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Wow, free hotel room or not, a night out like that is priceless!

And yes, I agree, DO NOT TOUCH THE MINIBAR! BAD!!! BAD!!! BAD!!!

Glad you had a nice time!

He must know you at least a little, so surely the chocolate was just so tantalizing as to make him lose his head altogether. Right? I have only ever stayed at a hotel nice enough to have a minibar three or four times, and only once did I ever take anything, but that was my wedding night and we'd eloped, so that tiny bottle of wine was the entire cost of the reception right there, ha ha ha. And I still have the bottle, LOL!

When it comes to spending on a holiday, think of it this way: you are acquiring something permanent (happy memories). And when it comes to something like a chocolate out of the minibar, or breakfast at the hotel, you are acquiring something valuable for the money: convenience. And it is very sensible to spend on convenience when you're on holiday: you're supposed to be relaxing, after all.

O.k., I totally understand the MONEY part of not wanting to eat out or whatever, but what about paying for the AMBIENCE (sp?) and service of a place? Yes, eggs and bacon are eggs and bacon, but eating in a loud, crowded mall with snarky teenagers serving you is a far different experience from eating breakfast in a nice restaurant with great service and the ability to have a nice, quiet conversation. You're missing out on the "whole" experience! Being treated like royalty when you go out ... like in a nice Hotel ... is what makes it worth the money!! Oh, and not having to make the bed is pretty nice too. =)

I always like to classify purchase power in terms of shoes... as in "300$ for new tires? I could buy four pairs of shoes instead!"

Glad to hear your romantic evening away with your hubby was better than your business travel! (even if he did eat the damn chocolate!).

Give the man a chocolate... those rooms are at least $400/night, the man can have a verkakte $5 chocolate! ;-)

Tertia, I could have written that post myself. I didn't realize we were alike in our frugalness! (Is that a word?)

Sounds like a nice time away. Too bad you had to kill him after the mini-bar incident. Pity.

You are so like me, if I go to a place and they have bacon and eggs on the menu, and a bacon and egg toasted sandwich, guaranteed the sandwich (which has the EXACT same ingredients) costs half the price!! Guess which one I will buy?

Hope the hotel was lovely tho'

Can I make a confession? Sometimes I take stuff from the mini-bar (which goes against my frugal nature) BUT! I always buy replacements from the local convenience store before they come around to tally it all up. Win/Win!

Like "eating your cashews when you need them, without paying double", if there is indeed such a saying.

Mmmm... beautiful Camps Bay... that brings back memories! You lucky fish... :-)

I'm equally allergic to the mini-bar - I've never, ever, been tempted to delve in. Jeez, Marko could've got a whole trolleyload of chocolate from the Pick 'n Pay just down the road for what I'll bet that chocolate cost him... but as long as he enjoyed it...

I love insanely overpriced hotel breakfasts—but it really helps if one can submit the bill on an expense report.

My husband once drank a can (!) of beer from the minibar. Insane!

We love Camps Bay. Our favorite Cape Town restaurant is there. Also wanted to say that I saw your Great Expectations show. You looked gorgeous!

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