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I actually went to see some livemusic today with a fiend. At 13.00 o'clock in the afternoon. With our 2 children who were a bit scared of the witch involved... Times sure change!

Mmmm, I know exactly what you mean! On New Year's Eve just a couple of days ago I had that same thought. I remembered how I used to go to an all night party and come home with my sunglasses on because it was morning when we finally hit the sheets on New Year's Day. Now my New year's Eve consisted of a quiet supper with my DH while our 20 month old slept peacefully upstairs. At around 2 a.m a group of noisy teenagers went past our house singing and talking at the tops of their voices and I was just concerned they'd wake up our son. Times sure have changed! LOL. But as I always say, there's a time for everything in life. The important thing is to do things when it's the right time. Not sooner or later.

Same here! New Year's? Going out for New Year's?! Can't get all worked up about something like that. We talked ourselves through the COST of everything, and stayed home with a couple of close friends visiting, still drank and rang in the new year, but man was I tired, and we still ended up with booze left over, and a clean house!!! That's when you have to laugh and think "Goodness we're getting older!!" What a hoot.

Fan of your BLOG, fan of you.
Just felt myself have a strong reaction to reading ref. to E and coke.
I know it was a LONG time ago and you have talked about being a party girl before so I'm surprised I had such a feel of shock in my gut. I asked myself why I am fine with someone drinking but have such a problem with drugs. Would I feel the same about drinking if it was illegal?
Anyway, wasn't going to say anything but then decided to suggest maybe you should take the specific references out of your post. Maybe you could just say we were both "under the influence" or something.
Now that you are getting more well known and with the book out etc., who knows, you may run for office someday and wish this wasn't out in print. Plus there is the whole "I plan to give my kids a copy of this blog someday" conflict. Anyway, I know the point was how your life has changed and I am focusing on a small detail. Probably should just go with my first impression and not post anything about it but I typed all this now so in the spirit of you, I will leave it.

I think wishiknew needs to get a life.
As NM friend I am 1000% behind you my friend. Our lives HAVE changed and that's the point. Yes it was fun but it's in the past and that's where it remains. Surely (Shirley) we can still reminisce!? Sheesh. And DAMN we had good times. LALALALAA


I live in CT and would love to know your new favourite place. I love to drink coffee, however it would be better if the kids had something to do while I sat sipping my coffee. Please share!!!

Bee! Hah! I knew it was you! I agree with you about wishiknew's lack of life. I feel the same way about my LBT (life before twins). Love reading your posts about your dirty pasts, ladies. They make me remember my own with relish!
Keep 'em coming. In detail!!
La la la!

Bee and Suzie-Q,
I am hurt by your comments. I was only posting out of a feeling of protection for Tertia and as you can see in her latest post, she understood where I was coming from and responded nicely to my comments.
I realize you were mainly trying to support Tertia with your comments but I think you could have done that without picking on me. I HAVE a life - a great life now and in the past when I partied a lot more. I never did drugs though and don't feel like I missed out on life because of it. I'm sorry that you do.

Love it! I have these "reality check" moments more and more these days. Most recently, New Years Eve, as I watched, perched in front of my bedroom window, the funny, wasted people walking home from their parties and celebrations. I silently cursed their loud, intoxicated voices as I bemoaned the fact that I was not one of them.

But I'm glad to hear that a kiddie play place can qualify as a social outing with friends. I'm looking forward to the day when my babies actually "play" and not just lay around staring at each other. Yay.

Feel strongly about this so...

I agree with wishiknew, and I don't think she needs to get a life. She was respectful and honest and didn't need the typical sycophantic response from the other commenters. I think it was thoughtful and to be honest I think sometimes the references to taking drugs come across as a bit 'look how cool I was'

My two cents worth and I wait for all the slagging off to come in my direction.

PS Can't someone disagree with Tertia without being insulted?

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