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Happy birthday Tertia. You're not getting older darling, you're getting better. ^_^

Happy Birthday!!!
AND.... you were WONDERFUL on TV. The insert was great in informative and maybe you missed your calling there girl. You came across like a pro. I have no idea why you were so nervous.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Of course you know what they say about fine wine...better with age. I'm sure the same goes for you:)

Happy Birthday, Tertia! I didn't catch the TV show (rotten America, not caring about foreign TV programs) but it sounds like you were G&D. As usual!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Dear Tertiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Happy Birthday to you!

38 is a divine age!

Happy Birthday! I too just turned 38 and can't believe 40 is such a close number...ack!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you...
you, the most gorgeous and divine woman I know. On the internet.

I wish I could have seen the show. Darn American TV. Perhaps you ought to burn the segment to DVDs, and market them worldwide? ;-)

I hope your birthday was fabulous. Not even 40 years old yet (still a pup, then!) and already famous. Sheesh. HOW are you going to top this, once you hit your "midlife crisis" phase?


Happy Birthday!!

How about posting an excerpt from the intro of the book? Low effort and great for people coming over from the show....

Oooh! I'd love to read an insert from your book. I hope you post one.

Happy birthday. You're not getting older, you're getting more gorgeous and divine you charming asshole.

Happy Birthday! You're just a young pup, nothing at all to fear. Hope you now feel happy and relieved and relaxed that the TV thing is done. Best wishes,

Happy Birthday! With age comes wisdom!

Happy Birthday!
Still waiting anxiously for your book (or even a magazine article, ANYTHING, to be available over in the US!

Happy Birthday!

At 43, 38 sounds like a wonderful age. Oh, how I'd like to be there again.

Happy birthday, asshole! You know, when you turn 40, your assholishness will dwindle as you begin to hone your eccentric-old-lady mien. Plus younger people will have to respect you and stop calling you an asshole (they will instead merely think it).

Dear Tertia,
I am a world famous actress who discovered your site by watching you on TV. I came here to learn more about the G&D Tertia, and what do I find? Posts about POO. How gross! World famous actresses such as myself do not even poo! And we certainly aren't a bunch of wine-drinking drunks.

You could have been my BFF and I could have introduced you to all my other world-famous-actress friends. But instead I'm telling them all you talk about poo and wine.

Shocked and Disgusted


Happy birthday, sweetie! I was totally ready to pounce on you for daring to look so gorgeous and lovely and be so bloody thin on tv (which supposedly adds ten pounds, ye bitch!), but then came here and saw that it's your birthday. So I'll save the "how dare you be so gorgeous and lovely and bloody thin, because women who are married with children (TWINS, no friggin less!)" speech for tomorrow, when it's not your birthday anymore.

So... happy birthday skinny cow! And congrats on your newfound television fame. And for those of you in other parts of the world: the show Tertia appeared on is known for SERIOUS journalism. And actually, if you REALLY want to see her on television but you're living in the States or the UK (I don't know about other places), you totally can! All you need to do is shell out $9.95 to subscribe to www.kuduclub.com (and I totally am not being paid to say this. I used to be a member to watch SA television when I lived in the States last year). Carte Blanche is shown in its entirety on there. Trust me, Tertia is gorgeous (cow!) so it's totally worth watching. And yes, Marko ain't so bad either! And needless to say, the twins are beautiful.

xxx Happy Birthday Famous Girl!

Happy Birthday to you!! I would also love to read an excerpt from the book!! I can't wait until it comes to the States. I will be in line to buy it!! I wish I could have seen you on TV.
Don't quit talking about poo, wine, swearwords and AD, I love it!!

Happy Birthday Tertia!!!!!!

Happy Birthday. Remember, 50+ is old. Forty is the new 30.

Happy Birthday, young person. I shall be 39 (!!!!) in a month or so. Does not bear thinking about...

Happy Birthday!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy, Tertia! And hey, I'm already 40...so stop with that silly talk! When you're as G & D as we are, age is just a number. :-D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You old hag. I thought the poo post was bloody hilarious, and of course I knew it was tongue-in-cheek (as was my comment on it, although mercy, people sure do get defensive about their poo habits). I'm very upset that I couldn't view your television debut, what with American not showing SA talk shows, etc. Maybe you could upload a little clip? Pretty please?

Happy birthday! Just remember women, like wine, get better with age :-)

Happy Birthday T.

Happy birthday! I'll be 38 on Saturday.

Oh, and VIDEO CLIP! PLEASE! We US types didn't get to see you be G&D.

Slightly off the subject, but jesus Tertia, I leave you for another 6 months and when I check on you again, you've finished your book and you're on national tv. Bloody hell! What's next??

Happy b-day! As a present to you, I will NOT poo at work.

Happy Birthday for yesterday. I saw Carte Blanche last night and you looked fab! Only recently started reading your blogs - I'm hooked. I went out and bought your book on Saturday, am almost finished. I have seriously puffy eyes this morning from crying while reading your book (thanks...) Hubby keeps looking at me, asking if I'm OK. Have asked him if he would read your book, also want my mom, sisters and best friend to read it. I can really identify with a lot of it (although, I haven't quite been through what you have... yet).

Love the poo post!

Tertia, you ROCK!!! You were EXCELLENT on Carte Blanche (not to mention beautiful, skinny & witty)! It was really lovely! Thank you for being a spokesperson for the infertile. Someone has to have the guts to do it and you obviously do. So thank you & please keep going! The kids are GORGEOUS as ever.

And happy birthday for yesterday! Hope you had a lovely day.

Happy birthday for yesterday!!

(Forgot to mention, I love your home decor!!)


Happy Birthday!!!

I'm so looking forward to the show on Youtube and for your book. Keep shining your amazing light, asshole :) Can I call you asshole?

Jeez... now you're not just an Asshole, but an Old Bag, too!


Happy Birthday!!!


Lucky for you that you will always be younger than me!
Happy 38th Birthday you old hag!

Oh hon, you're a babe! I got you beat by more than 10 years.

Happy Birthday, Tertia! I'd say your best years are still ahead. Who knows where else you will take your G&D self?

Happy Birthday Tertia! Sorry it's late and you are even marked on my calendar. Happy 38th. You are G & D!

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