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Oh my! Poor Adam! Poor mommy. It's rough when the little ones won't let us help them heal.

I think the chicks will like scruffy chin scars later. Makes dudes look tough. Or he can always grow a beard.

Very scary! Glad it's "just a scar"

What a shame, poor little fellow. I hope Adam heals quickly - faster than your heart will!

POOR YOU! To heck with that little bugger (SO. CUTE.), I hope YOU survive this with minimal scarring!

you say general is not an option and am curious why you say that. cuz in a child his age they'd administer it rectally?

Poor sweetie, and poor Rose and mommy too. What a day! I hope it heals well even without the bandage and that the scarring isn't too bad. And to my good wishes I'd better add an extra large bottle of Clairol for all those new gray hairs you just got!

Cuts schmuts... My eldest had had stitches by the age of 1, glue by 2, steristrips by 3, glue again at 5, 6, 7.

He still has scars, but they are becoming less and less visible as he grows. He is now 13 and the forehead ones are barely detectable.

I've done a fair amount of research into this, and discovered that actually, there doesn't seem to be much less scarring if they're treated than left untreated. The body naturally throws up a hasty repair kit. I think untreated ones only scar more if they are really gapey. My son's treated gapey ones have not however scarred any less than the untreated ones.

Oh- and Harrison Ford... (about fifteen years ago, obviously- he's a little superannuated now) Need I say more?

I didn't know you COULD pull Dermabond out/off a wound! ACK! You'd think that'd hurt.

Sounds like Adam's "macho" has kicked in already (I don't need the stinkin' bandage Mom... I'm FINE!). LOL

Sorry about the trauma and huge doctor bill(s). Perhaps you can use Mederma to help minimize scarring? For Adam's cut, that is... no salve for the fright to your heart!

Glad he's okay, and that it's *only* a cut on his chin.

I am smiling that knowing smile -
and nodding...
he'll continue to BE fine, but poor you and poor Rose.

Now I'm hugging you both.

Prepare yourself - this is just the beginning.

I often wondered how come my mom went gray so quickly. It was my brother.

I swear it was him!

Aww- what a fright!!

We had almost the IDENTICAL experience with L in September--2 trips to ER, first one involving Dermabond, second one resulting in a Band-aid but just as expensive as the first. (At the first visit, the doctor said, "now don't let the adhesive on the Band-Aid touch the dermabond, because they'll stick, and you don't want to pull the Dermabond off with the Band-Aid" and then he proceeded to put the adhesive from the Band-Aid ON THE Dermabond, such that it was ME who pulled the Dermabond off when I went to change it the next day.......UGH!!!)

The only other difference between Adam's injury and L's is that hers was smack in the middle of her forehead. It's a lovely scar....and probably will be for the rest of her life!

Jesus, he's a tough little thing. Pulling the dermabond out...my god.

it does add character, i promise!!!!! i got a lovely scar between my breasteses and lemme tell u, it is loved! besides, adam will just look cooler and rugged to the girls in a few years time. i would've gone with the same thing.

Fuckity Fuck! What a horrible thing for all of you! Sorry Adam had some pain and you all had alot of trauma. Not at all surprised he pulled it off. THANK GOD it's below the face line!
You can start keeping the "stitch list" now.

I also got a nasty cut on my chin (split it open) but I was 8 years old. I had to have stitches and now have a white scar just under the face line. It has never worried me.
Adam is going to be just fine!
Ditto the Harrison Ford comment above! (and his was really visible).

Have an extra glass of wine tonight and give one to Rose too. :-)

Oh I'm sooo glad he's okay! Those moments are beyond scarey for us mommies!

Poor baby! And poor Mommy and Rose to. Hope it heals quickly.

How bad will the scar be, if it's under his chin? It doesn't sound like it'll be something disfiguring, it'll probably only enhance the masculine good looks he's inherited from Marko.

And now, a little tale of motherly incompetence, which I hope will make you feel better. One night, my son (age 3) began crying in the night. I went into his room and found he'd fallen out of bed. Without turning on a light, I took him to the potty and tucked him back in bed. He cried for a few more minutes and then went back to sleep.

When I went in to wake him in the morning, I noticed that his pillow was covered in blood. Dried blood EVERYWHERE. I deduced that when he fell out of bed, his chin hit a piece of plastic train track. He had a deep gouge about 1.5cm long under his chin, now thickly scabbed with clotted blood. "Nothing I can do about it now," I shrugged, and he healed up without so much as a band-aid. Yes, he has a scar, but you have to look at him from underneath to see it. I don't think it will hinder his future male-modeling career.

But WOW did I feel like a terrible mother. What kind of mother doesn't notice that her child is bleeding profusely from the face? So what if it was dark, aren't I supposed to have some sort of motherly intuition?

We are much better about putting away toys before bedtime now, at least.

Poor boy! Next time, just superglue his boo-boo yourself! LOL - it wouldn't cost so much! Yikes at the dr bill!

