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Gorgeous and divine, just like their mother!

Good grief mini Marko much???

Kate doesn't look like either of you. Hmm. ;)

They are both fabulous... Almost TWO!!!

You know you did hit the jackpot with those two... and I was just remembering when you said they were not "Gerber Baby" types! Hah! They are NOW!!

My twins, Livia and Caleb are standing here saying "Ooooh I love Adam and Cake!"

I repeated several times, "Kate!" They still say "Cake."

Maybe I need to clean their ears? Or feed them?

Adorable babes!

Gosh, they are truly adorable. Kate always has the huge, briliant smile on her face. She's got spark. You hit the jackpot with these two.

I have always thought the same thing, Angie. Kate is TOTALLY gorgeous, but isn't the "spitting image" of Marko or Tertia, as best I can tell.

Tertia, it's clear that Adam is a chip off the Marko Block... what family traits do YOU recognize in your daughter? I find that my (youngest, birth) daughter has features of my husband and his family members, though isn't a clone of any one in particular. I feel like I see shadows of your sisters in Kate's face, but would love to hear your input. :-)


Just. Gorgeous.

Seriously, can they GET any more adorable?!

Now that's what I call Gorgeous and Divine.

Congratulations, you lucky Mom, you.

Oh My Gosh!! I just looked at Adam and Kate like I've been looking at my own son lately, and wondering where the hell the babies went so quickly? I cannot believe that they are little children now, not really babies anymore. Us moms would like to keep the baby thing going for a while longer, but damn, gone so fast. They are absolutely beautiful!!!

you are so lucky to have adam and kate =)
beautiful babies =)

They are simply beautiful:)

Janis- my daughter's best friend at that age was called Cake-tin*, which I think was mostly wishful thinking.

*Caitlin, obviously...

absolutely gorgeous!!! :)


They're gorgeous (and they look SO grown up!).

They are so beautiful. I love your babies.

Oh, how beautiful and simply gorgeous! Thank so much for sharing with us, Tertia.

Ahhwww Happy 22 months to them

Tertia, your babes are gorgeous... and they really look like toddlers now.

Priceless, perfect. Congrats on the book deal.

I'm gonna try it as well.

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