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What I see is a nanny that loves the children in her care and wanted to do something special for them before she went away.

Your family is lucky to have her. :)

It's not elitist of you to post this at all. It's very sweet! What a loving nanny.

I used to work as an States-style nanny (daytime, not residential) and it always meant a lot to me when someone recognized all the caring labor nannies do for kids and families. (Especially the full-timers. I don't know how they do it.)

Recognizing the work someone does to help a family get along is not bragging, it's praise. What a beautiful table, and what a kind thing to do!

What a beautiful picture! What a wonderful person Rose is, to do that for the ones she loves is a beautiful thing! Thank you for sharing!! You are very lucky to have her, and her to have you. Complete cycle.

Does Rose have a sister who could work for me?

How wonderful that you have a caregiver who adores your children. That's a special realtionship and you're all lucky to have her (just as she is lucky to have all of you!).

Rose is wonderful...it's heartwarming to see the way she loves your children. That's what you want in a nanny. It's also what you want in a friend, which is what Rose seems to be to all of you. She is beautiful, like her name.

Who could possibly have something derogatory to say about something as lovely as that? How delightful, I'll bet that Adam and Kate were positively tickled to have their very own grownup style table and feast, and I'm sure Rose was equally delighted to do it. That's no more _______ (insert word of choice) than helping a child to play dress up in mommy's dress and jewelry! Kids love to feel "grown up" sometimes, and it's just as much fun for the grownup to help them. You can see how much Rose adores your family, and we can certainly see how much you all adore her. She sure is a keeper.

PS Are your ibex perhaps a bit hungover from too much eggnog yesterday? What a slooooooooooooow connection.

That is just adorable. Rose is a treasure and I know that you all just adore her. You are all so lucky to have each other. I hope Rose has a safe and happy trip.

That is adorable. Rose sounds like a great nanny. And she's not actually at her moms. She's at my house taking care of my kids. And I'm never letting her leave. Ok, ok...done with the fantasy.

Um, I have no idea how people could see anything other than a great woman and nanny being creative and loving to her two gorgeous charges...I hope Rose has a wonderful vacation with her family...

What fun for the kids! Rose is so sweet with them, and there is nothing ______ about posting it at all, unless you're looking at it with ______ eyes. Very nice picture :-)

What a sweet and thoughtful thing for Rose to do for the kids. You are so lucky to have a child-care provider who is so very fond of your children. God bless Rose!

p.s. - Thanks for sharing!

what a sweet thing to do

Can I borrow her for a while? Oh my goodness, what a wonderful gesture of love! Kate and Adam are so very lucky to have so many people who care and love them so much.

And now my boys have seen it - we'll be dining on the tablecloths today, too!

My son is spoiled enough to enjoy going to daycare at his auntie's house where she does such things as making homemade doughnuts and field trips and she gets them a bigger pool to swim in every summer. I think it's wonderful that she did that for your kids, she sounds awesome. I didn't make me think of you as elitist, but it did make me wish I could afford a nanny!! LOL!

Rose is absolutely, positively wonderful!

I saw none of what you thought defamers might see in that photo. I think it's wonderful that Rose cares so much for the kids that she'd do something so particularly special. Yay Rose!

Very cute! Kids love special events and she set up a beautiful one. Will she be gone long?

I also like that they repeat what they know, to reassure themselves it is all ok. I can tell they'll miss Rose.

I think the picture is very cute and Rose is very sweet.
Not sure who would get all derogatory about it.
I'm sorry that there are people who are making you hesitate to post what you want to post. I don't know who they are but I wish they would just go away.
Happy New Year in a few days!

I cannot believe that anyone could find anything wrong with such an adorable display of love: A wonderful caregiver who adores her babies and babies who adore their caregiver.

Yay! Rose pics! I have missed hearing her news, and am delighted to see that she is happy and well.(I would make a comment about her great tits, but I suppose it would just whip the mean ones into a lather--sigh).

I've been a nanny, and think that the photo is beautiful, wonderful, touching. It's touching that Rose made this lovely gesture for the kids, and it's also touching that you recognized it for what it was--a gorgeous expression of love and respect.

Aw, how adorable! How sweet that she gave them a going away tea-party breakfast before her vacation! It shows how much she truly loves your kiddos. Not elitist at all, IMO. Thank you for sharing.

Now THAT'S love. Absolutely wonderful of her to think of it, and of you and the kids to appreciate it. A beautiful gift.

Way to go Rose.... I bet the kids thought it was wonderful to have breakfast with all the trimmings. Even better that you got a photo of it for them to look at in the future. My kids loved looking at photos of special moments in their younger lives. My 22 year old remembers the special afternoon teas she did with my Dad at a posh hotel here in town... Hugs to Rose...

NOt really sure why people would get upset - is it because you have a Nanny?

I knew Rose was great... but I had no idea the extent, apparently.

That is SO precious, and I'd be willing to bet they will remember that special breakfast...

I think it is wonderful that your children's caregiver thinks so much of them! You are extremely blessed there. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Let me get this right...Rose is wonderful, caring, good with the kids, thoughtful and absolutely beautiful too?! Wow! Lucky y'all!

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