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Sounds great! And, if i wasn't so tech retarded i would try it!

Inspiring, thanks, I totally want some. I'll have to get on and load some stuff onto my flickr account in the next day or two. I'd seen them elsewhere but hadn't quite connected to how cool they are until I clicked on the website.

Of course, I'm instantly thinking about the art uses - you could make supercute little books from them, I reckon. But I'll probably order some ordinary business card ones first to see how they look. I think they'd also be really great for collaging, scrapbooking, place settings at weddings and other such creative uses. Of course we could just print stuff out on our own computers but a lot of us don't have the time or the skills and with the best will in the world you can never get such nice cut edges without a professional guillotine (believe me, I've tried). And, let's face it, they're Just So Cute!

me me me! i want some of your cards!! :D

I'll swap cards with you :) Unfortunately I don't have any left of my darling boy, but i have heaps of gorgeous pics from all around the world :) thing is, they are so nice you almost don't want to part with them!

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