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Congratulations gorgeous!

I have been an avid ready of your blog. I am inspired and amazed at your stories and your open honesty. The show last night was great and did your story justice. I feel like I know you so well. You are a great person. Well done

It was a wonderful show. I cried again for Ben, and for the first time Arthur understood why I'm so emotional about the book. Marko had Derek Watts on the verge of tears, and that's a man has seen and heard a lot of life stories. Your babes looked so, so beautiful and in the end it made one feel so happy for all the moms in the world, and it keeps one hoping for all those still trying.

Wow - I hope you get it uploaded soon, I'd love to see it!

Can't wait to see it on YouTube!! :) I'm so glad you are happy with it. But, what does chuffed mean? :)

I'm so happy for you, Tertia. I look forward to seeing it on YouTube!

Amazing. I really can't wait until your book is available world-wide.

I need your book now. I have to have it. you are incredible.

Well done all of you! Thanks for posting the text, it's very interesting to read and imagine the impact with pictures as well. Condensed and summarized so much, it's a very powerful story.
I'm so glad it all turned out the way you had hoped.
And yes, I hope to buy a copy of your book in Canada one day.

It was a brilliant show. I dont leave comments but I had to this time. I was in tears, you truly are an inspiration. Your hubby and co. were great and the kids looked just adorable with those cute smiles.

The transcript sounds wonderful! I can't wait to see the Youtube.

Looking forward to buying "So Close" in the US, too...

Excellent - the show was amazing. You and Marko were brilliant. All day I had people coming up to me at work saying they saw the IVF story on Carte Blanche last night and thought of me. So for once I didn't feel like the "freak who has had 6 IVFs" all thanks to you. Also had tears in my eyes for your darling Ben - it was all done so beautifully! Well done!

Yes I agree, it was an excellent show. I just cried, and cried when you spoke about Ben. Especially because both Ben and Mark weighed 920g at birth. Very emotional!

unlurking for just a sec to tell you how beautiful that was tertia, really. a beautiful testimony to you, marko, and the support system that surrounded your journey to parenthood, and to being the parents of adam, kate, and ben.

The transcript reads beautifully. No wonder you're happy with the tribute, it's lovely and so gently done. I can't wait to see the YouTube version.

Well done, Tertia!

It's wonderful that you were able to have some (more) beautiful memories of your little boy, as well as something to share with the twins. I look forward to seeing you on YouTube!

Very moving.
I felt quite emotional reading the script. Well done to Marko as well.

The only part that made me roll my eyes was the Doctors suggestion that women re-educate themselves & think about having babies in their 20's. I did think about having babies in my 20's. But I didn't get a husband until my 30's....a corporate job made no difference to my blocked tubes or uterine abnomoly.

Very proud of you Tertia.


Yay, Tertia, well done!

Now, get that sucker up on you-tube before I burst!

Tertia so happy for you that recent events have contributed to your peace and happiness. Sweet Ben, just so sad - even though you now have your precious babes it doesn't change the past does it? No one is ever immune to loss - but some have a heavier burden to bear than others and you have survived SO much - it must have been very hard. You are such a strong person. Best to you and your family.



Wow, lots of clapping from Canada. I read the transcript, beautuful....

Yes, Marko was so hot!! And yes Derek was really 'so close' to cracking up!! ('Chuffed' is 'totally thrilled',Pam). Is Carol an Albertyn relative?

I can't wait to see it on youtube. Amazing how so much of your life was cut down into twenty paragraphs.

Whenever the book gets here in the states I'll buy it!@

Can't wait to see it on YouTube and buy the book here in the US.

Good for you. You deserve for this to have gone oh so well and to feel so good about Ben after...

Dis meer as 'n week gelede dat jy op Mnet was, en ek het die program al vele male oor en oor gekyk. En ek huil elke keer as jy kom by die deel waar jy voel jou man het 'n "dut" getrou. Ek het nie Mnet nie, en het familie en vriende gebel, en almal het dit gekyk en opgeneem. So ek het 'n paar kopiee! :-) Jou boek was ongelooflik en ek wens ek kan mense na aan my DWING om dit te lees. My skoonsus en ma het reeds die boek gelees. Vandag het ek nog 'n boek as 'n geskenk gekry, so hy gaan nou ook die rondtes doen. Great boek! Great program! Vir die mense wat nooit die moeite gaan doen om die boek te lees nie, het die program reeds 'n fraksie van die pyn openbaar waardeer elke onvrugbare vrou gaan. Maar die beste van alles: die gelukkige einde! Your happy ending gives me hope for my own happy ending. Dis wat my hoop en moed gee om elke maand aan te gaan. HOOP! Addicted to HOPE!!!

this is so good.

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