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G & D, obviously.

Stunning pics. Totally off the topic, but why has Karen protected her blog?? I love reading it and have followed her story from when I started reading your blog. Very sad....

Beautiful photo, Tertia!! Look foward to seeing the scanned article when you can post it...

(also wish I could buy your book in a Canadian store!!)


Also, very sad about Karen closing down her blog -- your guys' VP is starting to look MIGHTY thin!! :(

Thank goodness I checked in the other day to read her last post, EVER! :( I hope she does follow the suggestions and do "guest blogging" on other people's blogs! :) I think that's a great idea.

Wishing you all the best, Karen, if you're out there!


That's big time. Congrats.

Gorgeous, love! can't wait to read the article.

Dahling, gorgeous as usual. Can't wait to see the article.

Totally G & D!! I can't wait to read the article. Congrats!

Tertia the Rock Star! AGAIN! And, yes that pic is G & D!

I love them both but I really like the second one best - very G&D.

G&D to say the least!!!! And if you can, pleeeeeease let us know what's going on with Karen? V.v. concerned...


Ha! My signed copy of your book is going to be worth millions soon!!! First edition too, natch. Are you getting blonder BTW????

Nice pictures. The expression on your face in the second photo reminds me of the wedding photo you used to have up, before you had such gifted and divine babies!

Wow! Great pics! You look gorgeous!

you look gorgeous in those photos!


Finally a rason to buy the Oprah Mag!!! hahahaha

You are most definitely G&D - I hope you are saving all these articles etc for your kiddies to see one day...

Congratulations! I can't wait to read it.

Oooh, you are famous, girl! Great pics, too!

Hoo. Talk about G&D! See? I TOLD you you didn't need to be photoshopped!

No one could say your hair looked like a mushroom in these pics heehee! Very lovely photos; gorgeous in fact!!

You are, as ever, G&D. I can't wait to read the article!

I'm glad I'm not the only one concerned about Karen. I would love to get a password for her blog if and when she is letting people back in.

I also am wondering about Karen, so of course came to Tertia! You look wonderful, Tertia. It is awesome how famous you are becoming!

I did NOT get to read Karen's last post. The last one I got was hmmm, the one after the markers in the Uggs...can't remember.

Gee, I hope she comes back around. I miss Karen and MP.

T: G&D!!! Can't wait for the article.

Please, someone: what happened to Karen? I missed her last post, and feel so...bummed. I will miss reading her blog so much! She's helped me in a lot of ways, just like you have, Tertia!

You look beautiful! Love your hair that color. It's such a warm, pretty shade...looks great with your eyes and skin. I think that photo caught you looking the way you "sound" when you write. You may not like to be touchy-feely but you have a very warm, caring heart, and it really comes across. I wish I could get that magazine here! And tell everybody, "I 'know' her! Really, she's even e-mailed me...where are you going??"

Congratulations...if anyone needs their story to be heard, it's you!

Great photo! I am going on vacation to South Africa on Monday so I can actually buy a copy- yet another reason to spend the holidays there :-)

You look like a Supermodel in Pic # 2... WOW! Very cool news about the article in O mag... Congrats!

Tertia. . you really are beautiful.

Picture # 2 is the most G&D. I hope you're having a print framed for Marko.

Yeah, so about your VP--do you hangers on ever hear from Grrrl or Danae?

Beautiful photos!!!!

Nice photos! Now I will just have to buy the new Oprah. They'll sell an extra copy just because of you. I don't normally buy her mag

stunning pictures- i can't wait for the "o" magazine!
btw- i've had to reread several paragraphs in your book, i'm either laughing or crying so hard during parts of it that i lose my place completely!

T - you ARE famous! My god!

Beautiful pics! Congrats!

Molly - Good question, I've been wondering about that, too! I miss the VP writers that have 'moved on'... I know it's not about me, it's about them... But I feel left out and a little empty when they close up shop, usually abruptly (wasn't able to read Karen's last few posts, either... And was thinking about MP today, and wanted to check in on everyone!)

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