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Just WHO are you calling a "Bloody Hot Ho?" I'm insulted.

Also very sorry to see that your children are glum on Christmas Day. Maybe they'll be in better spirits next year. LOL

Seriously, though... those two cuties are utterly edible! How do you manage to not squeeze them to pieces each day?

I see that Adam is sporting a Madagascar shirt. We LOVE that movie - so funny! Do your kids love King Julian, and the "Move it, move it" song? Ordinary things are now related to Madagascar... including a black and white shirt that I had Samantha wearing yesterday. I pulled it out for her to wear, and she shouted "Marty!" LOL

Hope your Christmas was Merry. :-)

I remember you from the days of "The Labor of Love". ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL children. I could look at their photos again and again. LOVELY! We are so blessed (mine are 1 & 3 - I never thought it would happen either...)

K&A are SO CUTE AND PERFECT! Thanks for sharing your story and words. I hope that this website is able to bring you what you want!
Love, K

Oh, you have two of the loveliest children I have ever seen!

Merry Christmas, Tertia, to you and your beautiful family!

I'd hand over a big pile of cash to have hair like Kate. And I'll just bet she doesn't even appreciate it.
Merry Christmas Tertia

Jesus they are cuties! I love those dolls.

Such cuties...hope Santa brought them everything they wanted!

Cutie-freakin'-patooties! Wow! Your kids are looking ultra gorgeous today! And, is that reddish hair i see on Kate? I keep seeing your beautiful kids' pictures and remembering you and I remarking our kids were not "modelesque" for babies... well, guess what, T.????
They are perfectly beautiful toddlers! I lurve looking at your happy, adorable kids. How do you get the money shot every time? Have you trained them to smile for the camera? I can't even get mine to sit still for a photo, let alone smile when I want them to!
Merry Christas, mama!!

hot? HOT? Can I have some please? Tank tops and 35 degree weather just aren't cutting it for me this year.

Merry Christmas!!!

Wishing you all the peace, hope, love and joy of the Christmas season. You go to the beach for me, and I'll take the kids sledding for you - we'll all have a great holiday!

I just cannot believe how big they are getting. It's just amazing to watch them grow - they are so damn cute!

Oh so cute! I think this is my favorite pic of Kate ever.

is bloody marry real.

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