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Ah! They've started "helping". Lucky you... Sort of.

btw- how do you get your children to look cute and normal on camera? How come they haven't developped an inane picture face like mine have?

Wow, A & K have already helped you more with washing this week than ANY adult has helped me in mine....

Will Rose be making candles as a business opportunity or for personal enrichment (I COULD have said enlightenment, and I didn't - I'm such an adult today!)?

How do you get them to look at you when you take the pic? I need lessons. Or a better camera.

Yes, pls. share your camera secrets! You are quite an excellent baby wrangler!

Your photos are always wonderful T! I love to see them!

Just had to comment on how adorable your kids are! They always look so happy! I have to say I love reading your posts on motherhood, you seem to have such a good understanding of your kids.

Oh and for some reason I thought this post was titled "want to see my toenails" Um....no thanks! LOL

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