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a fart you could blame on someone else tho I mean the new kid wouldn't fart so early on.

Sorry you are feeling fragile I hope things settle down real quick and your back to being a G&D desk jockey in no time :)

Aw :( I'm doing temp work now so it's like a new job every week. I feel for you. :( You'll be gorgeous soon enough and your new co-workers will say. "Hey where's this lady been for the last five years!?!?!?"

Shame Tersh - that's horrid. I know that feeling well. You will become number 1 gorgeous and divine employee VERY soon. Promise. Love you. Hang in there.

Oh God Tertia, I SO hear you. I just started a new job two months ago, and am STILL trying to figure out how things work. It DOES get better, though. I promise. Why now I only want to cry about once/day! That's real progress.

OMG, what are they going to do when they find out that not only are you G&D, but that you are a famous author, and that you have one of the most well read blogs on the internet...

Change, even good change, is hard. Hang in there, you'll have them eating out of your G&D hand in no time!

I feel for you! Hang in there and pray for silent farts...at least for a little while longer.

Being the new kid sure sucks! BUT remember that soon enough you will be the old kid on the block and any new kids will adore and look up to your G&D self... As they say - this too shall pass! Take care and enjoy the challenge :)

Awww hon. Sending smooches - being the new kid totally sucks. Hope that it all settles down in time for you to relax for Crimbo. Just make sure you don't eat beans for dinner ;)

Just think - it could be 10x worse - you could be one of those 90% developing in Domino ;) Bwhahahahhahahaha!!

[I used to work/PM/develop a system developed in Domino. No dissing your wonderful company, but.... ARRRRRGH!]

Hang in there, Tertia. It'll get better.

Just think of all you've been through- this is only a blip, right? Just say that over and over until it's really over or you truly believe it! ;) On another note, does anyone know what's going on with the Ovary's site? I can't get on anymore...need a password?

Well, the good news it that usually when you start a new gig they don't expect much from you, so, consider it a vacation of sorts!

I think it's the "little" things like not knowing how to use the phones or the internal mail that are the absolute worst. They're things you will assume you will be able to do, you'll think "I'll just pop this in the internal mail for so-and-so" then suddenly there's s screeching of mental brakes as you come up against the giant brick wall of "how the fuck do I do that?".

Moving from the UK to the US it has always been the supposedly little details that made me feel like a complete fish out of water and make the prospect of running home to mummy and daddy and a much less well paid career seem a little more pleasant. Things like getting contraception, I assumed it would be easy: call doctor, see doctor next week or so, get prescription. Nooooo, I had to make an appointment for THREE MONTHS away because it wasn't "urgent". Finding a mending kit: went to department store, asked for haberdashery department, got blank look, explained what haberdashery is, got further blank look, left store. Tried craft store: lots of embroidery thread and sewing supplies, no handy mending kit. Gave up and called my auntie, who told me what type of store to look in.

I didn't know what brand of anything was the "good" brand, or the one I'd like, food shopping was full of "wait, I can't get xxxx here?" moments. Not to mention NOT BEING ABLE TO FIND GOOD CHEESE FOR TWO YEARS (until someone told me about the non mainstream supermarkets).

I hear your frustrations - have been there and done that(yes, it does get better, eventually and before you know it you are part of the furniture). You have a beautiful blog!

Maybe this website will be your "way out" of having to deal with the change. I know how stressful they are...

BTW - what happened with Karen? We miss her...

Love, K

Far better to be the new woman who swears than the new woman who's always letting farts slip out. You'd totally get a horrible nickname for that. Ms. McStinky. Assy McBurble. Tertiass. "Beans" Albertyn.

I went to look on Karen's site and it's password protected now? Is she completely privatizing her life? Tell her I'm sad to hear it, but understand if you would please. I'll miss her and little Maya

hey t.
please find out if karen over at NO is ok...and if internet common folk are allowed to receive a password.
and send our support
and kick any nasty flaming trolls

I cried at work the other day. Same job, which I love, but boss is teaching me new stuff and my brain was melting.
It will get better, it always does and then you laugh at how nervous you were back then.

I've been mia (due to aforementioned new work stuff) what's up with Karen?

Karen is fine. She just decided to close down her blog and password protected it long enough to do something with it (I forget what but she mentioned it on her last unprotected blog entry.) I think she mentioned perhaps starting another blog at another time...
(just a longtime blog reader of hers...maybe the G & D Tertia knows more.)

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