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Work keeps me away from Alva WAAAAAY to much. Even so if i work one hour!!!

Enjoy summer! up north its not nice now )=

I always found it to be very productive to relax, wine and shop DURING work. You know, multi-tasking, it's all the rage.

If you can't mix wine with work, you're clearly just an underachiever and should work harder (at drinking).

Most new employee orientations involve copious quantities of booze so have fun - but not too much fun. I think it might be sort of a test.

ps - I'd like to respond to your poll but you don't have my answer which is 'sweep the child up and head directly for the car until it passes' Not always possible but often the best option

I have found that as the years have passed each one becomes more and more hectic, and you get around to doing less and less of what you want to do, unless you are VERY lucky of course...

I am fortunate in that my work doesn't require travelling, and I don't think I could ever take up a job that required travelling, because I couldn't bear being away from my husband and daughter!

Good luck, and at least try to have a little fun...

Agree with 21st century mom re; your poll.
I think the best response is removal from the situation. I had to take Evan out of a McDonald's last night due to a massive meltdown when I said "NO" he couldn't play in the play area until after he ate... Aarrrggh!

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