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Are those questions for real? Surely that's completely illegal to ask some of them!
V.v. funny answers though

I thought the same thing as Jane-Marie, but then I remembered it would be illegal in the U.S., but I don't know about other countries.

I'm with the other two - they can ask you some of those things? I think you can put "no response" if you'd like (although some of your answers are MUCH better!).

Tertia, welcome to IBM! Ha ha. I am a long time lurker (I remember your posts in the TTC over 30 Category at TLOL...I guess 5 years ago? yikes). I've worked here for 15 years and have moved around the US a bit but now am in Raleigh, NC. Personally I can say I've had a good experience with the company, hope you have the same. And I sure don't remember the medical questions when I was hired, but it's been a while...I know for sure they didn't require any medical exam.

Go Big Blue. My husband and I are former IBMers. Give my regards to the Internal Audit department.

Welcome Tertia! I'm an IBMer too -- for almost 10 years now. I'm based in Somers, NY. Good luck with your new role.


congrats on the new role, I hope you enjoy it immensely!

Please tell me you made up some of those questions for our amusement. I did enjoy the answers, that's for sure!!

Welcome to IBM. One of the few companies, in the US at least, that offers insurance which provides fertility coverage!

As a former IBMer, my one piece of assvice is to keep your mouth SHUT. Don't share anything personal with anyone you don't know VERY well, and be sure that you trust them implicitely. Not to make you paranoid, but IBM keeps meticulous records on it's employees, and hearsay is part of the record.

Interesting, but one of your adds today has a clinic that is right down the street from us. Who would have thunk it?

Good luck on your old/new job. You'll be great!

Just found your blog, thanks for writing, this is fantastic stuff. I´ll be back lots of times!

I used to work in South Africa (East London of all places) and miss it a lot, Cape Town is fantastic. Your blog will help me stay in touch.

I have a blog in too, but unless you read Swedish (or learn) there is only the photos to enjoy.. All the best, have a great weekend!

the "TIMES SEVEN!!" cracked me up so hard i woke up my napping baby. fiance yelled at me. hah.

and 'fishpaste'?? LOVE it! :D

congrats on the new career direction - how exciting :>

Quite a few of those questions seem to be the purposes of minimising the company's payout in the event of any medical mishap that might cause you to sue them- viz that stupid question about mines: I reckon it's in case you develop silicosis or lung cancer, so they can just whip out the form and say "See, not our fault!". That contraceptive one is waaayy out of order- that it surely between you and your (non-existent) GP or existing cooter doctor? I hope you lied on every one (or at least handed in those answers).

Congratulations on starting the new job! If the intake paperwork is this funny, I can't wait to hear about your first day!

Wow, very big brother-ish. I wouldn't answer any of them, or give a very smart ass answer as well.

To ask you if you are on contraceptives is surely waaayyyy beyond their rights to ask. What happened to privacy?

I can't believe they are allowed to ask you about contraceptives! Doesn't work that way at IBM Netherlands, although I'm sure they'd love to know :-)

PS Is the fleece jacket XXL sized? Those things never seem to be a human size anyway. Have fun on your first day!

Har har! x7 !!! ROFLMFAO!

I was asked the menstrual question on my medical when I started here. I was so offended and said so to my GP. She put two lines thru' it and wrote NORMAL there. She said it was best to respond even if you could imagine some idiot counting days off on his fingers to check if an 'outburst' was PMT. The contraceptive question is so stupid, yes I am on the pill today, but tomorrow I will go off makes the query just so silly. (I did go to one medical and the DR did just about check if I was breathing, so that was fun)!! Good luck in your new challenge!!

Those questions are in contravention of all your rights as an employee under South African labour law and as an individual protected by the Bill of Rights enshrined in our constitution. They have no right, whatsoever, to ask you those questions.

You are very funny my friend. Besssst friend. Hugging my laptop now. Oops. Colleagues watching.

Wow- those are bizarre questions, which aren't allowed to be asked here in the US....Are South African labour laws different?? Welcome to big blue!

Wow- those are bizarre questions, which aren't allowed to be asked here in the US....Are South African labour laws different?? Welcome to big blue!

After working for IBM for 10 years, my husband got a pen. No, not engraved. In fact, the free pens they give away at seminars are better quality.

Those questions are WAY off the legal kosher meter.

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