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Have a fab time! Make sure you post up pics of you looking G&D at the work do!

But not soooo nervous you might poo, right?

You will be great, utterly wonderful, I have no doubt whatsoever.

You are such a celebrity... you are sharing your show with Prince Andrew! Cool!
Break a leg, T.!

A blow job? I assume you mean you're getting your hair done, right? Smirk!

Good Luck!

Good luck hon! You're bound to come off as G & D.

Hey, Cool show. Nice to see the story after reading the book :)

Hi Tertia

A friend of mine gave me your book to read - not that I am infertile (who knows maybe I am, Im 34 and never had a child - never tried too). She encouraged me to read it as her baby is from a frozen embryo (second attempt). I also read your book as I have another friend who has been through several IVF's with no success and who is now going the adoption route. I read the book for an understanding of what she must be going through. What an eye opener - thanks for sharing your story, your life, your hurt, your joy. Your book and piece on Carte Blanche was great, so real, so sad, so rewarding.

All the best

Hi there
Just wanted to say that i love watching your piece. I have yet to read your book. Very inpiring.

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