to say whatever they want on their own dang blog.

Oh. Damn. I should have commented on your previous post. I was totally on your side.

Hi Tertia,

Long time no speak but I have been personally run over by a ReadyMix (Now Portland) Cement truck when I was 13. I was within 90% of losing my right lower leg. But as for your comments on cyclists I agree 100%. When I used to work in Stellenbosh it was the norm to run into packs of them (16-20) all riding abreast (this at +- 5:30 - 6:00am) when the sun had barely breached the horizon. Every day I spend on the road I see them ignoring red traffic lights and 4 way stop signs. It's just because I have suffered a personal injury from cycling that I give them a very wide berth. When I get to a 4 way stop sign and see Cyclists approaching I EXPECT them not to stop. Some of them even have the gall to raise their hand saying 'thank you for letting us ignore the fucking traffic laws' as they than pass over the 4 way stop. I just wish I could meet some of these idiots and show them what a leg looks like once it has been run over by a vehicle/truck.

I an equate this with 'are you able to count from one to ten?'.
Cyclists : 'What are your chances if a 1500kg vehicle strikes you and your bicycle weighing in at +- 100kg ?'

I'm lucky to be alive today, but some of these idiots will just just not get that opportunity.

Treat others with respect and expect the same.


Wow. Cyclists are hard core.

"Spandex imbeciles on their bikes. Don't the rules of the road apply to them?" Ben Harper from My Family (UK TV series) that is on TV right now and made me laugh out loud. So much that I had to post this! Tertia, you are not alone!

*pulls lump of shrapnel from leg*

Franay, of course bloggers are allowed to say whatever they want on their blogs. But don't responders have the right to disagree with a blogger? If a blogger doesn't want disagreement, then she probably chooses to write in a secret diary with lock and key instead of on the Internet.

As for the Kyoto Protocol it's admirable that South Africa has signed and ratified, but I keep reading that it's really more symbolic than an actual deterrent of global climate change. According to one source I read, "Should [the Kyoto] convention be universally implemented, the drop in world temperature would hardly be perceptible....In 2100, under the mandatory emissions restrictions of the Kyoto Protocol, the temperature would be diminished by [only] .2 C."

I was not saying she couldn't say whatever she wants. I was saying she can't make blanket statements and then say they were only jokes when someone is offended.
For example you can't make a judgement about cyclists then turn around and say, it's ok my best friend is a cyclist or it's ok I was only kidding.
I just think that when commenters disagree with Tertia she either gets all hurt or she say of course she was only kidding.
If you believe something stand by it.

I stand by what I say. Come hell or high water.

Cyclists need to change their attitude !

Anyone who disagrees is welcome to visit me, and have a close up view of what's left of my right leg...

Oh and FYI, where I live cyclists who ride abreast instead of a respectful line in the bike lane get big fat tickets for failing to obey safe traffic laws. I understand why people want to ride instead of drive but traffic laws apply to them as well. I say crappy drivers deserve to be bitched about even if they happen to be riding bikes. Rant on!

I used to live on the corner of 65th and the Burke-Gilman Trail in Seattle.
One day when I was bored I did a brief, informal study of the Speedo Set through my kitchen window. Out of the hundred speedo wearing cyclists included in my study I counted only three who came close to stopping for the posted two way stop signs.

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