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From what I've heard side-effects are bad for the first 2 weeks and then ease off. I hope the meds worked for you. My husband had depression. I didn't realise until he woke up one day and said he no longer loved me. Meds helped him but unfortunately the love never returned and he sees me as a 'friend'. We have a 14 month old son. Depression sucks!!

Tertia, I hope this doesn't spoil your holiday ... just hang in there, you're going to beat this. I've dropped you an email, v n.b. hope it comes through.

I'm so sorry about the muscle spasms. The exact opposite happened for me surprisingly. The only thing I can chalk it up to is the mixing of meds, ie. starting one while going off another. Which is totally necessary...but hard to do. This may be the fluoxetine leaving your system, not the new stuff coming in. I just don't know! Hope you're doing better soon.

I am sorry to hear about all this! I hope everything works out soon - you do not sound like you are quite in a happy place yet.

The side effects are worst before the beneficial effects kick in. Just re-starting Wellbutrin myself and am hoping that the side effects will be less annoying this time around. There is an extended release form of Wellbutrin which keeps a steadier dose of it in one's system. You might look into switching to that once you're up to the "right" amount - that might help.

Last time around I found the side effects were manageable after about 3 weeks - didn't go away but the therapeutic effect made it worthwhile. Hang in there!

Maybe you can stay at the 1.5 dose until you level off a little bit? I know exactly where you are coming from. I used to think when getting used to ADs that at least when I was depressed I'd get a break from feeling sad once in a while- but those first few weeks on ADs made me feel absolutely sick and awful with no break whatsoever. Hang in there. New Shrink sounds like a great idea.

Give the wellbutrin a chance hon. The side effects sound about normal to me - sucky, but normal. And I don't think there's really a need to search for a new doc. He's not making you suffer on one med past the point of where it should stop with the adjustment side effects. He just can't predict how your body will react to avoid, because everyone reacts differently, and everyone even reacts differently at different points in their lives. As for thinking your making the symptoms up, he won't. He's trained to know about these things, so he knows that it takes some people 4, 5, 6, 7, etc. different kinds of meds and combinations of meds to find the right thing for them. So don't give up on the meds, and you may not want to give up on him yet either.

As for feeling like they'll never work for you, or like you're the only one reacting badly... Just hang in there. It may take a while, but you will eventually find the right treatment, and you are definitely not the only one having trouble finding it.

Happy Holidays (or, at least, try for them to be)!

I can almost guarantee you that what you are experiencing is the weaning from the Prozac, and not the start up from the Wellbutrin.

When I weaned from Lexapro to Wellbutrin several years ago, I was convinced that Wellbutrin was of the devil. I had nausea, dizziness, muscle aches, insomnia, double vision-- you name it, the works. Horrible horrible. (I know that I probably blogged about it way back in the day... I can try to find it and send you a link to the post.) But after a month, I was great, and after hearing about other people's nasty experiences weaning off of SSRIs, I am convinced that it was actually the Lexapro withdrawl that was making me miserable. And I've had several friends go on Wellbutrin, with no weaning from another drug involved, and they were absolutely fine. (Also on the plus side, weaning off of Wellbutrin was super easy as well.)

Email me if you want some emotional support-- I really know what you are going through. It will be so much better in about three weeks.

(Oh! And remember not to take the Wellbutrin before bed. It is a stimulant.)

I sure hope that the muscle spasms stop for you. I find that when I am on Wellbutrin I am actually able to relax. (oh maybe I will get pregnant now, eh?) RIGHT!

I don't have as many trips to the chiropractor when I am on it as my neck muscles aren't in a bunch all day.

I hope it works for you but if not don't give up until you find what is right for you. Everyone handles medication differently and you don't want to just live with depression because you have so many great things in your life that you need to be able to enjoy them. Take care and hopefully taking some time off work will be good and you will get evened out with the meds. Happy Holidays!

Man I am sorry you are feeling so bad, my friend. I have no advice on the pills but I am betting you can get over it. You are a strong woman (though you may not think so yourself).

