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Ahh, the "truck." It took me about a week to realize my son wasn't dropping the F-Bomb, but saying TRuck. We live across the street from a fire station which sounds dreadful, but we live in the middle of nowhere, so rarely do we hear a peep, er, siren. Mega LOVES the firetrucks and we see them all the time, just sort of tooling around. Every time he sees one, it produces that not-so-naughty word... *sigh* Truly, good stuff.

Now when he's 16 and I overhear him use that word on the phone, I will just remind myself of the good ol' days when that really wasn't a bad word. :-)

My girlfriends little guy used to say the same thing. The funniest was when he used to say Chocolate Truck. It would come out " Fuck it Fuck". We used to make him say it over and over and kill ourselves laughing, until my 7 year old caught on to what he was saying. We did get it on video though, and I'm sure it will embarrass him at his wedding!!

Too fucking funny!

I love it! My favorite word :)

My son also loved trucks and he loved this book:
Trucks (Chunky Board Book) (Hardcover)
by Byron Barton

I think it is out of print but you can buy it used on Amazon or half.com. It helped my son learn to read, too. It is very simple pictures of different types of trucks and simple, repetitive language. It is also a board book so it's indestructible.

My 21-month old boys prefer "cuck!". Especially, "biiiiiiig cuck!". Which, you know, is not any better, but just as funny.

Try out a dump truck on him. My little guy says "dumb f*ck" every time. And, like Adam, announces them when he sees them: "there's a dumb f*ck!" Why, yes there is. Lots of them, in fact.

Very very childish. Also pant-wettingly funny. I utterly *love* Heather's suggestion, and will zealously hoard it to introduce when my son starts speaking - the joy!

My brother was NOTORIOUS for this slip up. Lovely when your dad's a minister.

My daughter used to say "cuck" and I would emphasize "Yes, that is a TRRRRR-uck!!". She also called birdies "boobies". So cucks and boobies. Oh, and cats were (kitties) "clitties". My mother in law used to say "Say kitty, say kitty." and then laugh so hard she'd snort. My son resorted to the now-boring "fuck" for truck/stuck/duck but his first word EVER was "shit" clear as a bell, so to each his own :P

OMG, Tertia, that is hilarious! I so needed a laugh tonight and you totally delivered. Thank you!

LOL so cute and funny, T! Thanks for posting this. I can't wait until Drew hits this stage ;)

Ah, yes, I remember those days well. "Fire fuck! Garbage fuck! Blue fuck! Big fuck!"

Thanks for making my New Year's Eve at home alone with the twins something to laugh about!!! Sooooo funny! I am PML!!! xoxo

Ha..Adam has the same speech quirk as I did. Apparently, I used to run around outside screaming "Where's my fuck?" while my mother stood on the porch saying "I don't know where your TRUCK is".


Thanks for the laughs. All of you. Really. Too, too funny!

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