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What are you talking about? Men never get colds, only FLU. Big Man flu. *snigger* The kind you have to take to your bed for a three days for.

Whereas women can just soldier on with their little womanly tasks, despite their little sniffles.

Hope you're all better soon, by the way. Being ill at same as babies is only fun while they're still in the sleeping all the time stage of it, but the little sods always get better quicker than the grown-ups.

How is Rose?

In general, it's been my experience that a sick man is much, much, much worse than just about anything else I've ever dealt with!

What gets me is that when I'm not feeling well my husband always has to have something wrong with him...always. When I was pregnant if I had heartburn he would have a splitting headache, if I have a cold, he feels sick to his stomach. I can't ever just get sympathy. It has gotten to the point where unless I'm vomiting blood or something I won't say boo. Men, a bunch of whiners the lot of 'em.

Could we have a pic of Tertia modeling tissue nose plugs? LOL

So sorry to hear you have a sick household. Any help from your mom? Or maybe she could take a bub or two over to her house, while you and Marko recover? Surely GRANDMOMs don't get sick!

Oh, and as for the doctor thing... I fear you may have opened the sleuce gate. A year or so ago, I too had to seek out a "regular" doctor. There was a lump in my mouth that I feared was a tumor. Now it seems like I have ailments nearly every month! Getting old stinks. My warranty has clearly expired, as I'm apparently falling apart all over the place.

Hope you (and more importantly, MARKO) are 100% soon. ;-)

Cause men are big babies, to answer you question. They'd die without us.

Hope you're all better very soon!

I remember tryng to keep a straight face when my husband went on and on about his knee surgery for torn cartilige was SO MUCH MORE SERIOUS, and required much more bedrest, than any of my c-sections.


It's a Y-chromosome thing. Thank heavens they don't have to give birth - could you imagine them withstanding the pain (vag or c/s, I'm sure they'd fail equally at either)!

Sorry you're all sick. If you get desperate, steal the babes Karvol. It may stink, but at least it will help you breathe... That or really strong cough medicine that will knock you out enough that you no longer care ;-).

Good grief. I agree that men are such babies when they get sick. If we get a cold, life goes on and things get odne. If a man gets a cold, he acts like he's dying and takes to bed pissing and moaning about it. Very irritating.

So sorry you are sick! A sick mommy means no fun for anyone.

Men are babies. Its genetic.

Ha! This morning my husband got horribly offended with me because I meekly suggested he might be a bit of a hypochondriac. This, while he was lining up a variety of vitamins and supplements to take to protect himself from about six different potential ailments. And no, there is nothing wrong with him, but there COULD be.

It's even worse when they are slightly sick and should probably take it easy to get over it quickly, but they power-thru it refusing to succumb to a cold and then 3 days later they're stuck in bed for a week because they JUST WOULDN'T LISTEN!!! By then, everyone else in the house is sick too and guess who gets to play Dr. Mom?? To EVERYONE, including herself! All because he wouldn't admit he *might* be getting a bit under the weather and take care of himself. MEN! I totally see why some women would prefer to be lesbians. (love you honey!!)

Oh how I hate the dreaded man-cold. Recently my 8 month old twins were sick and so was Dad. Hubby was far worse than the boys combined. I went to the store for cold medicine for the three of them and a big bottle of wine for me. Men, feh!

Men are overgrown babies. Let's just thank God they are too proud for diapers.

Get well soon!

Oh, yes, the man-cold. That's the worst illness EVER. I'd rather have the mom-cold than have to be in the same house as my husband when he's got the man-cold. I can't explain what it is about men, but it sure seems to be universal!

Get some zinc in you. It will shorten your cold, and help your symptoms. And your cooter doctor could help your throat, I'm sure. When mine treated my ear infection, he assured me he knew what he was doing.

"it is a bit of a stretch from an out-of-order vagina to a sore throat"...at your height it certainly is; perhaps you ought to find a doctor who doesn't approach your tonsils from that direction, or just shop around for a really, really tall one.

Since misery loves company? I am coming down with something horrid as I type this, something my immediate superior at work has been hacking up all over the open plan office. Bloody open plan offices. Germs are way worse than stinky food, even fish LOL!

I remember once we both got sick - went to the doc together - i got booked off for a week - hubby got antibiotics and had to go back to the office. There i was in bed sick as a dog guess what happended when he got home. Honey what is for supper!!!! That is why I dont carry a gun. hehehe luv u honey

I call it syllable sickness. When Mr. Socal is sick, he can take a 1-syllable word and fucking whine it out. It sounds like this: "I want some sou-oo-oo-p." He can also whing a mean "I'm so fucking si-i-i-i-ck".

