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OHMIGOD! You look like a fucking celebrity! And, yes, of course we noticed you weren't around... Hope you can get your YouTube act together so that we in the States can get a glimpse of your television fabulosity! Congrats on the media attention! You deserve it!

I totally noticed you hadn't posted. I think this is all just fabulous and couldn't have happened to a nicer person. Enjoy your 15 minutes darling!

Lovely photo of you and your BFF. I am now even more jealous of your fame and beauty since I see that you have nice feet. I covet nice feet.

So much to say but I can't get it out until I tell you---in America, a blow job is something, er, a little closer to what Marko likes to do when he's stressed. If you get my drift. :-)


Oh my goodness - I love her jeans! You both look amazing! Congrats on all the attention - you definitely deserve it.

Pretty frock.

What d'you call a deer with no eyes and no legs?

Still no-eye deer.

What do you call a deer with no eyes, no legs, and who has been castrated?

No fucking idea.

But seriously, congrats on the recognition. Sounds like you are having a blast.

Oops. Sorry, I messed up the punch line.

It is...

still no fucking idea.


It's Carte Blanche right? Has to be - nothing else is bigger than them! Please let us know before the airing of the show, I want my folks to tape it for me! Congratulations, well done and all that goes with it. Thank you, for speaking up and out for so many infertiles!


Would it be foolish to admit how many times I re-read the bits about the blow jobs before realizing this was one of those idioms with a whole other meaning than I knew about. Aaah, now I get it...

"Notice the lovely blow job I had that day as well."
Bet Marko was thrilled.
Hahahahahaha : )

K's usual answer to all problems is a blow job -
and he is not referring to my hair.

You look fabulous -
what a whirlwind!

you look beautiful; eyes or no eyes!! I am cracking up still about your mushroom comment; that gets me laughing everytime! Sounds like you are having an incredibly exciting time!! Good luck xxx

Blow job - heh.

Is it me or is your hair also looking blonder? Looks lovely regardless.

So happy for the attention your book is getting. Not knowing any SA television, I am imagining Oprah herself interviewing you about your book. Pretty awesome.

Congrats about your busy and exciting life (and I had been wondering what was up - where my guaranteed daily read was! Glad to hear what it was postponed for!)

Nice blow job (hehe), super cool jeans, pretty dress, and love the blonde...but I just MUST mention the teeth! Your teeth look fabulous! The braces really paid off, eh?

when did you go blonde? Still laughing about the blow jobs.

Good Lord, you look positively GIRLY in that photo!

tee hee... blow job.... *snicker*

( American here, can you tell?)

Okay, the blow job thing is cracking me up here. Is that what you really call a blow dry there, and if so, then what do you call the act of, well, what we up here in the USA call a blow job?

Inquiring minds want to know.

you two look ADORABLE. and thanks for the marko stories, they're always amusing (MEN!!! eh?)

Bloody gorgeous friends. Grr. Love you lots. You both look FAB! Yay. xxx

Carte Blanche, Ruda Landman, and I know I don't get the Noddy Badge, but I am right, right? Gotta get your autograph!!!

No, (in answer to some of the other comments) we do not all call a blow dry a blow job, I think that is just a Tertia-ism. Or have I had my head buried in the sand for a while?? We also have a delightful drink called a blow job. Try and order that at a pub overseas!

Tertia you look absolutely G&D. I cannot wait for the TV show. Has to be CB. And I totally agree with you about men. Mine had a car accident, broke his collar-bone and guess what he wanted when we got home from the hospital!!

I wish I lived in SA so I could see those shows, the mag, and the book! When is it coming to the US already!?!?

You kept saying blow job and while I know what you meant it still cracks me up. LOL

No Eye Dear BWHAHAHA! Man either that is fuckin hilarious or I REALLY need to get to bed.

Blow job...hehe...and you can get them to come to your house?

Marko must love it.

What a great photo, you are getting blonder with every photo shoot, it is a side effect of the dazzling spotlight of fame?

My parents just got home from their week near Cape Town, they loved it, I think my Mum wants to retire there now!

Tertia, you look even more G&D than usual! Love your dress, too. I knew blow jobs were supposed to be healthy, but wow!!

(That's what you get for having all of us pervy Americans read your blog!)

Totally off subject.. WHERE did your friend get her AWESOME PANTS???? Am salivating all over the computer.... must have those pants!!

Glad to see you're back. You were missed. BTW, you look fabulous in the pic! Congrats on all the publicity for the book. I'm so sorry I can't see any of it, being here in America and all. If you can post any of it on YouTube, let us know! BTW, some friends gave us a bottle of wine from SA the other evening. I can't remember what winery.

T, my infertile friends and I will be glued to the TV on Sunday night....yes, we do get M-Net in Zimbabwe! Let us know if it is definitely being aired ok? Can't wait!!!

OK - must ask - is Marko a Virgo?

When crunch time is upon us, DH (Virgo, son of Virgo, father of 2 virgos - I'm a virgo magnet!) can be found dust-busting the car, rinsing his laundry for the second time (and he uses liquid laundry detergent!) or sweeping the sidewalk in front of the house.


you really do have to stop saying blow job. It is soooo distracting.

you look gorgeous and deserve every minute of it!

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