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That's far more space than I would have allowed my husband. I would have turned my back to his side and poked my rear end out so that there was no possible way he could get onto the bed without curling into a ball like a cat and sleeping on one of the corners.

That'll teach him to turn in late!

You need a bigger bed. We got a cal-king after we bought our current home. We can never go back to anything else. It is heaven. I have to roll 10 times to reach the other end. HAH.

Our bed hog is the dog. He starts out okay at the foot of the bed, but sometime during the night, he sneaks up between our butts and stretches out, while gathering the duvet beneath him. Hubby and I wind up on our respective sides with our tushies hanging off the bed with no covers.

Easy to tell who rules our house. hmph.

I call that the starfish. That's how I like to sleep as well.

Ahhhh...that looks like bliss...

Is that a baby on your pillow, or your head from a long way away? If it is a baby, I don't see what Marko's problem is if there's a cot free. Also, there is at least a quarter of a bed completely free. Tell him he's being a wuss.

I have to agree with projgen - our biggest problem is our dog. She waits until about 5 am, then wiggles her way between us and either snores rather loudly or licks our ears, alternating between the two of us, until someone rubs her belly or kicks her out of bed.

Lovely picture, very nice chiaroscuro!

My husband curls himself up into a Hubby filled burrito taking the covers and wrapping himself all around so that I am left with just a pissy little end. Frustrates the hell out of me.

Tertia, you have VERY long legs. And I almost feel like your gyno from that picture!

Sweet bleeding christ, you finally did it, you posted a cooter-shot. Glory be.

I laughed so hard at this that it actually hurt. Oh, lord. And then I stopped and finished reading and oh, dear. I hold you personally responsible for the state of refluxed-up hungover bliss-ache that my entire body is in, but it was worth it.

Well worth it.

Although not as worth it as having my OWN queen bed (orthopedic, pillow-top, custom-made) over here, with the 600-thread-count-sheets and the lovely, feminine Renaissance flower-y comforter. Bliss to fall into while drunk, truly. Aren't you jealous now, you asshole, you?

Hey Braveheart...

It must have taken a LOT of courage to post that picture.
At least it brought I HUGE smile to my face (still smiling while typing this..) because my wife accuses me of exactly the same thing although she doesn't have pictures to prove it yet... Heh !
As soon as I can get a blog up and running that can be linked to mybloglog.com I'll post a couple of good ones as well.

Keep up the good work!

What? Do you mean normal people don't sleep like that? Even worse is when your arsehole thinks you're up for a mauling, sorry 'cuddle' just because you're lying like that....No bugger off, it's the middle of summer!


And...LOL at the gyno comment above!

Even my king size bed isn't big enough for the both of us, I have no idea how you can share a queen size with another human being.

1 - buy a bigger bed.

2 - shoot Marko in the .... foot for taking that picture.

3 - give self severe talking to for posting that picture on your blog. Dear God woman, I'd say you had huge balls to post that picture, except I can see from that picture that you haven't...

Yours, in stunned admiration.

Wow... I join the other readers in congratulating you for posting that picture. I'd kill my husband if he took a picture of me like that. Actually.. now that I think of it, maybe if I slept that way and hogged all the covers, he go sleep somewhere else some nights and quit waking me up with all that snoring!!

This is why my husband and I use separate blankets. He likes to wrap himself up like a burrito until he gets too hot. Then, he cuddles with it as if it were one of those body pillows.

We got a king bed right before we got married. It didn't help. He's 6'5" and I'm 5'4" so he thinks he should get 2/3 of the bed since he's so much bigger than me. I say that's size discrimination; why should I be punished because of my size?

Hahaha, that is a hilarious picture! Had me laughing out loud.

Oh my god, you've channeled my husband!

Laughed so hard until I cried. Thank you so much for making my day brighter (because coming in to work on a Saturday at 8:30 am sucks).

Very funny pic and post - thanks for making us laugh and smile. Also really enjoyed the twin post prior to this one. The pictures say it all.


mwaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha!!!! thats hysterical- revenge is sweet t...
i do the same thing to damien occasionally!

My husband is guilty of this very same offense... Also hogs covers and insists there is more than enough blanket for me. I think he "forgets" I have doubled in size since we married. Ha ha!

There are no braver woman than ye be.

Hilarious! Loved the gyno comment up above.
Thank you for giving us the laugh.

Speaking shite! Speaking shite?? Oh, I am SO going to have to work that phrase into my American vocabulary! LOVE IT!! heh!

Darlin' I'm sorry. I think you are gorgeous and all that... but those FEET?! My dear, Tertia. When I first saw the photo I thought for certain it must be your husband! Not that your legs are masculine... it's just that I couldn't get past the size of your FEET!

Ah, well. It is somewhat of a relief to know that even the G&D are still human.


lmao!!! my oh my grandma, what big feet you have...seriously dude, thought those were marko's legs/feet. your still gorgeous and divine though!! :)

It looks like something out of CSI without the blood. GAH!

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