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I have been on antidepressants in the past, and I fear it may be time to go on them again. I always wind up going off after a while because I am so bad about remembering to take pills, even vitamins. But the way my mood has been lately, I really think it's time to give the ADs another try.

I am wondering whether the effect will last or whethe it will last for a while and then fade off - so I hope you will give an update in a few months or so. Also, it seems to me that you have a good situation in your life so would it still work in the same way for someone who doesn't have a good situation in life - for example I know someone who has been divorced twice and is now bringing up 5 children on her own. She has no qualifications and doesn't own her own house. She has had loads of bad experiences with people and feels depressed so I wonder if they would work for her in the same way. Just some thoughts.

I sometimes wonder if the incidence of psychological problems is in some way inflated or created by life today - meaning, there is a whole spectrum of neurological chemistry, but which parts are considered bad are altered by the expectations we have for life today. As if we are expected to do so much now and have very high standards for how we should be feeling that we're causing more depression than there was when, say, people were hanging out in hunting & gathering groups. That isn't to say there aren't people out there with actual neurochemical problems. But modern society seems like a people obsessed with perfection, you know?

I'm not trying to dump on Tertia. This is just musing I've been having because a lot of people would probably say I should be on AD's. I'm afraid of AD's. I think I'm more afraid that they would work on me than I would be of them not working. Because that would mean there's really something wrong with me and I would be afraid I would have to take them forever.

So I hope nobody is insulted by the top part - they are just random musings and I'm as nuts as anyone.

Are you sure it's not Ritalin you're on, like Lynette in Desperate Housewives? I feel tired just reading that.

It is so good to hear how happy you are. You deserve it!

Go you!

I hope you feel as good when you turn FORTY! Sorry I had to. Asshole that I am.

Seriously I am glad you are doing so well

It really is so amazing, that - merely by taking the right medicine - our perspective can be brought back into focus!

I hear you saying that you have a better grasp on reality, feel less overwhelmed, less helpless/hopeless, and more in control of your emotions.

Those are the same changes I felt when I started taking anti-depression/anti-anxiety meds, and WOW! What a world of difference!

In retrospect, I think the hormonal changes of pregnancy/birth (though I felt FABULOUS during pregnancy) were a catalyst for emotional disturbance that had always been lurking just under the surface for most of my life. I suspect that I am predisposed for depression, based upon my family history (believe my mother to be imbalanced, and pretty darn certain my older sister suffers from depression/anxiety).

I only wish everyone was as strong as you, Tertia, to seek help when something isn't right. Unfortunately - and especially since ADs are generally given a bad rap by the media - many NEVER seek help, and suffer for years. If only they realized how much better they could feel! And it's a MEDICAL CONDITION! Not something they caused by themselved, or imagined, or should just "deal with."

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the blogosphere. I hope that others may get much-needed information and help because of your story.


I think I may need to get some of those...

Wonderful news! I'm so happy for you!

Remember, the pills aren't making you happy, they are just taking away your depression, you are naturally a happy person!

I just started my onw "happy pills" on Monday. The side effects have been brutal, but I have found the following:

- With the help of the pills, as well as the wisdom of my wonderful therapist, I have HOPE for getting rid of the awful, unwanted anxieties and depression. That in itself has already made me more content. My life is a happy one. I DESERVE to enjoy it. My family deserves for me to be more relaxed and more "me".

- The fear of gaining weight has me exercising again. It's hard to do when my son is diving at my legs while I'm trying to follow the damn DVD, but I'm getting some exercise in there, nonetheless.

- I found out today that exercising BEFORE the nausea/dizziness/headaches set in will drastically lessen the side effects. Bonus!

- Talking about it really does help. Thanks for opening this up, Tertia.

Tertia, thanks again for opening up this discussion. I've been taking AD's for two weeks now, and insomnia and anxiety have been kicking my butt. Yesterday my doctor prescribed Ambien, and last night I slept for an hour and woke up for good as I had been doing (I am limited in what I can take b/c of breastfeeding--down to once or twice a day, but still). He wants to wait two more weeks then decide whether to increase my dose. I have been in despair--how can I take two more weeks of this hell? And then how long will it take to feel better?

But I would be suffering anyway without the meds, I know...family history and previous episodes have convinced me of that, and the birth of my son must have seriously depleted my serotonin levels. That is a lot to say: you have given me some hope today, that if I hold on, things WILL get better. Even if I have to change meds, SOMETHING will work for me and I will hang in there until I find myself again.

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