Keep on keepin' on, sweetie.

I have absolutely no experience with this, but isn't it correct that it is common for people to need to try several ADs before finding one that works? Here is just the first link I found about it ...


Hang in there ...

If the side effects continue, consider Zoloft. The big "Z" is a life safer in our household.


So sorry to hear your frustrations with the meds. Does lower dosage, like 1 pill lessen the side effects for you? I'm not medical expert but I *am* wondering about the 2 pill a day thing...it seems excessive.

Hang in there. We're here for you.

wellbutrin made me throw up.

finding the right antidepressant in general is sort of like throwing darts at a target blindfolded and facing the wrong way. you can find yourself a new shrink, but there's no reason to think, really, that the new one will be any better than the old one in helping you find the right med. you simply try them until you hit the one that sucks the least.

of course when you run out of single options to try, you'll start mixing them up in different combinations. that's where things get exciting.

while you do this, there's now a reason you can apologize to marko: uncontrollable horniness is also a documented side effect of wellbutrin. it would seem that you don't have that, which is a pity.

I was going to offer Keri's suggestion, or perhaps weaning ON at a slower rate (after talking to your doctor first of course). What if you took half a pill for a few weeks, rather than one, then upped it to one and so on?

I hope you are feeling better soon. Remember when you thought the Prozac was great until the s/e got to be too much? Maybe you are having the opposite experience now - troublesome side effects that lead to great results!

Best Wishes.

I am all for your idea to switch to a pharmacology savvy psychiatrist. Side effects should be tolerable, they shouldn't add to your misery. A really great doc will tell you the same. Good luck.

something will work! Wellbutrin is notorious for wierd effects for the first 1 to 3 weeks. You might ask for Buspar to take the edge off of the anxiety.

Friend of mine (I know, we all hate stories that begin like this!) went off AD's when pregnant - had been very happy with her AD - no problems, no serious side effects. 6 months after delivery, needed to get back on them. Went back to her regular AD - didn't work. Tried another - didn't work. 3rd drug was a charm. When she asked her doctor why the old AD didn't work, her dr. said sometimes women's body chemistry and even brain chemistry can change after pregnancy, so that drugs (and not just AD's) work differently than they did before.

I don't have experience w/AD's, but I can tell you after each pregnancy, my allergies were different, and I had to try different meds to get them under control. So maybe it's true. Good luck!

Oh sweetie, I'm sorry you're having a hard time with these meds. I know there are lots of positive, encouraging comments, and I'm sorry mine is not one of those, but the things you are going through are the exact reason I've made every effort to get over depression/anxiety on my own rather than with meds. My two attempts at meds (Zoloft once, Lexapro once) were unparalled disasters of side effects. My drug-pushing primary care physician even gave me Lexapro when I was already suffering from a 13-hour west to east jet lag - after I lay awake in bed for 2 nights in a row with zero sleep, I threw in the towel on the Lexapro. She also had me on Klonopin (like Valium), sleep meds, etc... I said "ENOUGH" to all the drugs. Too many drugs, too many side effects.

I know a lot of people find great success on the ADs if they can stomach the side effects of the on and off of each pill/pill combo they take. I couldn't stomach those segues. I decided I could tolerate my depression/anxiety better than I could tolerate the meds. I'm not necessarily recommending you do the same; I'm just giving another perspective.

How often I have wished I was always a happy-go-lucky person.

Give the Wellbutrin a go, and if it doesn't work, try Zoloft. I heart my Zoloft. I miss my Zoloft. I think I may love it more than I love chocolate.

I tried Wellbutrin to quit smoking years ago, and it did NOTHING for me. Nothing good, nothing bad, I might as well have been taking a sugar pill. Zoloft, though, ahhhh.... Sweet, sweet Zoloft. 100 milligrams makes the whole world seem less annoying. It increases my capacity for letting things roll off of my back, and decreases my "give a shit." Cut me off in traffic? If I'm on Zoloft, I just don't give a shit. Jump the line? I don't give a shit. But boy, oh, boy, just try to do those things when I'm off Zoloft. Grrrr...