Ah yes - I remember my daughter's first stitches (about a year old) her second stitches (about two years old) her third stitches (about four years old) -- etc.

The scar will be nearly impossible to find.

Poor baby!

Do pediatricians ever put those big plastic collars around toddlers' necks, you know, like vets do with dogs and cats, so they can't pick at their wounds? Kinda seems like it would've worked (though with much screaming . . . )

When I got to the part about Adam ripping off the surgical tape and yanking out the Dermabond, I was literally gaping at the screen in shock.

My son got stitches in his forehead when he was 4. Didn't even cry! Not with the local anesthetic shots, not with the suturing. He was just pleased to be getting a Popsicle.

It's ok Tertia - Chicks dig scars.... :D

He will be the hottie hero of his year when he starts school... LOL

Ouch!! When I was three years old, I split my lip very badly. My mom took me in to get stitches, which the Dr did well and I didn't complain too much. We had not even left the room when I proceeded to RIP OUT ALL of the stitches!!! Blood began to pour again, so the Dr. (and my mom) cleaned it all up again, and re-stitched my lip.
Apparently I just didn't like those stitches on my lip, but this time I waited until I got home to rip them right out again!! All of them, five or so.
My mom just cleaned me up and didn't bother to take me back to the Dr. I have no memory of this at all, and only a small scar to show for it.
The thought of doing that now gives me shivers!

Hi Tertia,

I've got scars all over my body and I'm proud of every one of them. Reminds me of what happened and what made me stronger in this world. Adam is just a perfectly little normal boy for not making a big issue over the whole thing. I think he will grow up tough as nails...

I wear my scars with pride and dignity. Let no one in the world criticize another unless they have walked a mile in their shoes.

Adam will be just fine...

AW! Poor Adam - and poor Tertia and Rose! I am sure he will be fine - they are so resilient at this age, but not so great for you or Rose to worry about. Don't worry about the germs and dirt - just splash him with lots of water at bath time. They do manage to get themselves into so much trouble at this age - but then Adam can point out the scars when he's older with great joy (my husband still shows me the scar from the axe he got when he was 7 - don't go there!). Adam will be cool.

My son has a general anaesthetic ahead of him (he's 18mo) - on Monday he tripped over his own two feet, and fell on a table directly hitting his top front tooth, which is now jammed up somewhere in his gum, and will have to come out to let the adult tooth through. There was so much blood and screaming, it was vile -so I do feel for you and especially Rose who was there to witness the incident. At least our dentist saw him for free - I can't believe they charged you so much for a glue job! Re the germs and dirt - even with an open wound in the mouth that I can't get at to clean, the dentist said that at this age they are pretty resilient and it doesn't often get infected even with the nastiest and open-faced injuries.

How toddlers manage to even survive the first 3 years is beyond me ;) (and that's without us mum's trying hard not to strangle them!!)

And then of course they become teenagers.... but less about my (usually) drunken injuries... ;)

Ooh, I got woogies just reading this. I don't do well with open wounds. Poor Adam. Poor T. Poor Rose.

And I have to agree with everyone else who said a chin scar can be handsome - not only Harrison Ford, but look at Adrian Pasdar (Heroes, Mysterious Ways). That chin scar gives him a certain yummy vulnerability. Not that Adam will need the help, with those baby blues and that adorable drool.

Superglue, just like dermabond only cheaper. Seriously.

AWW poor Adam (and poor poor Mummy) - Rx some sweeties for Adam and a nice bottle of vino for Tertia (purely for medicinal purposes).

Also immediately thought of Harrison Ford, so a scar on the chin can't be ALL bad...

Raising children is like being pecked to death by a chicken. Something I wish my mother had told me a long time ago;)

oh boy, can i relate to that panic! funny enough, his chin is the one place damien hasn't had stitches yet- despite it being one of the most common places people seem to hurt themselves!
i don't have a chin scar either- but only because i was a chicken as a kid...

You know we had the very same experience with my now 8 year old girl. Eerily the same it sent chills through me just reading this! She at about the same age maybe a touch older stood up on a little ride on car toy and of course fell of and split the chin open , to the bone. Just like Adam. So off we went to the E.R at our local hospital and they cleaned it up and used the dermabond and then 2 days later she peeled it off, just like Adam. I choose the surgery option as my sister worked for a plastic surgeon at the time so in we went for a general anithestic and when they got to her chin they found it was full of ifection under the glue IN the open wound. So lucky for us she did it really or it would have been much worsr.
Then at 6,OOPS! SHE DID IT AGAIN!! This time falling out of a tree onto concrete, it was completely smooshed up! This time straight off to the plastic surgeon. Like Adam's it is under her chin and has healed so well you would never know it was even there. I hate to tell you but my 7 yr old son has also done it and when my 8 month old baby starts walking a helmet with a chin guard will be mandatory!

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