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No idea what that means, but it sounds very impressive! Go Tertia!!

Wooo! That sounds impressive. I read some of the transcript - sounds like it was a pretty powerful programme.

Good on ya for putting yourself out there and providing much needed publicity and from-the-horses-mouth experience. Sounds like it has been pretty emotional for you too, so well done!

Sooooo... where's the YouTube? So we can all see you saving the world (looking G&D at the same time, of course!)

Oh good, cause I missed it the first time round; but read the transcript, go T!!!

Awesome. Congrats, Tertia!

hey. i searched mnet and can't find you. how does it work???


i cant believe it (im a plank, i know) but i was out of the planet recently and missed your show. ***shame***

is there any way u could fwd a copy or summing to me in kzn?

will email u personally too in case u fall off the wagon and dont get this post.

xxxx sheena

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