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Oh arent they having great FUN! Messy play helps to stimulate the imagination and creativity and gives children a sense of achievement. It helps to develop observation, concentration and communication skills. It develops fine and gross motor skills and can be extremely energetic or relaxing, depending on the activity. Never mind the germs,they will have strong immunities after this. . .those are TWO LUCKY KIDS!!

My issue isn't with the germs but with the amount of stain remover you'll have to use to get those clothes clean again! HAHA

Way messy... but way fun!!!

I've been reading your blog for a long time but RARELY (if ever?) leave a comment. Couldn't resist telling you though, that I was just typing something up and added a "u" to a word that doesn't have a "u" in it (here in America anyways!). When I noticed it and went to make the correction, I made the comment to myself "I've been reading Terita too long!" Anyways... I thought it was funny. :)

i love the huge smiles but my goodness tertia, your kids have such beautiful hair and so much of it. am i the only one who has noticed that??

(in the second pic adam looks like a copper moving the perp towards the paddy wagon!)

Aaagh! Too messy!

Wonderful! Some of my fondest childhood memories are playing in the mud. Something you can do that will sooth your germ and dirt hating soul but will please the kids with the mess is playing with shaving cream. We squirt it on the table or in the tub and let Henry have at it. His school also does it especially in the winter for germ bugs.

look at it this way--they're merely antigen sampling, thus ensuring stellar immune responses when they get older =)

I'm like Judy!

I wasn't thinking about the germs, just the laundry! :D :D

Super cute pictures! I'm another one dreading the laundry. Our mild detergent and mild stain remover are good for sensitive skin but rotten at getting out mud and food stains.
Have fun!

You certianly don't need my approval but I am very proud of you. I am always sad to see children who's parents won't allow them to get dirty. Nothing is more fun for a child then a mud puddle or big pile of dirt.

You would have freaked then if what happened to my son happened to yours - he picked up dog kack at the park the other day. Then when I was trying to wipe his hands he put one in his mouth and touched his drink bottle mouthpiece with the still shitty hand. Looks like your kids had fun.

I hear the shaving cream idea works very well, but, havent' worked up the courage to do that either!
Your kids are soooooooooo lucky! They are beautiful and always look like they are having so much fun and are so happy! Keep up the good work T.

I am very proud of you! They look like their having a ball, such a couple of cuties! You should be proud too, Mama.

Also, to Kitkat, I do that *all* the time! My favorite is behaviour. I was blaming it on being a closet Canadian but you may be right, it might be Tertia's fault! Hee, hee!

Was Beth looking at the same pictures? Looks as if I may have missed something ;-)

Ooops I mean Manic animation.... Sorry Beth

Kate looks positively blissful! Impressive!

All I could think of was "if you carry them into the house, the mud will be on your pants" and "if you let them walk in, the mud will be on the floor." Perhaps I have more issues than I thought...

I *LOVE* the second photo - the similar postures/actions just speak volumes of their twinness.

I wish you were MY mommy, Tertia :)

That's the mark of a day well spent- the messier, the better.

In Germany, they send the kindergarten kids who are often ill out into the mud to play for an hour a day.

You'd love my children's school... www.bendarroch.co.uk ! Never a mudless day, particularly here in Devon in the winter.

Kitkat, Beth- or you might just be English and not know it. ;)

Except that you probably wouldn't know how to spell at all if you were English. Sad but true.

Julia - I'm clueless, so no worries! ;)

E - Technically, I am a little English as well Scotch (a fifth! ;-), Irish, German and Italian! Comes from having deep roots in the states, most of us are mutts! Re: the spelling, they don't teach spelling so well in the UK? I was unaware of that. I swear by phonics!

So cute.

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