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AH! The beach! Sitting here in 48 degree drizzly weather - the beach sounds like a splendid place to me! The kids look cute in their hats! Sorry that Adam had a not-so-great experience with the water - give it some time and try again...he might surprise you!

The beach? I think I remember those...the places with water and sand? Yea, I've been there. Sigh.

So. . .now I just want to forget cold and foggy Britain . . out and about christmas shopping with hat and scarf and gloves. . . . and just go to a South African beach.(Sigh)The smell of the Ocean is very appealing.I know I always say this but Adam and Kate are fabulous. . .they look very happy and healthy.

merry merry christmas tertia!

You are so very brave to take them to the beach! I live 8 miles away from beaches that are always empty and I have not yet taken Evan & Sammy. I keep thinking the kids will hate walking on the hot sand, get sand in their eyes, mouth, whatever, will be bored, will get sunburned, will drown! etc.
I see you have got it totally under control and the kids are loving it! So, you have inspired me to take mine... in February as soon as they turn 2. Thanks!

You have only ever taken them twice!? No Tertia, you should be ashamed! lol

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