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This comes at an interesting time since my anonymous blog is about to be featured in a couple publications and my online identity will now be linked to my public "real life" identity. People who know me will be able to google my name and find the blog.

I have gone and deleted some things in anticipation of this.

I have been looking at new blogs and came across yours. Delightful!
You are absolutely correct, there is much discussion about privacy. I understand that there have been people fired from jobs for blogging and losing friends seems easily possible too. I write about me, my life and how I see things. I am not the type of person to badmouth others either in wirtten form or in person, so on that vein I am safe. But it is interesting to see just how open people are on their blogs....I feel uncomfortable reading it seeing just how easily it would be to "track the down" if a malicious person were to read it. It is certainly something to think about as one writes isn't it?

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