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Your children are gorgeous, all tan and healthy looking!

I AM worred about Karen... her site all locked down makes me think I missed something..... Thanks for the update!

Just noticed your kiddos long, lean, tanned legs! Those are not hammy, chubby baby legs anymore - you have yourself some big kids. Very happy/sad for you about that. They are beautiful and for that, I am only happy for you.

Thanks for the news on Karen. I hadn't been able to access her site since she locked it and I've been worried about her.

Enjoy your summer!

I know exactly what you mean. I contacted Mark Forrester as soon as I saw Mike's new design and asked for a quote to redesign chilibean. What an awesome design!

As for your Geek Dinner, this is a reason I really need to make a plan to visit y'all in Cape Town. I took a look at the list of people attending the dinner and, wow, what a list of luminaries! Sadly I will miss this one and hope to be there for the next one.

what gorgeous pics of your kids - love the way Adam is sleeping.
thanks fo the news on Karen, I spent 1/2 a day reading her arcihves before she locked and took a few last looks at the most beautiful MP pics. Glad that its all for good reasons she has left us without her brilliant posts

OMG those photos of Adam are hilarious!!!!!

I'm so sad about Karen, the link your provided just takes us to a locked-out site. Sigh. I miss her, but know she has her reasons. Good to know she's doing well, and that gorgeous Maya Papaya!

Hi Tertia,

Thanks for the mention, I'm glad you like Mike's new site template. I'd definitely be interested in helping you out with a re-design. I'm sure it would be some great exposure for me as your site seems to be growing more and more every month!

Please drop me an email and I'll get back to you shortly :)

Yay! Glad you're coming through to the geek dinner Tertia. Will be good to meet you :-)

The kids are gorgeous! I'm beyond jealous of Adam's sleeping talents. The kid is a star.

Thanks so much for the Karen update. I had been a bit worried. I saw her closing post, but then didn't get back in to see what the whole kerfuffle was all about before it went password only. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that she's doing well with the divine Miss Maya and hottie hubbie. Let her know we're thinking about her, OK?

Thanks for the update on Karen. I almost emailed you to ask about her.

It is too bad that she has to feel like she can't continue her fabulous site because she is afraid of some wacko.

(love the photos...!!)

Okay now, explain to me exactly how Adam managed to fall asleep practically standing up? That is quite a talent... has he been practicing?

love Adam sleeping that way!
does anyone have an email address for Karen? I have been worrying about she and Random and Maya...

Hi Vanessa,

My email address is in my link. A lot of people have emailed to ask me what is going on. (Thank you to everyone! I am slogging through the emails but my MIL has been in town so it might take a while, LOL.)

I had to close down my site, and I did it for a number of reasons. The password is only there until I get my blog "slurped" into a book form so I don't lose all my archives. I'm really, really sad about closing (last week was tough) but it *is* a happy ending and I am so thankful that I've had this chance to get to *know* everyone and to connect with so many people.

Random thanks you for the hot plug.

(Love you T.--awesome shots of your kiddos!)

Karen - will miss your writing very much

Karen- Was a long time reader but mostly lurker. Sad to see you go, but I wish you well.

Cute kiddie photos! I love how toddlers can twist into pretzels and all but do somersaults, and still remain fast asleep. And yet, if I walk past my wee man and my knees so much as crack, he sits up, wide awake.

Karen, I've read your site for the longest time, and am sad to see you go. Thanks for letting us travel along with you for a short while, and I'm so glad that you, Random, and Maya Papaya got the happy Beginning and you hoped for.

I don't know about Karen's husband, but Marko looks pretty hot in that second shot! Woo-hoo!

I'll second Anna!

Thanks for the update on Karen. I'll miss her site tremendously! I hope she comes back!

love the kiddy pictures- that one of adam is hysterical!

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