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:) Now THAT's the life

That is so cool, wish I could do that!

And YAY that they still have bottles...so they should!

Too cute!! Mine had his bottle until 2.5 or so. I could've cared less if he kept it longer. Whatever works.

Ahhh look at Kate's curls. How delicious those kiddies are. Give them kisses for us, ok?

Awwww...they are TOO CUTE! I'm glad they still have their bottles too. I am not even going to TRY to get H and E off of their's until next year.

Hey, because I am watching the Wiggles and I just thought of it...

Fuck, Marry, Kill...Anthony, Greg, Jeff???

Absolutely adorable!

I'm a pretty regular reader who doesn't comment all that often, and this photo reminded me that I wanted to offer some assvice a while ago and never got around to it...first I should say that this piece of assvice is honestly and totally not out of any sort of judgment, and I completely and totally agree with sweetisu's comment above. Hell, I still warm milk 3 times a day for my 18-month old (egads) and quite frankly I don't give a damn if she still wants warm milk when she's 16, as long as she drinks the stuff.

That said, just in case you want to try a different kind of sippy cup for whatever reason...I'm not actually sure if you could have these shipped to So. Africa (pardon my ignorance), but have you heard of these Nuby sippy cups? They are really awesome, and I think they are not so bad in the dental department yet are still nice and soft/comforting like bottle "teats" (how is that worse than "nipple" -- actually doesn't seem as bad to me, American though I may be). Might be worth a try...my girl loves them.

As long as I'm hijacking your comments section, also just wanted to send you some support in the department of blogging about your kids. I honestly haven't read all of the comments on that, but I don't 100% see what the problem is there, nor how it's any different from having a family/child web site and publishing that on the 'net. As for googling their names when they get older and finding embarrassing info, couldn't you just address that with them then, and if they're embarrassed, take it of the web? Maybe I'm just being naive, but figured I'd add my two cents, if a bit late in the game.

Okay, ending this now. Sorry. Too much caffeine and not enough sleep today. Hope you won't mind the long comment, assvice and all!

Yep-- I am going to second the nubby sippy cups! They are outstanding!

Awwww! They look so cosy and warm and loved uo! What a life (sigh). They are adorable Tertia. . you must be one proud Mummy.

I love this picture, but what I love the most is them both holding their Bubbies in their hands while they drink their milk. My daughter (2 years old) does the same thing.

What an adorable picture. I love that they still have their bottles; Jacob won't use one anymore; I wish he would, though. My DH took all the bottles away when Jake turned one. Again, your kids are just so darn cute. :)

sweet adorable little darlings! How I wish I could give them a big hug!! You are so lucky....!!!

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