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This happened to me on a different site - I had cautioned the group about counting on medical insurance. I had great insurance until after the 8th MRI, trying to find out what was wrong with me. Then they dropped me like a hot potato. I used up savings to pay medical bills, couldn't work anymore, and was lamenting the fact that I had expected to spend the next 20 years working to secure my "old age". I'd spend the last 20 raising my son mostly as a single mother.

For some reason, one woman laid into me for being too stupid to plan ahead for such a thing. She was smart and had disability insurance, savings up the butt, IRA, stocks, etc. And it was people like her who made it easy for people like me to be on Easy Street cause I was on Disability.

All I had been saying was you can't always count on the system (insurance in this case) to do what they're supposed to do.

Next thing I knew, half of the women in there ganged up on me, and spouted off more of the same that the first woman had, and the other half didn't say a word, altho some of them emailed me privately, feeling bad for me.

I lost respect for the first group of women for their pack mentality and also for the second group of women for not having to courage to speak up "on my side" rather than email me privately.

I rarely comment for that reason, and have not involved myself in an online community since.

That anonyomous shit sucks the big one. No respect. Women who attack each other because of breast/not breast feeding, car seats, clothe/paper diapers, immunizations. I've seen new mothers come in for help on something and get reamed a new one instead.

The Internet showed me the ugly side of people, and frankly, I'm becoming a hermit because of it.

MsShad, I am with you. I have seen the worst of the worst and also been on the receiving end. I don't post much on my old board, IVFconnections... there! i said it! I only really post with the same very small group of women who had their children in the same month as mine. We are about down to 6 people now. I have moved *by invitation* to another board that was started by women from this community who couldn't take the hatred and B.S. anymore. Also, we can curse all we like over there and get to be the true potty-mouths that we were born to be!

T., you have seen my rant against one of your trolls recently... i agree with you that everyone should have the courage of their convictions, or, be silent, but, never be anonymous just to be able to get away with hurting someone else. That just sux.

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