Meanwhile, I'm vindictive enough to remember that when I have the stomach flu, the perfect place to vomit is on his pillow.


In my experience, men will absolutely NOT do anything that doesn't represent a compromise to safety if they are sick. Laundry... can wait. Dinner... crackers can be dinner. etc. etc. etc.

Everybody's got something, 'tis the season. Rest when you can, lots of fluids and you'll feel better in April.

I was very happy when I discovered that my daughter's ped also functions as a family doctor. He's a board-certified ped but we all go to him.

Ditto, ditto and ditto again!! And month-end/end of SCS means I can't even stay home. I have about a million end of month/company reports to do. Blah!

If its not your cooter its your big hooter!
Must be your advanced age.

Aww you poor things. GET WELL SOON. Sorry to hear about the ManFlu - that sucks ;)

Hope you are all better soon!

i had pretty major surgery on my shoulder 2 months ago and was fairly incapacitated for a while. my husband suddenly had back issues. drove me up the wall. i had to try to take care of house issues because he couldn't do it. asshole.

You have my sympathies my dear. I can totally relate. We have all been stuck home with the creeping crud all week as well. Mom, Dad, and 2 toddlers = no fun. Oh, and of course, Mom doesn't get a break... still doing diaper duty, laundry, dishes, cooking, and wiping boogery noses. Argh! I can't wait for this to pass!

OMG, I just went through this with my dh, J. He got sick and then I got sick. We had a good 3 day overlap. Guess who still did the dishes, laundry, and cleaned the freaking house...while 8mths pregnant? ME!!

Who laid around whining that he was dying and needed x, y, or z all the time, and wanted me to get it? HIM!! (FYI, I hardly got him x,y, or z. It was a source of arguement between us. Because, you know, I obviously wasn't as sick as him!)


I hope you all are feeling better.

Sick men, don't talk to me about sick men...

I am extremely short on patience when it comes to nursing a grown adult, especially when I am as sick as he is. I just can't stand the moaning. And the constant neediness. And the whining, did I mention the whining? Then I feel guilty because he's actually pretty good at putting up with me doing those things.

We're a little different in this house hold. Hubby NEVER gets sick and does not understand that I do. And when I do...he throws the biggest hissy fit ever. Like I got sick just to make his life miserable. I pray every day that I never have to deal with ill health in a serious nature...he won't make it! He'll either crack....or I'll crack him myself!

Forgot to mention though..when he does get sick...which is like once every 4 years....he's the biggest suck EVER!

Sorry, been away for a couple days, just got caught up on your posts, had to post this, it is too funny...

Subject: Why I love my mom

Why I love my Mom...

Mom and Dad were watching TV when Mom said, "I'm tired, and it's getting late. I think I'll go to bed." She went to the kitchen to make sandwiches for the next day's lunches, rinsed out the popcorn bowls, took meat out of the freezer for supper the following evening, checked the cereal box levels, filled the sugar container, put spoons and bowls on the table and started the coffee pot for brewing the next morning.

She then put some wet clothes in the dryer, put a load of clothes into the wash, ironed a shirt and secured a loose button. She picked up the game pieces left on the table and put the telephone book back into the drawer. She watered the plants, emptied a wastebasket and hung up a towel to dry. She yawned and stretched and headed for the bedroom. She stopped by the desk and wrote a note to the teacher, counted out some cash for the field trip, and pulled a textbook out from hiding under the chair. She signed a birthday card for a friend, addressed and stamped the envelope and wrote a quick note for the grocery store. She put both near her purse.

Mom then washed her face, put on moisturizer, brushed and flossed her teeth and trimmed her nails. Dad called out, "I thought you were going to bed." "I'm on my way," she said. She put some water into the dog's dish and called the cat in, then made sure the doors were locked. She looked in on each of the kids and turned out a bedside lamp, hung up a shirt, threw some dirty socks in the hamper, and had a brief conversation with the one still up doing homework. In her own room, she set the alarm; laid out clothing for the next day, straightened up the shoe rack. She added three things to her list of things to do for tomorrow.

About that time, Dad turned off the TV and announced to no one in particular, "I'm going to bed." And he did...without another thought.

I'm trying to avoid that ill,because it is not good in pregnant.Especially when you near in your due date.I think you are lack with vitamins.Get well soon..


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