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hmm....do I micromanage? I'm not sure. glad I'm not the only one that annoys the crap out her husband reading improvement books to him! Will definitely have to check this one out.

Do they have one for surviving teenagers?

You make it sound like a book I HAVE to read. Sounds very good.

You also make me laugh about Marko. My husband hates all those "parenting" books and magazines, and "talk about your feelings" books. He can't see any point in any of it, thinks it's all a waste of time. Also thinks reading blogs is a waste of time. Doesn't he understand, I read them because he won't talk about any of this stuff. Ha! (rolling eyes).

Moxie made a passing comment today about 2 years being the moment where parenting inequities hit the fan between mom and dad. Interesting timing.

I honestly think that being both very un-opinionated with how DH handles the boy while at the same time expecting him TO handle the boy himself has helped prevent murder at my house. (lots of teeth gritting on my part was required).

Hard stuff, these kids on marriage.

How about a book on baby-proofing yourself for those of us without husbands who require advice on how having children will affect your life if you have them, period. ??

Hello oh G & D one!

You'll love this, I know you will! After going to ground about 18 months ago, I've been back recently to check how you and the babes are (DH and I decided to start our family - cue infertility, 3 early miscarriages, a very dark interlude with clinical depression, surgery for endometriosis ...you get the picture!) AND I see the book is done! Woohoo! Rather than just using your links because I, of course, know so much better than you where your book is available, I jumped onto Amazon.com and rather lazily just entered "Tertia" and guess what?? Aside form the fact that I need to buy the book from Loot or Kalahari ... you can buy 'I love [well, big red heart anyway] Tertia mugs!' I shit you not. I laughed hysterically and had to tell you.

Have a fab day and I'm looking forward to reading the book xoxoxo

Hi Tertia, this is Julia, one of the co-authors of Babyproofing Your Marriage. Wow! Thanks for the great review! We're thrilled that you liked the book. You are spot on with your assessment that one of the main messages is that you are not alone. No matter how happy the marriage, most couples experience a little strain. It was a huge relief to the three of us to discover that. Ultimately, it's why we wrote the book. We've had a great time working on it. It means a lot to know that it has made a difference to you. We spoke to hundreds of couples around the country and learned so much along the way. We'd love to keep the conversation going. Thanks for being a part of the dialogue!

Thanks for sharing this info about Babyproofing your Marriage. What a smart idea! I have to completely agree that no one can possible prepare you for the obstacles of parenting and maintaining a great or even good marriage. Add in the mix the frustrations of infertility and there is even more strain.

I look forward to getting my hands on a copy of this book.

I loved the book too. My review will be up on my blog tomorrow. : )

Good - I'm looking for good reads this year - this will be one to find and get!

Where's the book on infertility-proofing your marriage? My husband and I survived a late-term loss quite well, one of those "grief makes you closer" things, and when we had our son, we did just fine at keeping our marriage strong through (thus far) four years of parenting. But now it's the secondary infertility that's destroying us.

I can make time for sex. I can overlook the way he puts the boy in mismatched pajamas. I can't bear that his way of dealing with almost two years of IF is to tell me -- last night! -- that he doesn't want another kid after all. Ouch.

It's all about supporting each other, isn't it?

I LOVED this book. How wonderful to know we're not alone!

Hi Tertia, this is Stacie, another co-author of the book. Thank you so much for your kind words. Your response highlights a key point I would like to make. Writing and promoting a book with great friends is one thing. Feeling like you are starting a dialogue that may help couples (indirectly helping the innocent, the kids)? Indescribable.

Thanks again for the great review. I wish you and your family all the best.

I was at Costco and almost passed it by when I thought "hey, isn't that the book Tertia told me to read"? I can't put it down!

i LOVE books like that, i also own a few parenting books and several on adhd...
and like you i am also a chronic underliner and highlighter of my textbooks! a bonus is that it makes it easier for others to read by simply reading the highlighted portions...

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