I'm pregnant now, and I have weaned myself off of Zoloft, and I don't like myself anymore. I can't wait to have this baby so that I can have my sweet Zoloft back. And wine. I miss wine.

Oh, and, while I cannot give you a massage from here, I can send you hot male masseuse to your house... think Marko would mind?

Hang in there....were all rooting for you!!! Transistion time between meds SUCKS big time. My shrink might be adding Well to my Lexapro after New Years and I am dreading it but desperatley need a pick me up (no energy & loads of headaches!) Thinking of you & hugs.


Google Lexapro.

It took FOUR days for me. No side effects. I realize your mileage may vary, but...

Wonder why no discussion here?

Hang in there, T. Sounds bad now, but if your body starts to adapt, I hope you'll feel better by Christmas. Don't give up - you do sound somewhat anxious and depressed, and I hope that will improve soon.
Best wishes for a happy family Christmas, relaxing and peaceful and filled with childrens' laughter.

I tried Zoloft and Wellbutrin for my PPD. The Zoloft got me through the worst of the PPD, but I still felt down all the time and unmotivated and tired and sad. The Zoloft wasn't helping. so I went off it and I was the same off it as on it. But I could have orgasms again, so hmmm. But the depression was still there, so I tried Wellbutrin. It made me anxious and upset, made my muscles tense and made me think about the unbelieveable underlying sadness of life. This is so not me....I am Miss Optimism.

So I went off the Wellbutrin and went to the endocrinologist and he tested my thryoid. Guess what? My thyroid was low and he said I have Hashimoto's, so it will probably continue to decrease. He put me on Synthroid in addition to the natural thyroid I had been taking before, and voila! After a week, no depression. Interesting, huh?

Get your hormone levels checked out, just in case. You never know. But in any case, I hope you find the right pill.

No assvice, but I hope this will bring a bit of Christmas cheer to you and Melanie: http://nobaddays.wordpress.com/2006/12/15/on-the-second-day-of-christmas-two-sisters-blogging-for-a-great-cause/

Hey T. I'm so sorry this is going so rough for you. I know we've talked a couple of times about Depression. I'm so sorry you're having to go through it again. When I went to my doc, se put me on Zoloft and Wellbutrin. She said that they work in two different ways on two different hormones (Seratonin and Dopamine ???). The Zoloft helped so that I was down-down-down all the time, but I still felt completely overwhelmed by anything. I mean if one thing in my day changed, everything went down the tubes and I completely lost it. The WEllbutrin helped me get through that. Some people say to take it in the morning b/c it can cause insomnia. No one ever told me that and I started taking it at night. I think it helped me sleep better. When I told the pharmacist that, she said that means that I probably had a correct diagnosis and the doctor did well to prescribe it. Hope the info helps. Jill

I haven't read the comments, but let me relate my second hand experience. My ex had some really serious problems (depression plus more). He spent a week in a psych ward, and then it still took over a year to get him on the right medication. There were some really good shrinks working with him - this is just hit or miss stuff. The doc who ended up getting it right was a neurologist, not a psychiatrist. Maybe you want to consider that.

But I agree with the others - give it a few more weeks.Hang in there.


Well, i'm on wellbutrin and I don't really like it either. I can't say that the sexual side effects are any different. There are different TYPES of antidepressants. You may want to try an SSRI like Lexapro, instead of a tricyclic like Wellbutrin. If you find that the SSRI's work for you, all SSRI's will work for you, meaning you can switch to the different kinds of ssri's to find one with side effects that you can handle. I personally like Lexapro, but after I had my son, it didn't work so well. So, I switched to Wellbutrin. Also may want to suggest mixing with something such as Xanax or Clonopin to level the anxiety and help even everything out. Hopefully you will find what works for you. Sometimes it does take a while, but it's worth it in the end if you can find one that makes you feel the most normal. Good Luck!

Can only talk in terms of my own experiences, but for what it's worth...I had been stable on X medication for five years before having kids. After kids my body chemistry must have changed (or the illness did, or something) because the doses of X I needed to make me feel normal were so high that I was in a complete fog or asleep most of the time - not good with two kids under 3 running about. There began the Great Medication Roundabout of 2003-2004. Dr. tried me on Lovan (Prozac by another name)...lost about 4 kilos in four weeks, felt fantastic, no libido whatsoever, no sleep for 3 weeks ergo intolerable. Came off Lovan and went onto Avanza..gained 8 kilos in a matter of minutes, felt great but had to take them about 7pm else I was totally zonked the next morning. About 45 minutes after taking them I was out for the night...not a lot of fun for me and certainly no fun at all for DH. Then the doctor tried Allegron - an oldie but a goodie, and here's the best bit...no noticeable side effects, apart from initial weightloss when I went off Avanza. Doesn't leave me drowsy or wide awake, no effect on libido...good, good all good.
Bottom line is that sometimes it takes a while to find the right dosage and the right medication. It's not a pleasant thing, the medication merrygoround, but when you hit the right pills in the right dose, it's worth it.

is there a reason zoloft is contraindicated in your case? paxil? are they not available in SA?

btw also have hashimoto's...worth getting thyroid checked w/ any kind of depression.

well... when it comes to medical anomalies- you're a pro! does your current shrink know this?

Must second the Lexapro. This is a fantastic new drug. It's got a really fast adjustment period........ it's a great one.

In the meantime, to help you feel okay, ask if you can have some Ativan ...

yeah, I had the same issues as you and have tried many of the same pills. Lexapro was the last round and then I was done. Alprazolam seemed to work best for me if I took it only during a real attack and took nothing for the day to day overall anxiety I have.

Maybe the pills aren't working because your problem is not chemical. Not all depression or anxiety is. I had to find that out the hard way...

What finally worked for me was finding the right therapist who helped me figure out the source of the anxiety, versus treating the symptoms of it.

Mine was that after years of a crappy life, I finally have a life I could only dream of before (though I don't yet have those kids so I can't say "I've arrived" like you can) and now I suddenly have something to lose. The worry about losing it all after struggling so hard and so long to find it was undoing me.

Once I developed a plan that would help me get through what I perceived was the worst thing that could ever happen to me, I started to feel less anxious every day.

Hope you can find something like that.

Tertia darling,

Some people don't have a good time on Wellbutrin. It's a miracle drug for some people with a specific kind of mental problem, but I have discovered that those who are high strung and prone to mindfuckery just get more mental on it rather than less.

At least, that was my experience.

I'm now trying to wean myself off the Paxil as I've been on it for 12 years and would like to know if I'm actually any less apeshit crazy.



As a well known Dr of pain administration I need to point out that a side effect of this can be the weaking of your CAPS or procelean teeth.

Beware or it will be TEEF


Are you seeing a therapist as well? I suppose that would be hard with your hectic schedule. I started seeing one after #2 born - I was having panics - and he has helped me tremendously. Life, as you well know, will never be the same after having children - that includes one's body and mind. I empathize with your frustration, and perhaps this vacation will serve you well. Best wishes.

it may be of small comfort, but comfort at least, to know that you're not the only one worried that there may not be any pills that work for you out there. i know there are, for both of us, but i'm too afraid to deal with the terrible effects of going off / starting new meds, that i've been on the same sorta-working (sometimes?) meds for over three years now.
gawd, that seems like such a long time. but i know it'd seem like a MUCH longer time if i wasn't on them!

onwards and forwards indeed. that's the spirit (sometimes all that keeps me going, heh)

I am a depressant by nature but am now doing OK drug free. A few years ago I decided to try a Naturopath and was truly amazed at what she accomplished. One of the most interesting things was something called "emotional cleansing". It is a wonderful tool to have in your arsenal when those black clouds try rolling in.

People are less moral than 30 years ago

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